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Bitcoin Just Hit $1,477 USD on Coinbase, Ethereum Approaches $80 While Gold & Silver Languish

by SGT, SGT Report:

Bitcoin is approaching $1,500 USD, rising more than $70 today as volume in trading for the cryptocurrency surges to an all-time high.

According to data from CoinDesk, the surge in Bitcoin comes during a period in which volume is shifting to new markets, like Japan, where newly enacted regulations […]

You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When…


You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When… Silver plummets 70 cents in a FLASH as more than TWO BILLION DOLLARS of PAPER silver flood the market.

You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When… Gold drops $20 in a FLASH as mountains of fraudulent PAPER gold […]

Bitcoin Price Moves Within $25 of New All-Time High

by Stan Higgins, Coin Desk:

Bitcoin prices are up $100 on the day, having already shot past the $1,100 mark.

Markets have risen nearly 10% over the course of the day’s trading, according to data from theCoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), which hit a high of $1,141 at time of writing before falling […]

The First “Bitcoin Bail-In”: ALL BITFINEX USERS To Lose 36% In “Shared Loss” After Historic Hack

from ZeroHedge:

Adding insult to injury for those who “held” their BTC at the hacked exchange, Bitfinex announced it would pull a page right out of Europe’s bank resolution mechanism, saying that all of its users will lose 36% of their deposits after it concluded its review the massive hack, in what is […]