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The MADNESS OF A ROTTEN SOCIETY – Riots, Civil Unrest, and Chaos in America

from The Money GPS:

The IMF Is Warning Governments About Rising Discontent Among The People

from X22Report:

Episode 1074a

Is the Clock Running out on the United States Devolves into an Armed Revolt?

by Michael DePinto, Freedom Outpost:

“How likely is the 2016 election to spark an armed revolt across America?” Why ask? Because the article below with a lot of input from Mike Adams at Natural News does an excellent job of explaining how each side is likely to respond to the eventual outcome of […]


from InfoWars:

Millions rise up against socialism

Anti-socialist protesters flooded Venezuela’s capital in one of the largest mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro’s rule in over a decade – and one of the largest protests in world history.

Chanting “this government will fall,” millions rallied across Caracas to demand a recall referendum against […]

Japan Mega-Pension Fund Dives into Stocks, Foreign Assets, Loses Shirt. People Not Amused

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

“It will not harm the pension beneficiaries”: official

This is how the report by Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) for the March-June quarter – the first quarter in Japan’s fiscal year – started out in order to soothe the frazzled nerves of the people who’d paid into this […]

Manufactured Civil Unrest and Regime Change: Is America Next?

from TRUTHStreamMedia:

Is Civil Unrest Coming to Suburbia? Rest Assured, the Media Will Lie About It

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Many people watching Milwaukee burn on the news from the safety of their homes in the suburbs feel immune. It seems like this only happens in big cities, right? “These people are burning down their own neighborhoods, how ridiculous,” observers say. They feel safe in their belief that […]

America: You Will Go Insane Because Of What Your Eyes Will See

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

A cloud of madness is descending on America, and most of us are completely unprepared for the chaos that will be unleashed during the months ahead. This morning, I was reading through Deuteronomy when I came to a phrase that really resonated with me. In the Modern […]

Violence Erupts In America’s Heartland As Milwaukee Becomes The Latest U.S. City To Burn

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

The city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin exploded in violence last night as the wave of chaos and civil unrest that is sweeping across America continues to intensify. At this point, many of our largest cities have become powder kegs of anger and frustration, and a full-blown riot can […]

Gangs In Chicago Reportedly Agree To Use Snipers And Automatic Weapons Against The Police

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Is the city of Chicago about to see a wave of unprecedented chaos and violence? The facts that I am about to share with you may seem fantastical at first glance, but they come from the Chicago police and they are being reported by the mainstream […]

Political Climate in America: Storm Clouds Gathering

from Elliott Wave Technology:

If we simply care enough to look and see what’s hidden in plain sight, each and every one of us – regardless of orientation, will suddenly conclude that it’s time to stop fighting with one another, as the majority of such infighting and divisiveness is fostered by the subversive encouragement […]

The Frightening History Of Blackouts And Civil Unrest

from Before It’s News:

Failure of the electrical grid can lead to far more than just inconvenience and a loss of the lights. History has proven that loss of electricity and the amenities it provides can lead to civil unrest, including riots.

Attacks on the infrastructure that provides our homes and businesses with electricity […]

America Is About To Explode And Entire Cities Will Become War Zones

from BugOut News:

By now most Americans who lean, politically, to the Left have made up their minds about the so-called “epidemic” of police shootings of black men around the country. It’s real, cops are the real threat to peace, and none of the men who have been killed in recent years were doing […]

Civil Unrest Explodes In Berlin – Over 3500 People Riot Against Police

from ZeroHedge:

“Civil Unrest is exploding,” warns Armstrong Economics’ Martin Armstrong,

The protest is against police operations and involved mostly young people who have risen up against the police operations in the Riga street area. Protesters wore black hoods carrying banners with slogans like “Riga defend 94” and “Housing solidarity against state terror.”

The […]

Questions About Motivation for Dallas Police Shooting. Michael Rivero – July 11, 2016

from Talk Digital Network:

Police Murder Because They Are Trained To Murder — Paul Craig Roberts

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

In response to my request for information on US police training (, readers have sent in a variety of information that seems to fit together. I am going to assemble it as best I can as a working hypothesis or provisional account. Perhaps a former or current […]

Get Ready for Major Civil Unrest: Protestors Shut Down Highways, Attack Cops, Threaten Violence

by Robert Richardson, OffGrid Survival:

The New Black Panthers party and members of The Black Live Matters movement are clashing with police throughout the country, in some cases violently attacking, ambushing and shooting police. While the mainstream media is refusing to cover what’s really happening, instead pretending these are peaceful protests, we are not […]