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UK Lecturer Says Colleagues Want Lockdown to Continue so “Racist Brexit” Will be Cancelled

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

“This has become a middle-class wet dream of what the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism would look like.”

A senior lecturer at a university in the United Kingdom says that his leftist colleagues want the coronavirus lockdown to continue indefinitely so that “racist Brexit” will be cancelled.

The lecturer’s comments were posted on Toby Young’s website. He wanted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Media hysteria: Lessons from Brexit for citizens and for investors

by Claudio Grass, Claudio Grass:

The coronavirus epidemic has instilled real terror in the hearts of many investors, triggering a rude awaking to the actual state of the economy and panic unseen since 2008. This fear, that has spread among investors as it has among the general public, has been largely fueled by the coverage of the threat. Mainstream media, having themselves been threatened with extinction over the last decade, due to rising public mistrust, irrelevance in the age of the Internet and social media, and vastly reduced ad revenue, undoubtedly saw an opportunity in the Chinese virus story.

Will Brexit and coronavirus end the EU?

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:

The EU and euro face a sudden deterioration in economic conditions due to the coronavirus, which seems certain to widen the differences between Germany and the spendthrift Mediterranean members. But a more immediate problem is the increasing likelihood that the ECB will lose control over financial asset prices, particularly those of government bonds.

In the short-term, it seems likely the euro will rise against the dollar as currency and financial distortions, principally in the fx swap market, are unwound. However, the eurozone faces a developing financial crisis comprised of the following elements: a collapse in economic activity, escalating payment failures, a drastic contraction of bank credit and a collapse in bond prices, as well as the medium used to buy them (the euro).

Is Brexit The First Domino To Fall In The Liberation Of The Planet?

by Richard Enos, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:Brexit has been in effect for almost a month and the sky has not yet fallen in.
  • Reflect On:Does this mark the end of globalism and the embracing of a multipolar world?

The monumental withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union at 00:00:01 am on February 1st, 2020 finally allowed us to witness whether prognostications from the prophets of doom would come true. Amidst fears being pushed right up until the end that this move would result in absolute chaos and the weeping and gnashing of teeth, this event yielded the same results that other such events have produced: the realization that there was never anything to fear.

UK Lectures EU on the “Whole Point” of Brexit

by Mish Shedlock, The Maven:

UK negotiator David Frost laid out the ground rules at a Brussels University lecture. Unlike Theresa May, he’s serious.
Brexit Means Brexit

Anyone who believes the EU has a big advantage in the pending trade talks with the UK needs to wake up to reality.

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Meets With President Trump at White House: ‘Great Things Ahead For Our Two Countries’

by Oliver JJ Lane, Breitbart:

Nigel Farage met President Donald Trump Thursday evening at the White House, prompting him to observe “there should be great things ahead for our two countries.”

The Brexit veteran revealed the visit to the Oval Office where he had a “great meeting” with President Trump amid a week of meetings and events in the United States for the British political trailblazer.

Brexit Britain Retakes Independent Seat at World Trade Organization


by Victoria Freidman, Breitbart:

The United Kingdom has retaken her independent seat at the World Trade Organization after formerly being represented by the European Union since the WTO was founded in 1995.

The UK’s ambassador, Julian Braithwaite, gave the country’s first independent speech after the country left the bloc on Friday, pledging to fix the WTO.

[WATCH] Massive Brexit Celebration Destroys Years-Long Media Gaslighting

by Megan Fox, PJ Media:

For years after the people of Britain voted to exit their alliance with the European Union and reclaim their sovereignty as a nation the media has been selling us the narrative that a vast majority of the population regretted it almost immediately. They told these stories over and over while pro-EU politicians and their minions in the press scrambled for any way to remain and ignore the will of the people. Here’s a sampling of those reports from a Google search.

Brexit Moment: Nigel Farage’s Dramatic Final Speech at the European Parliament (Video)


by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

The UK is out of the European Union, and “the rest frankly is detail.” 

In the June 2016 referendum, the British voted to leave the EU. In March 2017, the UK government formally announced the country’s withdrawal, which kicked off a convoluted tumultuous political affair in the UK as the country was split down the middle. But on January 31, 2020, at 11 p.m. GMT, the UK withdrew from the EU. Brexit happened. And “the rest frankly is detail,” as long-time anti-EU crusader Nigel Farage said at his last speech at the European Parliament (4 minutes).

‘We’re Off!’: Brexit Party Leaves EU for Last Time, Carrying Union Jack ‘Home’


by Victoria Friedman, Breitbart:

Brexit Party MEPs have left the European Union’s parliament for the last time, carrying the Union Jack “home”.

Speaking outside of the European Parliament building in Brussels on Friday, veteran Brexiteer, former Conservative MP, and Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe said: “Today we celebrate our independence: our ability to control our own laws, our own trade deals, our own borders.

Farage to Breitbart: Brexit a Historic Day for United Kingdom, Europe, and the Western World

by Oliver JJ Lane, Breitbart:

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has hailed Brexit Day as a time to celebrate, but noted much work remains to be done and vowed he would be sticking around to hold the Prime Minister to his word.

Speaking to Breitbart News Network Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on the Breitbart News Daily show on Sirius XM on Brexit Eve, Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage reflected on the truly historic events of Friday 31st 2020, as after almost 50 years the United Kingdom breaks free from “Project Europe”.

Post-Brexit planning

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:

Brexit will be done by the end of next month, when trade negotiations with the EU will begin. Importantly, Britain’s negotiating position has strengthened immeasurably, and the new government is not afraid to use it.

This Conservative government has a greater sense of political and economic direction than Britain has seen in a long time. Unbeknown to the public, not only will the establishment that obstructed Brexit be side-lined, but a slimmed-down post-Brexit cabinet through a network of special advisers lead by Dominic Cummings will revolutionise central government, reducing bureaucracy and refocusing resources on public service objectives instead of wasted on process.

Labour’s failure to realise this was a 2nd Brexit referendum hands Britain to Boris

from RT:

Labour went into the British general election promising voters a second Brexit referendum, fatally failing to realise that this election was the second referendum.

There was no other game in town, this was the Brexit election and the only way to win it was to promise to get Britain out of the EU and put everyone out of their Brexit misery, but Jeremy Corbyn (as well as the Liberal Democrats) failed to see which way the wind was blowing.

The poor old deluded Lib Dems lost their leader Jo Swinson on the night when she couldn’t even garner enough support to win her own seat, let alone Downing Street. The promise to just outright cancel Brexit was doomed to failure, but in defence of the liberals, they did have to try and differentiate themselves from the two main parties.