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Blockbuster REAL News: Clinton Foundation Corruption – 650,000 Missing Emails, Trafficking Children in Haiti & 15K Missing Stinger Missiles

from George Webb:

Here is the link to Day 80 – PART TWO

Day 80 – Where is Eric Braverman? Part 1. Who Killed Monica Petersen? News Analysis With Sources and Citations, Not CNN/NBC/Buzzfeed, DynCorp Contracts Come Under Chaffetz Microscope, Comey Has Had Marc Rich’s Documents For 30 Years, Trump Wants to Shake […]

Is the US Ready to Arm America’s Islamic Enemies with Anti-Air Missiles?

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

It looks like our representatives are poised to commit treason once again and arm our Islamic enemies in Syria with shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.

Reuters reports:

One U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss American policy, said Washington has kept large numbers of such man-portable air […]

US Threatens to Arm Al Qaeda, ISIS with Anti-Air Missiles

by Tony Cartalucci, New Eastern Outlook:

US officials have threatened Syria and its allies – including Russia specifically – that the collapse of a US-proposed ceasefire will lead “Gulf states” to arm militants with shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.

A Reuters article titled, “Gulf may arm rebels now Syria truce is dead: U.S. officials,” would […]

Al-Qaeda Commander: US Forces Are Arming Us In Syria

from The Anti Media:

The State Department moved quickly to deny a Syrian rebel commander’s recent allegations that the United States is offering arms and military equipment to extremist groups in the Syrian civil war.

On Monday, German newspaper Köelner Stadt-Anzeiger published an interview with Abu Al Ezz, a commander in the Nusra […]

Syria Claims to Have Proof US Talked to ISIS Prior to Airstrike on Syrian Troops

from Hang The Bankers:

Damascus has a recording of conversations between the American military and ISIS terrorists ahead of the US-led coalition airstrike that hit Syrian troops near Deir ez-Zor on September 17, the speaker of the People’s Council of Syria said.

“The Syrian Army intercepted the communications between the Americans and Daesh [Arabic […]

President Assad Confirms: US Regime is Backing ISIS in Syria

from Hang The Bankers:

Syrian President Bashar Assad says that US airstrikes which killed 62 Syrian government troops were “intentional” and they lasted for an hour. He added that the US “does not have the will” to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria.

Speaking to the Associated Press in Damascus, the Syrian leader […]

Egyptian Media: ISIS Is “Made Up” And U.S. Created 9/11 To Justify War On Terror

by Amanda Froelich, Activist Post:

More than ever before, American citizens are questioning the ‘official’ story behind 9/11. This was made evident by how popular two articles, “It’s Official: European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 Was A Controlled Demolition” and “This Video Destroys The Official Account Of 9/11 In Less Than 5 Minutes [Watch],” were […]

Obama is Protecting the Terrorists, America to the Rescue of ISIS-ISIL-Daesh. Testimonies of Syrian Soldiers Who Witnessed the US Airstrikes

by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research:

These testimonies by Syrian soldiers who are fighting the Islamic State rebels (ISIS-Daesh) confirm what we already know.

The United States of America is not fighting the terrorists in Syria.

The Obama administration, with the support of its allies including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, is supporting the Islamic […]

Syria Ceasefire Collapses: US Bombs Syrian Forces, Assisting ISIS | True News

from Stefan Molyneux:

Russia Accuses US Of Defending ISIS, After Pentagon Admits Coalition Jets Killed 62 Syrian Soldiers

from ZeroHedge:

Update 4: The Obama administration officially expressed it’s “regret” for an airstrike that killed Syrian forces with a senior White House official saying “The United States has relayed our regret through the Russian Federation for the unintentional loss of life of Syrian forces.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. UN envoy called Russia’s request for […]

Moderate’ Rebels Force US Commandos to Run From Syrian Town

from Sputnik News:

While the United States has consistently backed what Washington refers to as “moderate” rebels in the Syrian conflict, video released Friday appears to show those same moderate fighters turning on American Special Forces.

On Friday, the Pentagon announced that dozens of US Special Operations Forces had been deployed to Syria to […]

The Islamic State’s New Top Commander In Iraq Was Trained by the US

from The Anti Media:

Just days after the news hit that ISIS’ main propaganda officer, Mohammad al-Adnani, one of the Islamic State’s most prominent leaders, the second in command of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as well as the unofficial spokesman of the terrorist organization, was killed (with a scandal promptly erupting between the US and […]

US State Department Offers $3 Million Bounty on ISIS Leader THEY Trained

by Alice Salles, The Anti Media:

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIS, has been known to use weapons and vehicles their militants have seized from rebel forces backed by the United States. But many have also speculated that in the past, members of the terrorist group were trained […]

ISIS Has A New Focus: Killing Christians And Bombing Churches Wherever They Can Find Them

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

If you are a Christian, ISIS wants to kill you. Our politicians keep telling us that our battle with ISIS is not a “religious war”, but to ISIS it most certainly is. As you will see below, ISIS has a new focus. They are very clear […]

Pentagon Refuses to Disclose How Many U.S. Troops Are Fighting ISIS

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

The United States will deploy dozens of special operations forces to northern Syria to advise opposition forces in their fight against Islamic State, a major policy shift for President Barack Obama and a step he has long resisted to avoid getting dragged into another war in the Middle East.


Man Accused of Being IS Recruiter Says He Was FBI Informant

from MSN:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A North Carolina man accused of trying to recruit people to join the Islamic State group says he had been paid by the FBI since 2009 to help identify potential terrorists.

In a statement his mother delivered to The Charlotte Observer ( ), Erick Jamal Hendricks said his code […]

Secret File Confirms Trump Claim: Obama, Hillary ‘Founded ISIS’ to Oust Assad

from Sputnik News:

The Obama Administration’s policy of supporting Salafist opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad saw the United States unwittingly support the creation of the Daesh ‘caliphate’ in Syria.

A 2012 defense intelligence report, originally stamped SECRET exposes that the US-backed anti-Assad coalition at the time was spearheaded by al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) […]