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Dissecting the November 2015 Paris False Flag — Ole Dammegård

from The Sage of Quay Radio Hour:

Ole is one of the preeminent researchers studying and exposing the dark business of assassination and false flags.

PROOF Paris Was A CIA/ZIONIST Operation – America, Meet RITA KATZ

from TruthMediaRevolution:

Have You Heard The HORRIBLE TRUTH About ISIS?


Peace activist Ken O’Keefe and Journalist Gearóid ó Colmáinl explain why the “war on terror” and ISIS attacks like the one in Paris are the creation of Western governments and the global elite. Please spread this truth like wildfire. Our thanks to RT and Press TV for the fair […]



PROBLEM. REACTION, SOLUTION. Over and over again. And every time there is a major “terrorist attack” event like this one, it coincides with DRILLS or EXERCISES that mirror the actual events. Nearly every single time. As was the case once again on Friday the 13th in Paris.


COMMON SENSE: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Halts Acceptance of Syrian Refugees After Muslims’ Massacre in Paris

from AP, via Breitbart:

DETROIT (AP) — Michigan’s Republican governor, who has bucked many party leaders by welcoming Syrian refugees, is putting the efforts on hold following the deadly attacks in Paris.

Gov. Rick Snyder said in a statement Sunday that the state is postponing efforts to accept refugees until federal officials fully review […]

BUT OF COURSE: CIA Director Met with French Security Chief and Mossad Before Paris Attacks

from DAHBOO777:

Over 100 Dead After Paris Concert Terrorist Attack

Hostage situation ends after police storm venue where Eagles of Death Metal were playing

by Kory Grow, Rolling Stone:

An explosion and shooting in Paris took place in Paris’ Bataclan venue Friday night, where a reported 60 people were taken hostage and many have died.

UPDATE 3: Police are reporting that around 118 people […]

The Bombing of Free Speech

by Claudio Grass, via The Daily Coin:

Was Charlie Hebdo A “Convenient” Incident For Policymakers?

On the 7th of January two gunmen attacked the office of Charlie Hebdo, a French weekly magazine. The shooters were two brothers who belonged to the Yemeni branch of the Islamist terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. The attack resulted in 11 […]