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from clif high:


by SGT, SGT Report:

In this episode we deconstruct the latest Bitcoin propaganda coming from mainstream rag Market Watch, which absurdly attempts to make the case that the US Dollar is a better store of value than Bitcoin. Then, Keith Neumeyer the President & CEO of First Majestic Silver and the Chairman of […]

BAM! Suddenly, Bitcoin to Be Officially LEGAL in India

by Joseph Young, Coin

Leading Bitcoin exchange Zebpay has revealed that the Indian government committee has ruled in favor of regulating Bitcoin.

On April 14, Cointelegraph reported that the Inter-Disciplinary Committee within India’s Ministry of Finance was actively investigating the legal status of Bitcoin and considering the possibility of regulating the market.


Bitcoin Surges Above $3000 As Asian Premium Collapses

from Zero Hedge:

Bitcoin prices (in dollars) have surged above $3000 for the first time in history this morning as CoinTelegraph reports that South Korea and Japan, the third and fourth largest Bitcoin exchange markets, are no longer showing Bitcoin price premiums.

Having reached over KRW4 million in late May (well north of […]

Ethereum Forecast To Surpass Bitcoin By 2018

from Zero Hedge:

Back on February 27, when bitcoin was trading in the mid-teens, we wrote “Step aside bitcoin, there is a new blockchain kid in town.”

Commenting on the sharp – for the time – rise in ETH price (which had moved from $13 to $15), we said “the move may be just […]

Bitcoin Explodes, Trades Above $4,000 USD In South Korea [$2,775 USD on Coinbase Now]

from Zero Hedge:

In recent weeks it has been Japanese demand (and notable premia) that has driven the exponential rise in Bitcoin, but recently, as CoinTelegraph reports, it has been South Korea. Overenight saw Bitcoin prices explode once again,smashing through $2500, $2600, and $2700 for the first time…

As reports, South Korean […]

Bitcoin Has More Than Doubled This Year, But Rival Ethereum is Up 2,000%. Here’s Why:

The price of bitcoin has more than doubled in 2017. But rival cryptocurrency ether, which runs on the ethereum blockchain, is up over 2,300 percent this year.

by Arjun Kharpal, CNBC:

Bitcoin has more than doubled in price this year alone, but it has been outperformed by its closest rival Ether, which is up […]

‘Spiritual Experience’: Hot, Wild Ethereum Summit is Sign of the Times

by Amy Castor, Coindesk:

Sweltering, crowded, and filled to capacity.

If there were a sign that blockchain may be overhyped, or that the industry is in the midst of a massive bubble, the Ethereal Summit may well have been it.

As if an effort to seize the moment, the one-day event, hosted by ethereum […]

World Out of Whack & Ready To Blow — David McAlvany

from SGT Report::

The incredibly intelligent David McAlvany from McAlvany Financial joins me to discuss how badly the world is out of whack, and we cover just about all of it in this one. From the nosebleed levels of the US stock & bond markets to skyrocketing crypto currencies and plummeting precious metals, THIS […]