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Greek Economy Faces Total Collapse As Doctors Flee, Retail Sales Plunge 70%

from Zero Hedge:

Back in May we outlined the cost to the Greek economy of each day without a deal between Athens and creditors.

At the time, a report from the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Enterprises showed that 60 businesses closed and 613 jobs were lost for each business day that […]

The Plot Thickens in Aftermath of ‘the Greek Crisis’

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

Just when we all thought the Greek Crisis was “over”, for a few months, until Greece is bankrupt, again; we now hear of a new report from Greece which has (belatedly) been leaked out. The contents of this “leak” are almost as interesting as the implications of this […]

Reports Of Secret Drachma Plots Leave Tsipras Facing Fresh Crisis

from Zero Hedge:

Now that Tsipras has succeeded in compelling Greek lawmakers to cede the country’s sovereignty to Brussels in exchange for the right to use the euro, tales of unrealized redenomination plots have come out of the woodwork. Just two days after FT reported that former Energy Minister Panayotis Lafazanis planned […]


from Andrew Gavin Marshall:

From the outbreak of Europe’s debt crisis in 2010, Germany and the Troika institutions of the European Commission, European Central Bank and IMF have come to wield immense influence over the continent and the populations within it. This video examines the individuals and institutions of power in Europe.


The Real Reason Putin Said “NO” to Funding the Drachma and Grexit…

The Great Game Goes On

from The Wealth Watchman:

Today we take a look at the most shocking revelation of the week: that Putin himself said “no” to funding the Greek drachma, and by extension, an immediate Grexit.

We talk in detail about:

Precisely why(if true) Putin chose to do this…

Gold Will Take Off Once Market Comes to Terms With Reality

from Peter Schiff:

British Queen Ordered Schaeuble’s Greek Crackdown; Here are Her Next Orders for Obama

from LaRouchePAC:

It was Queen Elizabeth II personally, who ordered German Finance Minister Schaeuble’s virtual murder of the nation of Greece in Eurozone debt-summit negotiations over July 12-13.

The Greek debt negotiations had been proceeding in June. Germany’s demands against Greece were much more moderate at that time, according to an AP wire of […]

Varoufakis Slams Bailout #3 As “Greatest Macroeconomic Disaster In History” While Tsipras “Doesn’t Eat Or Sleep”

“We were given a choice between being executed and capitulating. And he decided that capitulation was the ultimate strategy.” – Yanis Varoufakis

from Zero Hedge:

In an rare convergence of Greek and German viewpoints, overnight former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis told the BBC that “economic reforms imposed on his country by creditors are […]

Keiser Report: ‘Lazy, Crazy’ Days of Summer – GREECE GETS RAPED!

from RT:

E785 – Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss when the ‘EU will be couping and the Greeks will be capitulating,’ while in the US, Senators are introducing legislation to allow Puerto Rico to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy in order to avoid a debt prisoner situation as Greece is enduring. At the same […]

What’s The Real Agenda Behind The Chattanooga Shooting?

from X22 Report:

Episode 719

Greek Betrayal, Genocidal Austerity & The Bankster Enforced Death of a Nation


Miles Franklin:

audio blog #105


by Bill Holter, SGT report:

So Mr. Tsipras has sold out his countrymen. He called for a referendum fully expecting a “yes” only to receive a resounding no vote. No matter though, what was already “planned” has already gone forward to kick the can down the road. As overwhelming as the referendum was and […]

“There Is No Point In Holding Elections” In Bailed Out Countries — GREEK PM TSIPRAS

from Zero Hedge:

While Germany’s finmin Schauble is about to burst at few capillaries after reading the latest provocation from Tsipras in which he said, according to Reuters, that:


It should be […]

NOTHING is Going To Solve World’s DEBT Problem — Jim Rogers

“The solution for a debt problem is more debt.” – Dagen McDowell, Fox Business

from Economic News TV:

Greece #ThisIsACoup: Banksters Seize Sovereignty & Assets

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Greece Just Lost Control Of Its Banks, And Why Deposit Haircuts Are Imminent

from Zero Hedge:

Yes, Greek banks may have been insolvent – something that was clear since the first bailout of 2010 – but at least the Greek state had control over them: as such it could have mandated mergers, recapitalizations, liquidity injections, even depositor bail-ins (perhaps the harshest lesson for the ordinary Greek population […]

The Greek “Choice”: Hand Over Sovereignty Or Take Five Year Euro “Time Out”

from Zero Hedge:

For those who missed today’s festivities in Brussels, here is the 30,000 foot summary: Europe has given Greece a “choice”: hand over sovereignty to Germany Europe or undergo a 5 year Grexit “time out”, which is a polite euphemism for get the hell out.

As noted earlier, here are the […]