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Iraq War Surveillance Technology Being Used in Baltimore Without Public Debate

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

The relationship between those who are constantly watched and tracked, and those who watch and track them, is the relationship between masters and slaves.

– Chris Hedges, from the post Video of the Day – Chris Hedges on Overthrowing the Corporate Fascist State

Yesterday, Bloomberg published a lengthy […]

Remembering Obama’s “Shock And Awe” Bombing Of Libya And How The “Antiwar” Movement Blew It

by Philip C. Restino, Jr., Activist Post:

March 19th marked the 5th anniversary of the first African-American President unilaterally, and without provocation, ordering the U.S. “Shock and Awe” bombing the crap out of his African brothers and sisters in the sovereign North African nation of Libya. Not only that, he did so without […]

Kurds take oil refinery from ISIS in Hasakah (EXCLUSIVE)

from RT:

Islamic State ‘loses 40% of territory in Iraq’

by AWR Hawkins, BBC:

Islamic State (IS) has lost 40% of the territory it once controlled in Iraq, a spokesman for the US-led coalition battling the jihadist group says.

Col Steve Warren told reporters that IS was “on the defensive”, and had “not gained one inch in Iraq since May”.

It had also […]

Russian Documentary “World Order” With English Subtitles (MUST SEE) – The Saker

from The News Doctors:

You have heard about it, but thanks to the fantastic work of Vox Populi Evo, here it is, fully subtitled in English 🙂


Bouquet of LIES

[Ed. Note: Our friend Waldemar created this video. Please subscribe to his excellent You Tube channel ‘Verify Events Research’ HERE]

from Verify Events Research:

We all know they are lying to us but the real question should be: How big and sophisticated are these lies? This is VER attempt at exposing the deceptions […]

‘I Helped Create ISIS’: Iraqi War Veteran Speaks Out

from RT:

Former US marine has made the revelation that he helped create ISIS. Vincent Emanuelle wrote the claim in an article recounting his tours in Iraq.

12,000 Oil Tanker Trucks Parked At Iraq-Turkey Border Aren’t Carrying ISIS Crude, Kurds Swear

from Zero Hedge:

In our classic piece “ISIS Oil Trade Full Frontal: “Raqqa’s Rockefellers”, Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Israel Connection,” we discussed how Masoud Barzani and the Iraqi Kurds transport some 600,000 b/d of crude to the Turkish port of Ceyhan in defiance of SOMO amid an ongoing budget dispute between Baghdad […]

US Killing Iraqi Soldiers, Deliberately Hindering Iraqi Advances Against Daesh Terrorists

from Aletho News:

A senior Iraqi officer says the US is deliberately hindering his country’s military advances after an American airstrike kills at least 20 soldiers in the Anbar province.

Hakim al-Zamili, the head of Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee, blamed the US for the inability of Iraqi troops to enter Ramadi and […]

Iraqi Militia Commander Accuses US Of Providing Air Cover For ISIS

from Spiro:

BREAKING: U.S. Airstrike Kills 30 Members of Iraqi Army [No Wonder Iraq Wants The U.S. OUT Of The Country]

from Professor Doom1:

US Has Secret, “Non-Negotiable” Plan To Send 100,000 US, Saudi Troops To Iraq, Lawmaker Claims

from Zero Hedge:

“For every seven Shiites killed, we want seven Sunnis [killed] in their place.”

That rather alarming declaration comes from outspoken Iraqi lawmaker Hanan Al-Fatlawi. Not known for holding her tongue, the Shia MP inflamed sectarian tensions with her eye for an eye tirade in the summer of 2014, prompting Diana Moukalled, […]

The Paris Attacks Are Just The Beginning

from StormCloudsGathering:

Sources and transcript:…



Putin, Trump, even Congressman are getting into the truth game, And once an arsenal of truth bombs is dropped, it’s game over for the mockingbird mainstream media, the pentagon and US State Department. With every passing day the highly compensated mockingbirds at CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, the New […]

Murder & Mayhem In The Middle East

from Peak Prosperity:

…The idea is to break things apart and then make money off of the pieces. It’s not to help people. Otherwise, how do we explain these images?

Read This Important Article @

Fmr. Iraq Official: Turkey Helping Daesh Sell Stolen Iraqi, Syrian Oil

from PressTV News:

A prominent Iraqi lawmaker says Turkey is supporting illegal oil trade by the Daesh terrorist group. In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Mowaffak al-Rubaie said Ankara helps Daesh sell stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil for just 20 dollars a barrel, which is half the market price. He noted that […]

WW3: Recycling War Lies

from Verify Events Research:

This video is specially dedicated to Sean @ SGT Report and JT @ Americanterrorist. Thank you so much for the opportunity of being part of your respective communities of truthers. I’m glad you guys like our videos.

In this video, we take a look at recycled war lies and […]