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U.S. Economic Collapse Update, April 2017

from SGT Report:

The CBO is warning we’re in big trouble. Yeah, no kidding. Every great Ponzi scheme ends the same way: Fast and ugly.

WEB BOT REPORT: Financial Destruction & Social Upheaval Due To Derivatives Implosion COMING SOON

from jsnip4:

SGT Note: Talk of the economy, rising interest rates and derivatives implosion begins at the 8:00 mark.

Web Bot Update: Timing Error on Bitcoin/Silver/Gold Situation — Price Spike Delay of 1-4 Weeks

from clif high:

A brief discussion about the recent manifestations from the reports, as well as the timing error on the bitcoin/silver/gold situation

Silver Jumps $1… And Italy Wants Pension Funds for Bank Bailouts

from jsnip4:

Silver Wildcats Part 4 – A Murder of Crows

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis,

As fear trumps politics, the stampede will commence.

Derivative defaults will spread blot out the financial landscape like a murder of crows.

In a brief moment, precious metals prices will pass through their fundamental price equilibria on their way to unimagined levels, while re-asserting themselves as the ultimate value measuring […]