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Ft Lauderdale Shooting, Another False Flag To Grab Guns & Enslave Humanity?

from 108morris108:

Mike is at

Nice Brings To Mind Operation Gladio

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Commentators who have learned to distrust official explanations, such as Peter Koenig ( ) and Stephen Lendman ( ) have raised questions about the Nice attack.

It does seem odd that a lone person driving a large truck can gain access to blocked off areas where […]

Orlando Shooting HOAX CASE CLOSED 100% FAKE Agenda EXPOSED

from TeamWakeEmUP:

MK-Ultra Triple Play in Orlando

Another Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attack featuring Guns, Gays and ISIS

by Preston James, PhD, Veteran’s Today:

Update: It seems certain that the Orlando incident was an engineered, staged Gladio-style, inside-job false-flag attack. Because all information released by the authorities is strictly vetted and seriously limited, it is hard to sort out what really […]

Gladio Style Terror + Lindsey Graham + CNN = WWIII


War monger and avowed zionist Senator Lindsey Graham visited CNN this morning, and nearly every sentence he spewed was laden with blatant propaganda. If you want to hear the ‘deep state’ agenda for how these operation Gladio style terror attacks are being used to put boots on the ground in […]

Operation Gladio 2.0: The Paris Attacks Have Unleashed A New Wave Of Emergency Laws

by Claudio Grass, Global Gold AG via Zero Hedge:

Paris attacks legitimize a new wave of counter-terrorism and emergency laws

The tragic Paris attacks led me to raise questions once again, since it is the second time that France has topped the news headlines this year. I believe that followers of our Outlook are […]

Analyzing The November 13th Paris Attacks (Nov 2015) — Ole Dammegård

from The Sage of Quay Radio Hour:

Ole is one of the preeminent researchers studying and exposing the dark business of assassination and false flags.

WARNING: Incredibly Disturbing — People Flee Paris Theater Seconds After [WESTERN BACKED] Terrorists Open Fire

Horrifying: ‘Le Monde’ journalist Daniel Psenny recorded the video from his apartment window as victims poured out of the Paris concert hall.

from RT:

Footage filmed by ‘Le Monde’ journalist Daniel Psenny captured the moment crowds fled the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, Friday, after gunmen began shooting at the crowd around 22:00 local […]

The Secret War: Operation Gladio Continues Today… As Gladio B

from Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know:

At the close of WWII, US allies created secret, “stay-behind” armies, designed to protect the population in the event of a Communist invasion. So why are they linked with terrorist groups? What were these secret armies actually doing, and – perhaps more importantly – did they […]