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2017: Frozen

from Dees Illustration, via SGT

Unrelenting “PM-Bullish, Everything-Else-Bearish” Headlines-To Usher Out 2016, And Foreshadow 2017

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

It’s my last article of what I believe is the penultimate year of survival for history’s largest; most destructive; and for the first time, global, fiat Ponzi scheme. Fittingly, on this typical quiet week of paper-thin holiday trading, the headlines are exploding with potentially cataclysmic, “PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish” items.


Trump And The Markets: The Next Four Years

by Darryl Robert Schoon, Gold Seek:

The election of Donald Trump has put added pressure upon already pressured markets. The next four months are going to be extremely consequential. But the next four years are going to be even more so, i.e. the cataclysmic resolution of capitalism’s end game is now in sight.


MSM Panics!

from bigdad06:



Author and researcher Darryl Robert Schoon is back to expose the system of tyranny built on debt based money and central banking that is enslaving humanity by design. Darryl explains, “What this prevailing system is, under the guise of freedom, is a system of tyranny, it’s debt tyranny. It’s […]

Deflation = A Rise in the Standard of Living

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

We need inflation. Just listen to any of the central bank inflation-creators, the puppet politicians, the charlatan economists, or the mindless parrots in the mainstream media. The perverse irony, of course, is that while these liars and idiots lament that we need more inflation, high inflation is already raging […]

As Time Marches on Gold Holds its Value

by Brad Sebion,, SGT Report:

In recent weeks, I had the opportunity to page through a Sears Catalog from 1902. This phone book sized piece of history was an eye opener. From the items that no longer exist, to the cheap price tags attached to everything, this was the Amazon of its day.


Clinton Tells Trump To Shut Up On Federal Reserve

by Kurt Nimmo, Activist Post:

Did you know it is verboten for the president to comment on the Federal Reserve?

Zero Hedge notes:

Desperate to change the narrative from her coughing fit, Hillary Clinton has come out swinging at Trump’s comments about how The Fed’s low interest rates have created an “artificially strong stock […]

Rothschilds Urge “Show Hillary Love” As She Charges $2,700 Per Question

from Zero Hedge:

Yesterday we pointed out something troubling: while Hillary Clinton has now gone 274 days without giving a press conference (even as her campaign spokesman Brian Fallon eagerly vowed that “if elected Hillary Clinton will hold press conferences”) she has been all too eager to answer questions from donors at exclusive (and […]

More minimum wage anti-logic

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

Either deliberately or accidentally, most other commentators do not understand how to correctly apply the rules of causality. One of the most common errors in their reasoning is to incorporate ASSUMPTIONS in their reasoning process — but never explicitly acknowledge those assumptions.

The problem, from an analytical standpoint, is […]


from RonPaulCC2012:

Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 07/18/2016 ~ Money Freedom: Don’t Refrom The FED, FED Exit

EXPOSED: SGE & The REAL Silver to Gold Ratio — a SGT Report Micro-doc



Deutsche Bank Loves Helicopter Money: Why “Big Inflation Is Coming… But Will First Require A Crisis”

from Zero Hedge:

Helicopter policies are not advocated in ‘a normal world’. They are however almost inevitable in the next recession. “Japan will be the flag bearer of fiscal stimulus.” Which will be sufficient to breath some inflationary spirit into the system. “But this is all febrile and can get over-turned by the slightest change […]

Fed’s Mester Says Helicopter Money “The Next Step” In US Monetary Policy

from Zero Hedge:

“We’re always assessing tools that we could use,” Mester told the ABC’s AM program. “In the US we’ve done quantitative easing and I think that’s proven to be useful. “So it’s my view that [helicopter money] would be sort of the next step if we ever found ourselves in a situation […]

The Road to Roota End Game is Playing Out in Real Time!

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota:

It’s amazing how many of the Road to Roota events are playing out at the exact right time for the “Planned End Game.” From the destruction of fiat money through massive monetary creation events (EU called for $150B bankster bailout today), to the end of Globalization, to the […]

Fulfilling The Economist Magazine Prophecies & Discovering the Road to Roota

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota:

News today that there was a “terrorist” attack in England got my email inbox fired up with people claiming that my analysis of The Economist Magazine “Year in 2016” at the back of Book 3 was fulfilled.

Here’s the news: BREXIT Campaigns Suspended After British Lawmaker Critically Shot […]

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

by Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A Fed official walks into a bar and says the economy is improving and rate hikes are appropriate. The patrons order another round to celebrate. Then disappointing data comes out, the high fives stop, and the Fed official ducks out […]