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from Junius Maltby:

Will Trump Destroy the Euro?

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

In his first few days in office as President, ‘The Donald’ has fired off so many Executive Orders and aggressive tweets that much of the world is dizzy. One policy that’s clearly emerging from the smoke of immigrant ban attempts, XL Keystone pipeline approvals and bellicose […]

The Father of the Euro: The Currency “Will Collapse”

by Justin Spittler, Casey Research:

The Brexit was only the beginning.

Four months ago, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU). The decision caught investors by surprise and triggered one of history’s most violent selloffs.

It erased more than $3 trillion from the global stock market in just two days. And […]

Doug Casey: Why the Euro Is a Doomed Currency

by Doug Casey, International Man:

For a long time, I’ve advocated that the world’s governments should default on their debt. I recognize that this is an outrageous-sounding proposal.

However, the debts accumulated by the governments of the U.S., Japan, Europe and dozens of other countries constitute a gigantic mortgage on the next two […]

Reuters Floats Disturbing Trial Balloon: “The ECB May Be Forced To Buy Stocks”

from Zero Hedge:

On the verge of running out of bond to monetize, the ECB has engaged in something fed had expected: it is buying bonds from itself. But according to a troubling Reuters “trial balloon” that may be just the beginning: as Reuters writes, the “ECB may soon be forced to follow the […]


by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

When we started The Dollar Vigilante in 2010 we stated that the worldwide central banking fiat money system would collapse within the decade.

It was just math. Government debt continues to mount and the only way to pay interest on the debt is to print more money. The […]

The Collapse of the Euro and the New World Order: Both

by Gary North, Lew Rockwell:

The phrase “New World Order” has been around for over a century.

The Progressives in the USA and the Old Boy Network of Great Britain — the Round Table Network — were pushing for globalization before World War I. So were the liberal Social Gospel Protestant theologians, who saw […]

Martin Armstrong Warns Euro on the Brink of Disaster, Monetary Reset As Early As 2018!

by Martin Armstrong, Silver Doctors:


By the time this mess comes unraveled, we will see the world completely change. We are probably looking at a major world monetary reform come as early as 2018. The speed with which this is unfolding is rather incredible…

We are looking at the collapse […]

“Death of the Dollar” Not Yet

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

Dollar “hegemony” meets NIRP

Our favorite death-of-the-dollar gurus will have to remain patient for a while longer, it appears. Not that they don’t have plenty of reasons to be confident. But right now, the much maligned dollar is hot – on every level!

With its top two competitors – […]

The Death of the Euro

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

At last year’s WEC, we warned that the collapse of the euro was underway. We achieved the Yearly Bearish Reversal on the close of 2015, but we did so far below the number. We had been waiting for the rally to retest the 11600 level, which we finally achieved. […]

‘EU is in Process of Collapsing on Itself’ – Marine Le Pen to RT

from RT:

The EU is on the brink of collapse, as two of its main “pillars” are “crumbling” despite the billions of euros spent on keeping the structure from falling, far-right French leader Marine Le Pen told RT, adding that the union would fail if France left it.


BREXIT: THE MOVIE [Or, How To Save Ourselves From NWO Globalist Tyranny]

from Brexit: The Movie:

BREXIT THE MOVIE is a feature-length documentary film to inspire as many people as possible to vote to LEAVE the EU in the June 23rd referendum.

Macy’s Crushed By Amazon, Italian Banks Crushed By Euro

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

This is a tale of changing environments and the organisms that are, as a result, dying off.

First, consider the bricks and mortar retailers. Amazon, the dominant online seller of virtually everything, reports a spectacular quarter with soaring sales and (fairly new for them) strong profits. But in a […]

What Currency Has The Highest Purchasing Power?

from The Sleuth Journal:

Establishment economists are the first vindicators that having a weak currency is essential to foster international trade. The utter absurdity that a nation can prosper when their coin of the realm buys less is inherently illogical. Yet, for the globalists, maintaining the myth that promoting exports in a system that […]

Brussels Bombing Further Fractures EU, as Europeans Now in Full-On Survival Mode!

The EU Won’t Survive

from The Wealth Watchman:

As each day passes, things spin more quickly out of control. The past few weeks have seen some amazing things occur…things which I predicted, well in advance.

The reason I’m writing this piece though, is to offer real hope during these difficult times. It’s easy to […]

Brexit Defiance Of The EU

from The Sleuth Journal:

The UK media is out in force to scare Brits from voting to leave the European Union. Thursday June 23: Date of the in/out referendum is set for the vote. Just the notion that an actual plebiscite will take place on such an important issue, is encouraging. Proponents of exiting […]

Stop Hiding the Disaster – Face It and Take Responsibility

from LaRouchePAC:

The collapse of the financial system can no longer be hidden from the populations of Europe and the US. The bankers have panicked — expanding QE money printing, negative interest rates, banks buying their own stock to maintain an appearance of solvency, and talk of “helicopter money,” as if money was the […]