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January 20, 2017: TRUMP SWORN IN — BrotherJohnF

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January 20, 2017: Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, despite the mainstream mockingbird media and CIA-deep state’s best efforts to prevent it. BrotherjohnF joins me to discuss it in real time, as it happened.

The Trump Inauguration: All You Need To Know

from Zero Hedge:

In a ceremony likely to draw 900,000 people, including protesters, Trump and his vice president, Mike Pence, will take the oath of office at noon outside the domed U.S. Capitol, with U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts presiding. Here are the key highlights.

The day is finally here: the long and […]

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Bix Weir joins me to kick off 2017 and breakdown current events including Trump, Bitcoin and the coming collapse. As for Silver and Gold Bix says, “The numbers that gold and silver will hit when it’s out from behind the manipulation are astronomical.”

THEY ARE SATANISTS — Sofia Smallstorm

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Sofia Smallstorm is back to help break down the deep darkness behind Pizzagate and the global elite’s obsession with pedophilia. It’s becoming increasingly clear, they are Satanists. “I’ve come to believe now that the world we live is way darker than I ever thought it was,” says Smallstorm. Support Sofia […]

Day 87 – Braverman Found? Part 1 Who Killed Monica Petersen?

PART 2: Day 87 – Braverman Found? Part 2 Who Killed Monica Petersen?

from George Webb:

Stingers to Sarin to Kidneys to Hearts

WARNING: If You’re Not Watching This YT Series, You’re Missing The Big Picture!! WHERE IS ERIC BRAVERMAN?

Day 85 – Where is Eric Braverman? Part 1 Who Killed Monica Petersen?

from George Webb:

Here are the links to DAY 85 – PART 2 and DAY 85 – PART 3

PART 1: Day 83 – Where is Eric Braverman? Who Killed Monica Petersen

“Mr. McCabe, release the 650,000 emails!!”

from George Webb:

Day 83 – Part 2

Day 83 – Part 3

Justice Department Launches Probe Into The FBI, DOJ Actions During The Presidential Campaign

from Zero Hedge:

The Justice Department Inspector General announced it has launched an investigation to examine whether the Federal Bureau of Investigation followed proper procedures in its probe of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. The inspector general’s announcement comes amid outcry from Democrats who say Clinton’s loss to […]

Day 78 – Where is Eric Braverman? Who Killed Monoca Petersen? – PART ONE

from George Webb:

James Comey Has Had Marc Rich’s Documents For 30 Years. Click HERE for Day 78 PART TWO

Day 77 – Where is Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman? Part 1

from George Webb:

Who Killed Monica Petersen? Coup Countercoup – Comey Has Had Marc Rich’s Documents For 30 Years

Day 77 – Part 2

Day 71 – Where is Eric Braverman? Who Killed Monica Petersen

from George Webb:

Valerie Plame -Bouchard – NATO Funnel to Clinton Foundation

Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won

Did you read Wikileaks? Well, you should have.

from Medium:

The “conspiracies” were true, and the mainstream media lied to you to about everything.

Wikileaks was not Russian propaganda, it was the news.

Wikileaks has a 10-year record of never releasing a single falsified document, and is not connected to […]

A Stunned World Wakes To President-Elect Trump

from Rogue Money:

Mornings with “V” (11/09/2016) – The Aftermath

Historic 52 Hour LIVE Election 2016 Coverage From Infowars

from The Alex Jones Channel:

My Final Thoughts, On The Most Important Day In U.S. History

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

I’m working on less than three hours of sleep. But how can I, given that this is perhaps the most important day in U.S. history? In my view, challenged only by the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the start of the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11? Irrespective […]

Wikileaks Election Day Special: Part 35 Of Podesta Emails Released

from Zero Hedge:

Yesterday, when Wikileaks released its second dump of Podesta emails, the so-called Part 34, we assumed that was it. We were wrong. Moments ago Wikileaks released an “election day special”, dumping another 1,793 emails in Part 35 of its ongoing release, bringing the total to 58,375, and one which we can […]