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Human Destiny Literally at Stake

by Henry Makow,

Recent insider revelations confirm that humanity is held bondage by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, that uses pedophilia and satanic ritual murder to compromise & control many leading politicians. Serving the Illuminati (Masonic Jewish) central banking cartel, the CIA, MI-6 & Mossad subvert government, corporations, law enforcement, education and […]

THEY ARE SATANISTS — Sofia Smallstorm

from SGT

Sofia Smallstorm is back to help break down the deep darkness behind Pizzagate and the global elite’s obsession with pedophilia. It’s becoming increasingly clear, they are Satanists. “I’ve come to believe now that the world we live is way darker than I ever thought it was,” says Smallstorm. Support Sofia […]

# P I Z Z A G A T E

from Dees Illustration, via SGT

Trump: Pedophiles Deserve The Death Penalty

by Baxter Dmitry, Your News Wire:

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (citing U.S. Department of Justice reports), nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year. That’s more than 2,000 children abducted every single day.

Is Trump preparing to tackle in the rampant pedophilia and child abduction crisis in […]



Tara from the REALITY CALLS You Tube channel joins me to discuss the horrible truth.

To visit Reality Calls on You Tube, click HERE.

To visit the ReallyGraceful You Tube channel, click HERE:

And to watch the video from ReallyGraceful mentioned in this interview, click this link: COMET PIZZA […]



The BBC, which sheltered, protected and covered up Jimmy Savile’s pedophile crimes and child trafficking network for decades, just released a hit piece on the PizzaGate investigation, calling it a “The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread“. Meanwhile, paid trolls are out in force calling PizzaGate a “psyop” […]



An anonymous citizen journalist researcher joins me to break shocking news about the astonishing number of children missing from the Virginia-Washington DC area. In light of #PizzaGate and what appears to be a child trafficking and pedophilia ring in the area, “Mark” wanted to see if there would be a […]

Scotland Yard given NEW FUNDING to probe ‘important’ new lead over theory that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped by trafficking gang

[Ed. Note: What coincidental timing… and yet no mention of PizzaGate or the odd similarity between Madeleine McCann suspects and the Podesta brothers.]

from Daily Mail:

Scotland Yard is set to investigate an ‘important’ new lead in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Extra funding has been allocated to the Met to probe the information, […]

Hiding In Plain Sight: The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed

by Whitney Webb, True Activist:

Recent revelations regarding pedophile rings run by and for the rich and powerful show that these are not isolated incidents and part of a systemic, global problem targeting defenseless children.

Pedophilia scandals continue to emerge around the world year after year while the corporate media and law enforcement agencies […]

PizzaGate is just the tip of the ICEBERG — Ole Dammegard


International researcher, lecturer and truth teller Ole Dammegard returns to SGT report to shine light on the New World Order criminal syndicate – and Ole says that based on his decades of research, the DC pedo ring known now as PizzaGate is merely the tip of the iceberg of a […]

#PIZZAGATE: In April, DOJO PIZZA’s Loren Copp Was Arrested on CHILD PORN Charges

[Ed. Note: Don’t think for a minute that the FBI isn’t aware of the #PizzaGate scandal. Given the April 2016 arrest of Loren Copp, the owner of Dojo Pizza, the FBI undoubtedly has access to information relating to the elite pedophile rings, the question is, will they only target low hanging fruit like Copp?]

by […]

The Problem Is, PizzaGate Is Possible

from Michael Martin:

In early November WikiLeaks released a new Podesta email that would go viral. It showed that Tony and John Podesta actively participated in Satanic ritual spirit cooking dinners. They joined in the Marina Abramovic occult ritual that used menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm to create a “painting”. As sick […]



While the NY Times tries to soft peddle #PizzaGate, Reddit tries to kill the Sub-Reddit investigation and Twitter attempts to censor breaking news on the global pedophile ring – it’s too late. The genie is out of the bottle. We will not be stopped. Truth will be revealed. Because #PizzaGate […]

Dinosaur Legacy Media NY Times & Washington Post Attempt To “Debunk” Pizzagate

from Fake News:

Wikileaks’ publication of John Podesta’s emails has revealed a series of unexplained coded language that researchers claim lead to a pedophile ring centered around a pizza restaurant in Washington D.C. The alleged scandal has been dubbed “Pizzagate”. John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager.

While the citizen researchers, who until a […]

#PizzaGate Update: Band ‘Sex Stains’ Features Pedo Logo, & Reddit CEO Enjoys Cannibalism Sub-Reddit

from Reality Calls:

LAST REPRIEVE: The Elite’s Pedo Ring is REAL & Must Be EXPOSED

from The Official Hagmann & Hagmann Report:

Last Reprieve with Steve Quayle & Pastor David Lankford on The Hagmann Report

Powerful Satanic, Pedo Enemies: A Prayer for Donald Trump

by Henry Makow and Jason Charles, Makow:

If Trump aims to keep his promises, he will need our prayers. Why? He has royally ticked off the establishment in both the political and the demonic realms, and that’s no joke.

Wikileaks and internet journalists have uncovered the demonic, occult, and child trafficking networks connected to […]