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If You’re Not Watching This Series, You’re Crazy: The Deep State Unraveled

Day 88 – Braverman, Haiti, and Me, Parts 1 & 2. Who Killed Monica Petersen?

from George Webb:

Must Watch: Day 88 – Part 2

Blockbuster REAL News: Clinton Foundation Corruption – 650,000 Missing Emails, Trafficking Children in Haiti & 15K Missing Stinger Missiles

from George Webb:

Here is the link to Day 80 – PART TWO

Day 80 – Where is Eric Braverman? Part 1. Who Killed Monica Petersen? News Analysis With Sources and Citations, Not CNN/NBC/Buzzfeed, DynCorp Contracts Come Under Chaffetz Microscope, Comey Has Had Marc Rich’s Documents For 30 Years, Trump Wants to Shake […]

Day 73 – Where is Eric Bravermnan? Who Killed Monoca Petersen?

from George Webb:

Click Here For Part 2

US Gladio Program – Diffuse and Disrupt