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Purple Cabbage Juice That Beats Hypertension, Cancer, Removes Toxins & Heals Gut Naturally

by Geary Andrew, Natural News:

If you don’t like to juice green cabbage, try juicing the purple cabbage instead. Purple cabbage has a vibrant beautiful color when juiced and tastes quite sweet, unlike green cabbage which can be a tad more bitter. Cabbage is absolutely loaded with goodness. It contains powerful antioxidant and […]


from SGT Report:

Sofia Smallstorm & Ella Draper, mother of the Hampstead Coverup children join me to discuss the multifaceted attack on humanity. Please support Ella with a donation: [email protected] and visit Sofia’s online store here!

DEODORANT WARNING: Aluminum Salts Found in Popular Antiperspirant Products Cause Tumor Growth

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

It has long been surmised that the aluminum compounds used in many antiperspirant deodorant products may be a cause of cancer. But a new study out of Switzerland confirms this to be true, showing that aluminum chloride, a common additive in antiperspirant deodorant that blocks moisture, exerts […]

Cancer Healing – A Natural Alternative

by Jonathan Landsman, Natural News:

By the end of 2016, the American Cancer Society estimates that cancer will have claimed over 595,000 lives: that’s 1,630 people per day, in this year alone – making cancer second only to heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States. In addition, over […]


from WeAreChange:

5 Best Essential Oils to Prevent Cancer

from TheHealthRanger:

Confirmed: Flaxseed Contains ‘Estrogens’ That Regress Cancer

by Sayer Ji, The Sleuth Journal:

Flaxseed has remarkable therapeutic properties, with over 50 potential applications in the prevention and treatment of disease, as documented in the peer-reviewed biomedical literature itself*

Flaxseed’s role in breast cancer is one of the more compelling areas of research, considering this is the #1 form of cancer afflicting […]

Top 7 Everyday Items That Cause Cancer

from TheHealthRanger:

Shocking New Study Shows Chemo Kills Half of Cancer Patients, Not Cancer Itself

by Amy Goodrich, Natural News:

A new landmark study found that up to 50 percent of people who receive chemotherapy are killed by the treatment, not cancer itself. For the first time, researchers from Public Health England and Cancer Research U.K. examined the numbers of cancer patients who died within 30 days of starting […]

Cancer Breakthrough: Blood Test Detects ‘Cancer Symptoms’ 10 Years Before They Begin

by Anna Scanlon, Intellihub:

Researchers call it a ‘cancer smoke detector’

Researchers at Swansea University in the United Kingdom have found that mutations often occur in red blood cells before any symptoms of cancer appear. These mutations can occur as many as 10 years before actual symptoms appear, making the test what scientists call […]


by Christina Sarich, Underground Reporter:

Queensland, Australia — A rare, cancer-fighting compound has been found in nature, and it only grows in one place in the entire world.

This cancer-fighting blushwood berry, also known as Hylandia dockrillii, has been uncovered in a far northern part of Australia, known for its proximity to the Great […]

Modern Medicine’s Most Lethal Death Trap

by Katy Whelan, The Common Sense Show:

We are being lied to.

One of the biggest, most insidious lies perpetrated on the human population is the lie that cancer is a death sentence and that chemotherapy is the answer.

It’s a lie so vast, so foul and so mind-numbingly evil that every time […]

Study Shows Body Fat is a Safe Haven for Cancer Cells; Reducing Excess Fat Can Help Beat the Disease

by Daniel Barker, Natural News:

Obese cancer patients typically fare worse than their leaner counterparts, and a new study may shed light on the reason why.

A team of researchers from the University of Colorado Cancer Center who studied the behavior of leukemia stem cells in mice found that the cells had the ability […]

10 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day

by Twain Yobra, Natural News:

You’ve probably heard of foods that reduce risk of cancer. Well, as you would expect, there are others that increase risk of cancer. Sadly, the intake of these foods is increasing day by day. Here are some of the cancer causing foods you should avoid.

1. Microwave popcorn

This […]

Frankincense Oil Kills Cancer Cells While Boosting the Immune System, Studies Show

by David Gutierrez, Natural News:

Frankincense is a powerful medicinal oil that can not only boost the immune system but also kill cancer cells, a number of studies have shown.

One of the most significant recent studies was conducted by researchers from the University of Leicester, England, in 2013. The researchers found that the […]

3 Easy Cancer Prevention Strategies You Should Start Today

by Amy Goodrich, Natural News:

Allow me to scare you a little by saying that the World Health Organization expects a 70% rise in cancer cases worldwide in the next two decades. That is a seriously alarming number.

Cancer is real and something that you should avoid taking lightly. The good news is, with […]


from The Next News Network:

Sean Martin for Express UK reports The breakthrough cancer therapy could be a “universal” therapy against flu and has the ability to destroy bacteria which has been failed by traditional medicines.