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Russian Parliament Launches Investigation Of “CNN And Other American Media”

from Zero Hedge:

A few days ago Jeanne Shaheen, a Democratic Senator from New Hampshire, introduced a piece of legislation that would give the Department of Justice “new authority” to investigate potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act by the ‘Russian Times’. Among other things, Shaheen said the legislation was necessary to […]

RIGGED: A “Conspiracy” Story

from Verify Events Research:

The truth movement is thoroughly crushing the mainstream media and exposing the Deep State. In this video we extensively illustrate the final stages of decline of the MSM and the farce of the 2 party system. They are getting completely discredited and humiliated with their own high-tech/straight-face lies.


MSNBC Admits Plan to Suppress Bernie Sanders Voters in California

from 21st Century Wire:

What is wrong with Chris Matthews?

In the following clip from RT America’s Redacted Tonight, host Lee Camp looks at a stunning revelation from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who once famously said he had a strange feeling up his leg while watching Obama talk; a feeling that he described as […]

WATCH: Zionist Wolf Blitzer Gets Eviscerated By Norman Finkelstein Over Israel-Palestine

from The Phaser:

So, “Journalists” are supposed to be objective, right? Well, did you know that CNN’s lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer is an unabashed Zionist? Perhaps it’s no surprise since according to Wikipedia Blitzer began his career in journalism in the early 1970s, in the Tel Aviv bureau of the (Rothschild owned) […]


from David Dees,

In New Hampshire, TV Station Partners With Interest Groups That Push Candidates on War and Austerity

by Lee Fang, The Intercept:

A New Hampshire television news network owned by a former Republican candidate for Senate is working closely with conservative interest groups that are pressuring presidential candidates to take more aggressive positions on use of military force, entitlement reform, and tax cuts.

One group, Americans for Peace, Prosperity, and Security, […]

WATCH Mockingbird Shepard Smith & Michio Kaku Spew Predictive Programming: Mega-Quake & Tsunami WILL Destroy Big Portion Of Pacific Northwest, 7 MILLION People Will Die

“It’s a certainty, it’s a matter of when.” – Shepard Smith “Within the lifetime of some of our viewers, they may see Seattle and Portland destroyed.” – Michio Kaku

from Fox News, via Wake Up America:

July 15, 2015 Fox News Report: Mega-Quake Would Destroy Big Portion Of Pacific Northwest – First Warning – […]