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BREAKING: Flight 370 Search Teams Think They May Be Searching Wrong Place, Amid New Rumor Plane May Have LANDED

Sources with the search team say the aircraft may have landed somewhere, rather than crashed into the Indian Ocean as previously believed – Fits with alleged sightings of MH370 at the time of disappearance

from Daily Mail:

The fruitless search for the missing Malaysian Airlines jet might have to start all over again from scratch if no clues to its fate are found in coming days, it was claimed today.

The international team searching the Indian Ocean for the Boeing 777 are now considering the seemingly impossible scenario of the aircraft having ‘landed’ somewhere, instead of crashing in the southern Indian Ocean.

‘We may have to regroup soon to look into this possibility if no positive results come back in the next few days,’ sources within the International Investigation Team were quoted as telling the New Straits Times today.

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Keiser Report: Margret Thatcher? Anti-Christ!

from RT:

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the rentier rising from the dead, generation debt and harvesting the young with student debt. In the second half, Max interviews Ross Ashcroft about the housing super bubble in London and what it means to the rest of the economy to have a rentier class in charge.

This is the 7,500 Square Foot Soho Loft That Just Sold For $27 MILLION

[Ed. Note: On top of the $27 Million, add a small monthly maintenance fee of $5,223. A bargain!]

from ZeroHedge:

It may not be a castle, but this $26.58 million penthouse loft in Soho (New York) has become one of the priciest co-ops ever sold in Manhattan below 34th Street. As The Wall Street Journal reports, located in a former manufacturing building at 383 West Broadway, the duplex unit is roughly 7,500 square feet, with four bedrooms, five full bathrooms and one half bath. The deal closed Monday. The buyer is unknownnope, no bubble here…

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Richard Russell – The Dollar Will Crash In A Matter Of Months

from KingWorldNews:

For the benefit of new subscribers, I want to state my position. I think the bear market that started in 2007 was interrupted, BUT NOT ENDED, by the Fed. Somewhere ahead, I believe this bear market will run to conclusion. I also believe that the great recession never ended, but was masked by the “manufacture” rally in the stock market. Thus the reason that the Fed cannot produce its much-wanted 2% inflation is that the deflationary pressure of the great recession is still in force. The stock market continues to struggle higher, with the needed help of the Fed’s QE and zero interest rates.

The question of the year will be how the markets react when the Fed’s QE starts to fade. Sensing the deflationary pressures, the Fed has backed off on the imminent end to its zero interest rates. The latest is that zero rates (ZIRP) will continue far into the future. My investment stance continues to be holding physical gold and silver with just enough cash to get me by on a daily basis.

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Essential Silver & Gold Info: Private Vaults Vs Safe Deposit Box

from whygoldandsilver:

No change in gold inventory at GLD/a huge increase of 1.73 million oz of silver/gold and silver whacked again/Backwardation continues in gold and silver/Turmoil escalates again in the Ukraine

by Harvey Organ,

Gold closed down $7.40 at $1280.40 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was up 1 cents to $19.35

In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm
gold: $1284.00
silver: $19.40

Today is Tuesday and many have noticed that this is the signal to pump up the Dow and whack gold and silver. And today the bankers orchestrated another tiny raid on our two precious metals. No question about it, our entire markets have been usurped by our bankers.

Today, the open interest on silver remained in the 160,000 region despite a huge drop in the price of silver yesterday coupled with high volumes on the comex. The contracts on the comex are certainly in strong hands as no matter what happens the OI remains high. We will discuss this in the body of the commentary tonight.

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Jamie Dimon: JPMorgan Employs 30,000 Programmers

by Pam Martens, Wall Street on Parade:

There is now overwhelming evidence that Wall Street firms have entered a race to the bottom in high-tech trading wars. To grab the best programming talent, Wall Street firms are paying top dollar for the best and brightest coders and developers and potentially sapping the ability of other U.S. industries – those that make real products – to compete.

Just this month, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, told the firm’s shareholders in his annual letter that JPMorgan employs “nearly 30,000 programmers, application developers and information technology employees who keep our 7,200 applications, 32 data centers, 58,000 servers, 300,000 desk-tops and global network operating smoothly for all our clients.”

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Heavily Militarized Police May Be in a Town Near You

from Watchdog:

SANTA FE, N.M. — A New Mexico Watchdog story about a 30-second commercial for the police department in Hobbs has drawn national attention, with a well-known author and civil libertarian criticizing the ad running on television stations across the state emphasizing aggressive, military-style policing.

But Radley Balko points out the Hobbs video isn’t unique. In fact, the author of “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces,” gives examples of police departments across the country who showcase recruiting videos that highlight the ”shoot ‘em up” aspects of the job.

To recap, here’s the 30-second Hobbs ad.

“Now ask yourself: What sort of person would be attracted to a career in law enforcement based on the images and activities depicted in that video? And is that the sort of person you’d want wearing a badge and carrying a gun in your neighborhood?” Balko asked in the online edition of the Washington Post.

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Is Democracy Overrated?

from ReasonTV:

302 reasons to jump ship

from Sovereign Man:

Thirty-six year-old Koo Bon-hee recalled hearing a loud bang, when suddenly the ferry he was on tilted drastically in the water.

The Sewol ferry, traveling from Incheon to Jeju Island in South Korea, was starting to sink, and it was sinking fast.

Those still standing after the impact began to scramble for the exits, when they heard an announcement over the speakers telling everyone to stay in their places and sit still.

Some, like Koo, followed their instincts and ignored the announcement, leaping into the icy cold water where they were able to be rescued.

Others heeded the announcement and remained sitting inside the cabin, waiting for further instructions.

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Oklahoma House Votes to Legalize Gold and Silver as Money

from Activist Post:

Late last week, a bill to legalize gold and silver as legal tender was passed through the Oklahoma state house. The vote was 74-12.

Senate Bill 862 (SB862), was introduced by Sen. Clark Jolley and Rep. Gary Banz, with cosponsorship from Sen. Natham Dahm. It reads, in part:

Gold and silver coins issued by the United States government are legal tender in the State of Oklahoma. No person may compel another person to tender or accept gold or silver coins that are issued by the United States government, except as agreed upon by contract.

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How Much Immigration Is Too Much Immigration?

from Learn Liberty:

NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metal Trusts and Funds – Crash In a Matter of Months?

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

In case you were wondering there is a Comex precious metal options expiration on Thursday the 24th.

Since the expiration is for the inactive month of May, I am wondering if they are not going to do an early hit with a head fake on this one as the day comes.

Hard to forecast. Typically a noted player will show their hand at some point and the pit crawlers will follow their lead. They used to walk into the pit, but now I wonder if they just don’t print it on the electronic trade, if you know what to look for.

The ‘hit’ on the metals was pretty much standard operating procedure this morning.

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Case Study Finds Teen’s Leukemia Well-Treated with Cannabis Oil

by Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society:

Two Ontario-based doctors recently published in Case Reports in Oncology on the potentially promising treatment results of a 14-year old girl diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer—acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome mutation. While the patient ultimately died, the researchers indicate it was the conventional chemotherapy that ultimately broke down her body’s defenses.

As Collective Evolution reports, she underwent acute and aggressive chemotherapy treatments as well as bone marrow transplants in an effort to fight the disease. None of those conventional methods proved effective after 34 months. That’s when the girl’s family sought alternative options.

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The Doomer Mind – Part 1….Are you a Doomer?

from Charlie Mcgrath:

TSA Agents Pat Down 2 & 6 Year Old Children

by Paul Joseph Watson, infowars:

Disturbing new video footage shows TSA agents performing full body pat downs on two infants aged just 2 and 6 years old, illustrating how the federal agency still targets children despite a partial rollback of the policy in 2011.

The clip begins with the two year old instinctively moving away from a blue-gloved TSA screener who starts performing a full body pat down on the nervous toddler while he is held in place by his mother.

The video then shows a 6-year-old girl receiving the same treatment as a female TSA agent touches her backside, the inside of her thighs and around her chest. The child appears to say something like, “I need to go” and is clearly uncomfortable with the pat down.

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Facial recognition – coming soon to a shopping mall near you

from Naked Security:

Technology giant NEC’s Hong Kong branch is promoting a small, “easy to install” appliance which will enable businesses to monitor their customers based on facial recognition.

From a recent NEC press release:

The new Mobile Facial Recognition Appliance enables organizations in any industry to offer an ultra-personalized customer experience by recognizing the face of each and every customer as soon as they set foot on the premises.

Face recognition is becoming ever more sophisticated and accurate, bringing automated detection and tracking of people by the way they look within reach of all sorts of people.

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hat tip/BrotherJohnF

Michael Green: Author of “In Gold We Trust”

from Merit Gold:


by Bobby Casey, Dollar Vigilante:

If you want to know the secret to creating long-term wealth in a big way, this article is for you.

Yesterday, I was flying from New York City to Panama City for our spring conference – Global Escape Hatch. Sitting on the plane next to me was a very intelligent young man named Mike. Normally, when I get on the plane, I am asleep before the plane is pushed back from the gate and wake up when the wheels touchdown at the destination. But this time, Mike and I chatted for most of the flight.

I have been thinking about writing this article for a few weeks, but the conversation between Mike and I gently pushed me into action. Mike has been a reader of self-help and business books for a couple of years now. He shared with me his goals and dreams for building a business of his own and creating wealth.

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Harry Reid Is The Real Domestic Terrorist – Follow the Money

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

By now most if not all of you are varying degrees familiar with the stand-off between the Federal Government/Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Cliven Bundy. I had been observing the developments with a mixture of amusement and disgust until Harry Reid very publicly labelled the large group of citizens helping Bundy defend his cattle as “domestic terrorists.” That’s a pretty strong statement from someone who has a history of abusing his power for the benefit of himself and the business interests who put him in office and filled his bank account with a lot of money.

Harry Reid’s mouth told me immediately that there was something going on with this dispute that went well beyond the battle between the Federal Government trying to remove cattle that were grazing on BLM land in southeastern Nevada. With the help of a colleague, an attorney who has been a partner in two of America’s elite litigation firms, I discovered that the BLM’s motive to get Bundy’s cattle off its land is seeded in business development interests which have helped fund Harry Reid’s Senate seat.

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