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“Fake news, blame the Russians” – The Awakening… IS THE ALT-MEDIA, THE “TRUTH” MEDIA!

from AnotherBoringWeek:

Flag Officers Stopped Hillary’s Steal Election Night!

from Truth Warriors:

Stew Webb goes over what he heard happened from his sources when the counting seemed to stop and they wouldn’t call any more states! There was a war going on behind the scenes between the forces trying to steal the election for Hillary Clinton and the patriot military flag officers […]

Nigel Farage: “I Fear For My Life”

from ZeroHedge:

While last week’s report that Nigel Farage is considering moving to the US may have been a prank, overnight the UKIP leader shared some more somber news with The Daily Express, whom he told that he fears for his life and cannot go out in London without his security detail.


Presidential Elections: Myths and Deceits

by Prof. James Petras, Global Research:

Every aspect of this year’s US Presidential election has been fraught with myths, distortions, fabrications, wishful thinking and invented fears.

We will proceed to discuss facts and fictions.

Electoral Participation

The mass media, parties and candidates emphasized the ‘unprecedented voter turnout’ in the elections. In fact, […]

Irish Soon Facing Ethnic Extinction

by Jude Duffy, Makow:

Last year Merkel and her fellow Rothschild shills opened the gates of continental Europe to millions of “refugees”, but successive Irish governments had beaten them to it. Jude Duffy asseses the legacy of two decades of traitorous “leaders.”

[Disclaimer: Immigration should be governed by national interests, not the agenda of […]

Federal Reserve under Yellen

from BATR:

Now that the big bluff from the Federal Reserve that interest rates were poised to start their eventual rise has been played, when will the trigger actually be pulled? Assumptions that the Fed act as custodians of the national trust to balance and maintain the economic stability has been proven wrong time […]

Can You Hear Us Now?

by P.H. Guthrie, Daily Caller:

Dear Liberal,

I know your grief and pain are terrible, but please accept these words in the spirit of magnanimity in which they are offered.

You do not live in a country gripped by hatred, xenophobia, racism and bigotry, and the level of rage you are directing at your […]



Wikileaks 28 ‘The DOJ-FBI-Huma Special’ is out and the TREASON of Hillary Clinton has never been more evident or quantifiable, and now the 650,000 emails on Huma and Anthony Weiner’s computer allegedly implicate Bill and Hillary in what is being described as a pedophile ring, and the CNN-CIA mockingbird media […]

My Final Thoughts, On The Most Important Day In U.S. History

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

I’m working on less than three hours of sleep. But how can I, given that this is perhaps the most important day in U.S. history? In my view, challenged only by the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the start of the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11? Irrespective […]

EXPOSED: THE MASTER KEY – How They Will STEAL The Election


Last week CNN rolled out geriatric mockingbird Dan Rather to assure the American people that any thought of a “rigged election” is “RIDICULOUS, UNTRUE AND DANGEROUS.” The problem for Dan is that Bev Harris from has EXPOSED the “FRACTIONAL MAGIC” vote rigging that is possible on a NATIONAL LEVEL […]

Democracy, oligarchy, or tyranny: It’s America’s choice, or is it?

by Mitch Feierstein, Sunday Guardian Live:

New York: This year’s presidential election has brought into sharp relief the fact that our justice system—in fact, our whole way of life—is in trouble. Crimes by the political elite, particularly those of Hillary Clinton and her cronies, are not being addressed by the criminal justice system. Instead, […]

Trump Landslide — Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton | Electoral College

from John C. Frémont:

Only Demented Imbeciles Want a Killary Reign of Terror

from BATR:

The cross section of Hillary Clinton voters is a mixture of walking dead zombies, power hungry influence peddlers, money cartel thieves and establishment diehards willing to start a global confrontation to postpone an inevitable economic collapse. As for the first category; welfare recipients, government bootlickers and mentally deranged utopians survive in a […]

Jim Willie Sounds the Alarm: UNPRECEDENTED US BOND DUMPING – Dollar Collapse Ahead!

from SilverDoctors:

IT’S ALL RIGGED [And EVERYONE Knows It] — Andy Hoffman


Andy Hoffman joins me to document the collapse on this 27th day of October, 2016 – our last conversation before the “inflection point in history” on November 8th. And Andy says voting Donald Trump into office and defeating the uber criminal Hillary Clinton is our last chance to save our […]

*Bombshell* FBI Reopens Clinton Email CRIMINAL Investigation!!

from Fox News, via ProjectClarity:

Economic Nationalism: Alternative to Globalism

from BATR:

Ivory tower economists, corporate business analysts and financial experts routinely trash any discussion that America needs to institute a national economic policy that actually benefits our own country. The mantra of unchallenged doctrine that globalism is the only path for world commerce has been intensively pushed for well over the last half […]