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The Bank For International Settlements Warns That A Major Debt Meltdown In China Is Imminent

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

The pinnacle of the global financial system is warning that conditions are right for a “full-blown banking crisis” in China. Since the last financial crisis, there has been a credit boom in China that is really unprecedented in world history. At this point the total value […]

China Facing Full-Blown Banking Crisis, World’s Top Financial Watchdog Warns

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph:

China has failed to curb excesses in its credit system and faces mounting risks of a full-blown banking crisis, according to early warning indicators released by the world’s top financial watchdog.

A key gauge of credit vulnerability is now three times over the danger threshold and has continued […]

The Global Economic Reset Has Begun

by Brandon Smith, Alt-Market:

In my last article, I outlined the deliberately engineered trend toward the forced “harmonization” of national economies and monetary policies, as well as the ultimate end goal of globalists: a single world currency system controlled by the International Monetary Fund and, by extension, global governance, which internationalists sometimes refer […]

Greece Is A Nation Under Occupation

from The Automatic Earth:

Perhaps the best way to show what a mess Europe is in is the €3 billion deal they made with Turkey head Erdogan, only to see him being unmasked by EU archenemy Vlad Putin as a major supporter, financial and who knows how else, of the very group everyone’s […]

BIS Warns That “Uneasy Calm” In Markets May Be Shattered By Fed Hike Imperiling $3.3 Trillion In EM Debt

from Zero Hedge:

Claudio Borio has been pounding the table on complacency and mounting market risk for quite some time.

It was exactly one year ago that the BIS’ Head of the Monetary and Economic Department penned the following warning about the market’s dependence on central bank omnipotence:


The Fed Mafia Panics, as the World Dances on a Knife’s Edge

from The Wealth Watchman:

Can you Feel it?

We’re now getting headline after headline of tension: tension between superpowers, tension in economic data, and tension in the markets. Since the financial crisis, for the last 7 years, the Fed has been a regular “MacGyver”, holding the global financial ponzi together with crazy glue and […]

One Bank to Rule Them All: The Bank for International Settlements

by Devon Douglas-Bowers, Occupy, via Global Research:

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an organization that is shrouded in mystery, mainly due to the fact that the majority of people don’t even know of its existence. According to the BIS itself, the main purpose of the Bank is to “to promote the cooperation […]

“Fed Risks Triggering Panic and Turmoil”: World Bank Warns Against Raising Rates

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Could things crumble and crash over a simple rate hike?

Many experts say they could, and well, things aren’t so simple after all.

With all things being equal, and with respect to the status quo of the powers that be, the current state of affairs appear very …. um, delicate, […]

As Economy Heads to Another Crash, BIS Acknowledges: We’re Failing

from Washington’s Blog:

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) acknowledges in its annual report that the policy of cheap money has failed. All the trillions in monetary stimulus have produced no growth in the real economy. Central banks cannot salvage the economy. Governments — fiscal stimulus — must now resolve the economic crisis. Political […]

Will financial journalism’s bear hunt lead to a dingy basement or to the BIS?

by Chris Powell, GATA:

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Zero Hedge tonight mocks the purported search by mainstream financial news organizations for the instigator of Sunday night’s nuclear assault on the gold market, and concludes that the trail will lead either to some Indian guy trading out of the dingy basement of his […]

IMF Declares War On Germany: In “Secret” Report Lagarde Says Greece Will Need Massive “Debt Relief”

Update: Europe now looks to be in damage control mode. Here’s Reuters:


from ZeroHedge:

“The dramatic deterioration in debt sustainability points to the need for debt relief on a scale that would need to […]

SHAKEDOWN: The Great Banking Game of the BIS

by Jay Dyer, 21st Century Wire:

Greece has been in the news with the left socialist Syriza Party caving (predictably) to the IMF’s economic terrorism, resulting in bank runs and capital controls.

Echoing the previous two bail outs back to 09 and 10, the new “plan” will undoubtedly result in more collateral seizure of […]

Greece #ThisIsACoup: Banksters Seize Sovereignty & Assets

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Greece Just Lost Control Of Its Banks, And Why Deposit Haircuts Are Imminent

from Zero Hedge:

Yes, Greek banks may have been insolvent – something that was clear since the first bailout of 2010 – but at least the Greek state had control over them: as such it could have mandated mergers, recapitalizations, liquidity injections, even depositor bail-ins (perhaps the harshest lesson for the ordinary Greek population […]

“Somebody Big Is Sitting On The Gold Price”

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics: posted a conversation with Ross Norman, who is the CEO of Sharps Pixley, the London-based bullion broker with roots that go back to the late 1770’s. What makes this admission astounding, and was overlooked by Arabianmoney, is that Ross Norman was at one time a gold trader […]

THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL RULERS: World Bank the Latest to Urge Fed to Hold Interest Rates Until 2016

The World Bank’s warning comes after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said last week that the Fed should delay a rate hike until the first half of 2016.

from CNBC:

The World Bank has become the latest global organization to urge the U.S. Federal Reserve to delay raising interest rates until 2016, amid […]

The “Financial Collapse” Ron Paul Predicted is Finally Going To Happen Worldwide

from David Seaman: