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Kurt Russell Pushes Back Against Anti-Gun Hollywood Interviewer: Whaddaya Gonna Do, Outlaw Everything?

from Tea Partiest:

Legendary actor Kurt Russell said in a recent interview with Hollywood reporter Jeffery Wells that it’s “absolutely insane” to believe that more gun control will curb terrorist attacks.

THE SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTING – What Really Happened Behind The Scenes?

by Shawn Helton, 21st Century Wire:

The latest media driven shooting attack said to have taken place in San Bernardino, California over a week ago now – and still there’s a growing list of details that don’t add up.

After a week of whitewashed reports, a media scripted ransacking of the alleged ‘shooters’ […]

Gun in Paris False Flag Terror Attacks Linked to ‘Iran-Contra’ Florida Arms Dealer

from Spiro:

A gun linked to the Paris terror attacks that left 130 people dead and wounded 368 others has been traced back to a Florida arms dealer. It is the same arms dealer that sold arms to the Contras of Nicaragua at the time the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal.


Government Sponsored Terror [& Other Outrages] — BrotherJohnF


From ISIS to Paris to San Bernardino to Syria and Turkey, the trusty playbook of government sponsored terror is being exposed globally. The only question is, when will the mockingbird mainstream media be forced to stop ignoring it? BrotherJohnF joins me to discuss the latest government sponsored geopolitical and economic […]

Keiser Report: Paris Attacks, COP21 & Bitcoin Network (E847)

from RT:

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the situation in Paris where they find, ‘Je suis en terrasse, mais je vote FN.’ They cut to a special interview on the Champs des Elysees with Alec Baldwin in Paris for COP21. In the second half, Max interviews […]

Operation Gladio Comes Home — The Age of Fission Radio with Lonnie Clark & Guest, Sean from

from UCYTV:

Mass Killings – False Flagging – Fearmongering – Police State

by Peter Koenig, Global Research:

Mass killings are everywhere.

When they hit westerners in small-scale, like the US, Egypt (downed Russian airliner), Lebanon, France, and Mali, murdering 14, 224, 50, 130 and 27 – mostly white people – they are blown out of proportion by media hype and by immediately associating them with links […]

The Paris Attacks Are Just The Beginning

from StormCloudsGathering:

Sources and transcript:…

Black Child on False Flag Terror Pt.I (Censored Version)

from The Black Child:

Here is Part 2

Channel Update; YouTube Monetization; Charlie Sheen & Alex Jones; Justin Bieber & the “Bataclan” terror attack.

Paris Attack Anomalies: News Media Death Tallies Don’t Add Up

by James Tracy, Memory Hole Blog:

As of November 27, 2015 the BBC, one of the world’s most powerful mass media outlets, still has an incomplete sketch on the details of exactly who perished in the November 13 Paris terror attacks, which French authorities say resulted 130 deaths and over 350 injuries. With its […]

Operation Gladio 2.0: The Paris Attacks Have Unleashed A New Wave Of Emergency Laws

by Claudio Grass, Global Gold AG via Zero Hedge:

Paris attacks legitimize a new wave of counter-terrorism and emergency laws

The tragic Paris attacks led me to raise questions once again, since it is the second time that France has topped the news headlines this year. I believe that followers of our Outlook are […]


from ron johnson:



Have You Heard The HORRIBLE TRUTH About ISIS?


Peace activist Ken O’Keefe and Journalist Gearóid ó Colmáinl explain why the “war on terror” and ISIS attacks like the one in Paris are the creation of Western governments and the global elite. Please spread this truth like wildfire. Our thanks to RT and Press TV for the fair use […]

Independent Media Censored Because Of New Law

from WeAreChange:

Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest news of him confirming with 20 separate individuals in France that is blocked in that country. We go over new laws that have emerged in France from the paris attack and how the whole war on terror is a sham.


One LARGE Step Closer Towards World War III

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

This is very serious stuff! Turkey is NATO (i.e. the West), and thus we have direct conflict between East and West. I’m sure that at some point in the original Cold War there must have been “incidents” like this, but I can’t recall any off-hand.

World War I was […]

Authorities Are USING Paris Attacks To Rush New Mass Surveillance Laws

from Vigilant Citizen:

The CIA and government officials around the world are using the Paris attacks to push brand new surveillance laws. And it was all planned in advance.

While democratic systems usually take months (if not years) to pass new laws and legislation, it only took a few days after the Paris attacks […]