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Earthfiles News: Bird Disappearance Mystery At Seahorse Key, Florida

from Earthfiles:

In a single night of late May 2015, thousands of birds left Seahorse Key 60 miles southwest of Gainesville, Florida — the largest bird colony on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Wildlife biologists are baffled. Why did the entire colony of nesting birds leave their eggs? Where did they go? Why? Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor of news, interviewed a scientist who suspects something traumatic happened that night, but what?

The Jonathan Pollard TRAITOR Release

by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, via BATR:

The history of the Jonathan Pollard spy case usually breaks down to the views of the person doing the analysis. If one holds favorable sentiments for Israel, sympathy towards Pollard usually surfaces. Contrary if one maintains an abiding loyalty towards the United States, the facts of the spying and treasonous betrayal are overwhelming. In the end, the final assessment proves that the notion of being a “Duel Loyalist” is preposterous. It is absurd that an authentic American can be a Zionist and provide actual national security secrets to an Israeli government that regularly operates in the most fundamental ways against our own country.

Spying against a “so called” ally is routinely conducted. The ultimate standard is whether your loyalty applies to America or is Israel the primacy for your fidelity. The deposition on Pollard’s high treason is clear. The Jonathan Pollard Spy Case: The CIA’s 1987 Damage Assessment Declassified by Jeffrey T. Richelson is a useful primer on the facts and harm caused by this Zionist undercover agent.

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Bill Murphy: Silver Shortages In The Fall?

from The News Doctors:

Jason Burack and Eric Dubin are back for Episode #5 of the Welcome to Dystopia podcast! Today’s special guest is Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action (GATA) Committee


by Bill Holter SGT Report:

It is not often I write something as important as what follows.  It was said after the last crash that “no one could’ve seen it coming”.  This was not so back then and is not so today.  If you were looking for the truth in 2007, the average investor had ample warning from many sources warning of what was to come.  The warnings are now much louder, far easier to hear and coming from some mainstream and even “official sources”.  Are you listening?

After the biggest financial and social crash in history occurs, “they” will say you were warned!  Who are “they” and how exactly were we warned?  For several years and in particular the last 12 months, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) have been issuing warning after warning.  They have truly warned us as I will show you.  Do I believe they did this out of the goodness of their hearts?  No, I believe it has been in “c.y.a” fashion followed by their laughter because the sheep have and will sleep through it all until it’s too late.

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Earthfiles News: Ceres Bright Spots Still Mysterious

from Earthfiles:

On June 6, 2015, NASA/JPL released a new image from the DAWN spacecraft at the lowest altitude to date: 2,700 miles above the surface. Triangular patterns of bright spots and no temperature anomaly in infrared increase the puzzle about what the bright spots are. Next closest altitude will be 932 miles by early September.

Plunge Protection Team Now Working Overtime To Hold Off The Inevitable Collapse

from Kingworldnews:

It is said that one of the great traits of a successful investor is patience. But in these totally manipulated markets, the patience of those who are trying to protect themselves from the inevitable destruction of the present pure fiat currency system is being sorely tried. The relentless suppression of the gold and silver prices in the paper markets by the central banks and their bullion bank allies is being accompanied by a number of ridiculous articles in the mainstream media denigrating gold.

The most ludicrous one that I recently read cited two academics projecting the true value of gold as somewhere in the area of $350 an ounce. I have never been a great fan of academia when it comes to the subject of money and finance, but that article takes the cake for abject stupidity.

John Embry continues @ King World News

Spanish Museum Promotes Eugenics Race Cult

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

NYPD to Launch Future Crime Unit

by Philippe Gastonne, The Daily Bell:

New York police are “data mining huge amounts of information and developing algorithms that will effectively mine that data in many ways the human brain cannot,” said Bratton, referring to the department’s trawling of social media and crime data, as well as other information gathered by city agencies, to predict where public safety threats could arise. The department’s Intelligence Division and anti-gang units already monitor social media accounts of people suspected of criminal activity, as well as those considered at risk of falling victim to violent crime. – Reveal News, July 31, 2015 

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton, never a privacy zealot, now just denies the whole concept. “There are no secrets,” he says. We will remember that next time one of his officers kills an unarmed citizen. If he’s serious, the investigation will have no secrets.

NYPD is launching a two-year test of “predictive policing” software called Hunchlab. The goal: Analyze criminal activity patterns and deploy resources more efficiently. That would be fine if NYPD and its commissioner knew how to respect privacy. The evidence, and his words, say they do not.

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Claims Per Ounce to New High of 121:1

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

As you can see from the first chart below, the number of potential claims per deliverable ounce on the Comex has risen to a record high of 121 to 1.

That can be corrected by higher prices for bullion that will prompt more legitimate sellers of actual bullion to take their stored gold and put it in the ‘registered’ for delivery category.

Or the trading desks of the banks and funds can continue to pummel the price with paper short selling, in the hopes of knocking down the open interest and the longs.

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Treasury to SEC: You’re Flying Blind on the $4.1 Trillion Hedge Fund Risks

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street on Parade:

The Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation just celebrated its fifth anniversary on July 21 and the gaping holes it left in the promise to protect our Nation from another systemic financial crash are becoming clearer every day. No other agency has done more to highlight these growing risks than the Office of Financial Research (OFR), created under Dodd-Frank as a unit of the U.S. Treasury. In its most recent report, it provides the stunning news that private hedge funds in the U.S. now control one-third of all assets under management in the financial services industry – a stunning $4.1 trillion when leverage is included.

In February of this year, OFR released a jaw-dropping report showing dangerous levels of systemic and interconnected risk among some of the same Wall Street players that held pivotal roles in the crash of 2008. The report found that five Wall Street banks had high contagion index values — Citigroup, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs.

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Windows 10 Can Collect Your Data For Government Agencies

by Heather Callaghan, Activist Post:

Windows 10 OS – the ultimate Big Brother?

Of the 14+ million people who have recently installed Microsoft’s new Windows 10, there haven’t been many complaints until now. The system is said to run more efficiently, but apparently someone only recently read the tome of a service agreement. Let’s just say that Windows 10 goes above and beyond good service and makes sure that you are being a good citizen. Who is the one really getting the upgrade, here?

Yes, it is implicitly stated that whoever installs the program is agreeing to be watched and that Windows 10 can and will aid and abet law enforcement and other government agencies – should it deem that you are doing something illegal.

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Trump and Cruz?

from Bill Still:

Obama Just Declared War on Syria

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

…and hardly anyone even noticed

While everyone was freaking out over a lion, the Obama White House just declared war on Syria and hardly anyone even noticed.

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Scientists Warn “Supercharged” GMOs Could be Used as Bio-weapons

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

Scientists and environmentalists are concerned that a new technique for generated “supercharged” genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could be misused and trigger a health emergency or natural disaster.

The “gene drive” technology allows GMOs to spread rapidly in the wild. The fear is that these organisms could fall into the wrong hands or accidentally spark a catastrophe. The technology is being touted as a way to revolutionize medicine and agriculture, and supporters say it could, in theory, halt the spread of mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and yellow fever, and eliminate crop pests and invasive species like rats and can toads. [1]

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A Reader Explains to Ted Cruz: “You will not receive ANY of my hard earned money”

from SGT Report:

Dear SGT, I am an avid listener of your channel on YouTube and for the large majority I agree with your ideals. I think you will appreciate this email I sent to Senator Cruz after I received an email from him (or his staff) asking me to donate to his 2016 presidential campaign. I just wish I had included all of our Senators/Representatives and not just Mr. Cruz because he is not the only one at fault.

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