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Caravan To Midnight — Catherine Austin Fitts

from John B. Wells:

Episode 133

Surprise: U.S. Drug War In Afghanistan Not Going Well

[Ed. Note: Meanwhile, heroin importation and use has absolutely skyrocketed, Reaching Epidemic Levels in Suburban America. For this you can thank your criminal government.]

by Ryan Devereaux, The Intercept:

A new report has found the war on drugs in Afghanistan remains colossally expensive, largely ineffective and likely to get worse. This is particularly true in the case of opium production, says the U.S. Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

In a damning report released Tuesday, the special inspector general, Justin F. Sopko, writes that “despite spending over $7 billion to combat opium poppy cultivation and to develop the Afghan government’s counternarcotics capacity, opium poppy cultivation levels in Afghanistan hit an all-time high in 2013,” hitting 209,000 hectares, surpassing the prior, 2007 peak of 193,000 hectares. Sopko adds that the number should continue to rise thanks to deteriorating security in rural Afghanistan and weak eradication efforts.

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As Stocks Dive, Key Indicator Moves To A 30-Year High!

from KingWorldNews:

Last Friday’s close showed a major rebound from Wednesday’s lows but the major averages still fell for the fourth straight week. There were turnaround signs with some indicator upturns and over 600 stock selling climaxes. Consecutive sessions with new stock buy signals in the majority added conviction to a positive momentum shift. The speed and size of the rebound wasn’t yet acknowledged by the advisors who remain overall cautious. As we go to print they are not yet convinced that the correction is over. That is a positive sign as they will have to increase their exposure if the rally gains traction. That should add fuel for more gains.

There was a new decline for the bulls to 35.3%, from 37.8% a week ago. Their number is now 22.3% below the start of September reading of 57.6% that was solidly in the danger zone. Bulls above 50% signal high risk but the suggestion now is that they have raised lots of cash. The bulls are just below their late summer 2013 level to a low since June 2012. Both prior lows followed market retreats. Some remaining bulls said to hold positions with expectations that any market decline would be mild. If not fully invested they want to buy the dip.

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FUKUSHIMA Radioactive Reality: Entire Pacific is Being Contaminated

from NibiruMagick2012:

(22 October 2014)

Tennessee Woman Sentenced to Jail for Not Mowing Her Lawn

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig:

The trend of average U.S. citizens being incarcerated by overzealous judges and prosecutors within the police state formerly known as America continues with reckless abandon. In fact, these sorts of cases are becoming so commonplace I simply cannot keep up with all of them. The following story is a perfect followup to my piece earlier today, which shows how American public school students are being arrested or harassed by police for the most minor of infractions, such as wearing too much perfume, sharing a classmates’ chicken nuggets, throwing an eraser or chewing gum.

If you are an adult American slave, you can add not mowing your lawn to the list of prison-worthy crimes in the police state.

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Swiss gold referendum: Early opinion poll strikes fear

The first opinion poll regarding the Swiss gold referendum suggests the ‘Yes’ campaign has started in the lead.

by Lawrence Williams,

The first Swiss opinion poll regarding the country’s gold referendum, which takes place at the end of November, will have struck fear into the country’s establishment, giving those in favour of the changes a lead. The poll was taken before the Yes campaign has even presented its case to the people in any detail, which it will do in a press conference tomorrow. The establishment, on the other hand, is totally against the proposal, saying that the passing of the referendum would stifle the future financial management options of the country’s economic policy makers.

The poll proposal was started by Swiss People’s Party MP Luzi Stamm and two other MPs, with the 100,000 signatures required for a referendum obtained by early 2013. The Swiss People’s party is described as a national conservative and right-wing populist political party and is the largest party in the Federal Assembly, with 54 members of the National Council and 5 of the Council of States.

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Swiss Gold Initiative 30 November 2014 Volksinitiative

from Koos Jansen:

China’s Plan For $100 Silver, $2,000 Gold & The Oil Market

from KingWorldNews:

There is no doubt that the Saudis were targeting lower oil prices during a time of year which is seasonally very slow. The Saudis definitely wanted to send a message by lowering oil prices. Saudi Arabia has become extremely close in recent years to China. China is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading trading partners. Obviously the Saudis send China a great deal of oil, and China sends the Saudis a lot of necessary infrastructure. This infrastructure is for important alternative energies. So there is a very close relationship between Saudi Arabia and China.

What does this have to do with the Saudis lowering the energy price? Who does that pressure? It pressures the fracking companies in the United States. Right now fracking uses 2 – 5 percent of the fresh water supply in the United States. That is not sustainable. Water is already one of the fastest inflating assets in the U.S. economy and it’s only going to get more expensive. That is one of the reasons fracking does not face a sustainable future. So I don’t think the Saudis are concerned about fracking.

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Keith Barron – I believe we’ve seen Peak Gold

from GoldSwitzerland:

On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management, financial journalist Lars Schall talked with exploration geologist and mining entrepreneur Keith Barron. They’ve discussed, inter alia: the challenges for gold mining companies; the effects of a downward rigged gold price on Third World countries; the “inevitability” of a gold price at 5000 USD per ounce in the future; and Barron’s support for the Swiss gold initiative.

Detroit water shutoffs continue as city’s decline into third-world status accelerates

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

The decline and fall of the once-great city of Detroit is continuing apace, as city officials have been given the green light by a U.S. bankruptcy judge to continue shutting off water service to residents chronically behind on their bills.

Judge Steven Rhodes ruled recently that the city can continue the process of shutting off water to any non-paying customers, Reuters reported. Rhodes added that his court does not have any jurisdiction over the issue, and that suspending the shut-offs for a period of six months would contribute to further depleting the city’s finances.

“Detroit cannot afford any revenue slippages,” Rhodes said in advance of continuing his ongoing hearing regarding the city’s plan to finally exit the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

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Farage: The LAST European Commission That GOVERNS Britain

from europarl:

Moscow Just Took a Quantum Leap Into the Future

from The Wealth Watchman:

While we’re on the topic of Russia, my brothers, I thought it would be an excellent time to go through some of the newest, crucial headlines from that land, with an eagle eye.  These headlines are striking affirmations, that further validate that what we’ve been saying here at the Truth HQ, is 100% on the money! There can be no doubt that an alliance, called the BRICS, is positioning itself to be the new anti-globalist, anti-Western central banking force in the world.

In fact, there are well-respected voices within the Kremlin, who’ve now called upon the leaders of the East to step up the game-plan of the BRICS, and turn it from a mere trade and economic union, to an overtly, D.C.-blocking, anti-dollar alliance.

Rest assured that with each passing day, every new brain-dead sanction that D.C. and Brussels hurl at Russia, is actually just another fresh log on the fire, incinerating their own powe

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Russia Annoyed to Hear U.S. Ranks It Number-2 Threat to International Peace and Stability

by Patrick Goodenough, CNSnews:

Russia is unhappy about recent remarks by President Obama and a senior NATO official, which Moscow views as equating its intervention in Ukraine with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) threat – and in Obama’s case, to the Ebola outbreak too.

Speaking at a private Democratic fundraiser in Chicago on Monday, Obama listed “the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s aggression” together with the ISIS threat and Ebola as reasons why Americans were “anxious,” he said, despite being better off “than we were when I took office.”

“Obama Compares Russia’s Policy With Ebola Threat, Islamic State,” ran the headline on a story by Russia’s state news agency, RIA Novosti. When Obama addressed the U.N. General Assembly in New York last month, he referred to the same three issues – Russia, Ebola and ISIS – as causes of “a pervasive unease in our world.”

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Solar Eclipse, Flare Watch | S0 News October 22, 2014

from SuspiciousObservers:

Most Vaccines Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients, But What More…?

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

You can bet that polio vaccines will now be promoted since the Glaxo Smith Kline (accidental) dumping of live polio viruses into a Belgium lake. On the same token, you can bet that forced Ebola vaccinations are just around the corner due to fear of Ebola spreading through the U.S., but do we really want to trust an industry which already puts carcinogenic adjuvants into the vaccines used to “treat” measles, mumps, polio, rubella, cervical cancer, and more? I doubt it.

Vaccines are full of adjuvants, compounds that are meant to enhance the specific immune response against co-inoculated antigens. The word comes from the Latin word adjuvare, which means to help or to enhance. But these adjuvants don’t enhance anything but a compromised immune system.

Following are cancer-causing ingredients, neuro-toxins, and immune-destroying ‘extras’ as well as some disturbing evidence as to the true intent behind vaccines overall.

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Rothschild Family Illuminati Secrets Revealed

from Mark Dice:

Gold Hits 5-Week High, Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Top 36M

from CoinNews

Gold settled up for a second session Tuesday, reaching a five-week high. Other precious metals also added to prior-day gains.

Gold for December delivery climbed $7, or 0.6%, to end at $1,251.70 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange.

“For the moment I think gold will hold near the key $1,250 level and a strong break above that could take it up to $1,275,” Reuters quoted a trader in Hong Kong. “Despite the recent rebound in equities, there are still some worries out there that could attract bids for gold. Weakness in the dollar is a major factor for gold.”

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The Truth About ISIS Attack on Canadian Parliament Building

from The Money GPS:

Benefit Of The Doubt

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

The argument of “stock versus flow” has been debated from many angles and across many asset classes.  The most heated may be in the gold and silver bullion categories.  I’ve written on this topic before and I’m sure I will again but for this exercise I want to talk about U.S. stocks.

Zero Hedge put out a piece on Monday reporting that JP Morgan says liquidity has dropped 40% in the S+P E mini contract.  The study looks at “depth” of both bids and offers, this is now drying up, in fact, the ramp upwards was performed on continually lower volume.  Not exactly a confidence builder as volumes dried up out of, well, lack of confidence.  Without spending a whole lot of time on this, suffice it to say “liquidity is the blood of life” as far as the markets are concerned.  Without it or when liquidity decreases, accidents tend to happen.  “Accidents” in this case are when the markets move violently which affects a good part of the $1.4 quadrillion in derivatives.  Big moves in either direction can affect the standing of these derivatives as for every winner there is a loser.  The problem arises when a loser is so crippled they cannot perform (pay) on their losses.

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“Government-Sourced” Website Proves U.S. Depopulation Is Near?

[Ed. Note: is the 'great culling' about to begin? That's what Dr. Rima Laibow was told.]

from Susan Duclos:

Bizarre website shows US population drops 78.2% From 316 million to Only 69 million in 2025. Depopulation?