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First Trump, Now Dudley! Next Up, Yellen!

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Given yesterday’s historic news, of Trump blind-siding the gold Cartel’s principal propaganda meme of the past 20 years – the “strong dollar policy” – by saying the “dollar’s too strong”; and thus, taking the “final currency war” thermonuclear; you probably thought I’d start with something gold-related. I’m not, […]


from SGT

Writer and researcher Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin returns to SGT Report to kick off 2017 with an economic and geopolitical update. Andy says that even if Trump is able to accomplish some of the things he said he’d do if he were President, there is no way he can […]

The 12:00 PM EST “Cap Of Last Resort”

by Andy Hoffman,, Miles Franklin:

I have a LOT to speak of today – culminating in something I should have memorialized years ago, amidst my heyday of publishing “primers” of the gold Cartel’s myriad, day-to-day operations. I’m having trouble choosing which “PM bearish, everything-else-bullish” topic to start with – but due to how […]

Ominous Reflections On 2017’s First Trading Day

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

I’m starting this at 8:30 PM MST Tuesday, in my eerily quiet house – as Sylvie is sleeping, Diana is teaching, and Giselle sits by my feet, waiting for her next snack. I’ll finish tomorrow morning, as I don’t want to miss a beat – in a rapidly […]

The “Upcoming, Cataclysmic, Financial Big Bang To End All Big Bangs”-Upgraded From Inevitable To Imminent?

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Before the U.S. has even opened for 2017 business, global markets have taken a dramatic step towards implosion – as the “year of monetary revolution” commences. Yes, the gold Cartel started the year as they start nearly every day; i.e., with a “Sunday Night Sentiment” raid, for the 170th […]

2017 – The Year of Monetary Revolution

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

In the past month, I’ve espoused many beliefs of what 2017 will bring – deeming it to likely be a year of money printing and draconian government actions. In fact, following an historic year of political, economic, and monetary change, the best possible description for what I anticipate in […]

Unrelenting “PM-Bullish, Everything-Else-Bearish” Headlines-To Usher Out 2016, And Foreshadow 2017

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

It’s my last article of what I believe is the penultimate year of survival for history’s largest; most destructive; and for the first time, global, fiat Ponzi scheme. Fittingly, on this typical quiet week of paper-thin holiday trading, the headlines are exploding with potentially cataclysmic, “PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish” items.

For […]

Demystifying Precious Metals Propaganda, Part lll

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Yesterday’s “why Bitcoin will make gold and silver go up” was a big hit – as it should be, given how momentous the rise of crypto-currency is; and consequently, how governments are guaranteed to respond. I mean, if they’re this scared of something as intrinsically worthless as cash; let […]

Gold Bottoming In Late December, For The Second Straight Year?

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

After publishing my “2016 review, and 2017 predictions” opus on Friday; and writing the MUST READ “why Bitcoin will make gold and silver go up” on Christmas Day; I wasn’t planning to write this morning. However, several articles and news items inspired me to pen today’s offering; which per […]

Imminent Monte Paschim Bailout Depicts True State of Global Banking System

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

There’s barely a week left in 2016, and it’s hard to believe I’m actually looking forward to it ending. After five miserable years of unprecedented Precious Metals suppression – going back to May 2011’s “Sunday Night Paper Silver Massacre” and September 2011’s “Operation PM Annihilation I,” when the powers […]

Demystifying Precious Metals Propaganda, Part II

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

The world is becoming a scary, dangerous place; even here in America, the “land of the free,” where freedoms are being lost at an alarming pace; and the “home of the brave,” where the bravery to express one’s opinion is rapidly being overwhelmed by the negative ramifications of such […]

Demystifying Precious Metals Propaganda

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

In March 2010, Andrew Maguire came forth as the first – and to date, only – whistle blower from the London bullion trading community, where the hideous collusion’s to suppress prices we learned of last week – in both gold and silver, for at least the past decade – […]

The “Most Hated Asset On The Planet”

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

After 15 years in Precious Metals – and 27 in financial markets – I thought I had seen everything. Yes, manipulation has dramatically morphed over that time – starting with the creation of the “President’s Working Group on Financial Markets” in 1987 – just before my career started – […]

Money Printing… And Draconian Government Actions… Will Define 2017

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

A week ago, I wrote that 2017 would be the “year of money printing,” mere hours before the ECB “unexpectedly” extended its epically suicidal QE program through the end of next year. Which, I might add, will cause the ECB’s balance sheet to surpass the Fed’s $4.5 trillion monstrosity […]

The Most Important, And Bullish, Gold Chart You’ll Ever See

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Barely 24 hours before the Fed takes another giant step toward destroying whatever’s left of its “credibility”; and likely, proving yet again that rising rates are decidedly NOT “Precious Metal bearish”; I could easily write full-length articles on a half dozen separate “PM bullish, everything-else-bearish” topics – starting with […]

Silver Demand Ready To Explode

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Generally speaking, I spend the entire day, seven days a week, compiling articles from countless websites – starting with my “keystone” Zero Hedge – in search of topics to discuss. And nearly every day, the subject of the next morning’s article (or podcast) “hits me” the evening before.

Today […]

Whirlybird Janet, on December 14th, Will Be In A Very, Very “Hot Seat”

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

After another week of financial market ignominy has passed; fortunately, without further damage to those holding REAL money. Which fortunately, is likely to be extremely limited going forward, given how low Precious Metal “valuations” have been driven, amidst the most bullish fundamental environment imaginable. Heck, whilst the paper gold […]