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‘Alliance to last for decades?’ Even fighting ISIS doesn’t make US-Turkish relations better

from RT:

Couldn’t Hit an Elephant

by Jeff Thomas, International Man:

“They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.”

Those are purported to be the last words of General John Sedgwick, spoken as he observed distant Confederate troops during the 1864 Battle of Spotsylvania in Virginia. (Historians debate as to whether these were his very final words or amongst […]

WW III Is Near as Russia Is Militarizing Rockets to Take Out US Satellites Leaving Amerca Defenseless

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

For decades, the US military and government denied that near space orbit was, or ever would be, a potential military battleground. The militarization of outerspace was expressly forbidden by international law and treaty. However, it was at this time that America was busy reverse engineering Nazi […]

Dyncorp, The Private Military Corporation At The Heart Of Foreign Policy Scandal

by Elizabeth Vos, Disobedient Media:

Over ten years ago, Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney asked Donald Rumsfeld during a hearing on the proposed 2006 Department for Defense Budget:

“Mr. Secretary, is it policy of the U.S. government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls? That’s my first question.”

McKinney’s query, broadcast […]

The Unaccountable Military Industrial Complex Is Destroying America and the Rest Of The World Too

by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

On Jan. 17, 1961, US President Eisenhower gave the nation a dire warning about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it the military-industrial complex.

He warned, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or […]

UN Envoy: Putin Told Israel That Its ‘Game’ in Syria Is Over

from Russia Insider:

Ambassador Bashar Jaafari says Syria’s use of anti-aircraft missiles against Israeli fighter jets was a “message” from Putin

In a recent television appearance, Syria’s U.N. envoy Bashar Jaafari made it clear that Damascus believes Moscow is firmly backing Syria’s right to defend itself against Israeli airstrikes.

According to Haaretz:


Washington is Killing More Civilians than Terrorists in the Middle East

by Martin Berger, New Eastern Outlook:

The recent strike launched by the US-led coalition some 20 miles to the west of al-Raqqah resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths, as the bombs hit a former school that served as shelter for refugees, as it’s been announced by the Turkish Anadolu news agency. It was added […]

Exclusive: USS Carl Vinson Shadowed by Russian, Chinese Spy Ships Near South Korea

by Kristina Wong, Breitbart:

WASHINGTON – The U.S. aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, currently deployed in waters near South Korea, is being shadowed by both a Chinese spy ship and a Russian spy ship, a defense official told Breitbart News.

While U.S. ships “generally” have a Chinese shadow while operating in the region, it […]

The Doomsday Clock: 2.5 Minutes to the End of the World

by Jim Rickards, DailyReckoning:

As I noted above, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has recently moved the Doomsday Clock forward to “two and a half minutes to midnight.”

The Bulletin gave the following reasons for this latest, extraordinary increase in their estimate of world destruction:

North Korea conducted two more nuclear weapons tests, […]

Regional, World War Possible As Israel Continues To Provoke Full-Scale Confrontation With Syria

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

The war in Syria is heating up yet again with signs that the conflict may soon be about to take greater international dimensions. This is all due to greater Israeli participation and aggression in Syria against the Syrian military and on the behalf of terrorist organizations fighting against the […]

Keiser Report: Heading for Global War (E1048)

from RT:

In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy discuss the racket that is war. In the second half Max talks to JP Sottile of about trumping Trump and howling at the Moonves: how corporate media raked in the big bucks pushing a reality TV star as president.



by Daniel Lang, The Daily Sheeple:

In February of 2016, hackers managed to gain access to the Bangladesh Central Bank. They proceeded to issue about three dozen requests to withdraw money from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York amounting to $951 million. By sheer luck, the Federal Reserve managed to stop the transaction […]

Australia Set To Make Vaccinations Mandatory For Children With New Law

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist:

Is Australia overstepping, or is this what’s needed to protect children?

Many states in Australia already have laws nicknamed ‘No Jab, No Pay/Play’ in which children who are unvaccinated are not allowed to attend preschool or daycare centers, and parents receiving child benefit payments will not get checks if […]

NORTH KOREA FIRES MISSILES AT JAPAN! — Explodes Seconds After Launch

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

North Korea conducted a botched missile launch at Japan on Wednesday morning. (Korea Times)

The Mirror reported:

North Korea is feared to have launched several missiles towards Japan on Wednesday morning.

The launch, from the eastern area of Wonsan, may have failed, Kyodo News reported.

It is not […]

Surprise, Surprise! U.S. To Remain In Syria After ISIS Is Defeated

from The Daily Sheeple:

Noted Putin Critic Warns of Confrontation Between Trump and Russia, Not Collaboration

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

One thing we should have learned over the past year or so is you can take any narrative being pushed by the corporate media and Democrats, and assume that the exact opposite is true. The current Trump-Russia hysteria could very well turn out to be the latest and most […]

Dem Congresswoman: Russia Committed “Act of War” Against U.S.

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) raised eyebrows during today’s House Intelligence Committee when she claimed Russia had committed an “act of war” against the United States, before being subsequently panned for a bizarre metaphor involving a tarantula.

During testimony by FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency Director Mike […]