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10 Amazing Brain Foods To Help You Focus And Improve Memory

By Amy Goodrich, Natural News:

Although we tend to lose focus and clarity while we age, many of the youngsters seem to have the same issues and are having a hard time to stay focused during the day. In a world where most people try to live at 90mph, we simply ask too much of our body.

Too much tasks and distractions during the day overstimulates your brain and body, and this affects your mental clarity and productivity. But not only is our busy lifestyle affecting the ability to stay focused, what we put in our mouth during the day is essential to keep our mind clear and happy.

Here are 10 brain foods to help you focus and boost your brain power.

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Industrial-strength scare-propaganda: mind control

from Jon Rappoport:

From time to time, I reprint my interview with Dr. Barbara Starfield. Each time I try to write a new introduction.

In this case, I’ll highlight the arbitrary nature of scare-propaganda. And by arbitrary, I mean “has a covert agenda.”

For instance, suppose you learned that a single source in the US, every year, like clockwork, kills 225,000 people. That would be 2.25 million killings per decade.

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Only a Pawn in Their Game

by Dr, Jeffrey Lewis, Silver-coin-investor:

And the greatest depression goes on, far from reckoning, unbeknown to the mainstream. Collectively, no one is paying attention, and yet dying a little faster everyday. A chronic illness, we adapt to the malaise. Even when we try, it is hard to break free from the fantastic circus.

The conventional view of a depression hinges upon images from the 1930’s. Black and white snapshots left over from a point in time that has been largely forgotten or worse, rewritten.

Rewritten by the victors – the banks, and the political -finance industrial complex they enable — more so at this time than any other in history.

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Kamikaze Attack and the End of Mining

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

The trials of Job indeed!

To that end, I do not recall taking a day off from writing in the past two years – and given the horrific immolation the world’s Central banks are foisting on the world’s population, I don’t anticipate slowing down any time soon.  Following the past two days’ violent, post-FOMC precious metals attacks, my principal thought is not if, but when this “Cartel Suicide” yields an utter explosion of global physical buying.  That is above and beyond this year’s current pace of equaling last year’s record level – inevitably, catalyzing dramatic product shortages (especially silver), as we experienced in 2008, 2011 and 2013.

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Why Ebola Quarantines Will Grow Larger — And More Troubling

from Forbes:

The critical reckoning over forced quarantines is still to come.

Consider this scenario.

Sometime in January or February – as the Ebola epidemic explodes out of West Africa – we’ll start experiencing larger, more frequent outbreaks in American cities. With the flu as a background to confound suspected cases of Ebola, public health departments will be hard pressed to “track and trace” all of the potential “contacts” when perhaps dozens of Ebola cases pop up in their cities.

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The Financialization of Life

from TheRealNews:

The SNAP Card Gourmet 001

from The Burning Platform:

A while back I wrote an article called The Starvin’ Diner Cookbook, which I intended on becoming a series with Recipes for meals you can cook up on the cheap, but it’s one of those ideas that got lost with all the rest of the stuff going on in Doom, along with all the other projects we are always undertaking on the Diner to get the message out about the Collapse of Industrial Civilization, Podcasts, Vidcasts, yadda yadda. These days, just Blogging Text doesn’t reach enough people, because they simply do not READ. You have to use the whole panoply of media to capture an audience.

However, I recently moved to New Digs, and took the opportunity last weekend to do some Home Cookin’, which I rarely do anymore since it is much easier to just buy prepared foods or microwaveables, and I’m not really on a SNAP Card budget, although I don’t usually spend too much more than the SNAP allotment each week on food anyhow.

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Charles Nenner & Chris Waltzek

from GoldSeekRadiodotcom:

Former Goldman Sachs guru, Charles Nenner says the risk / reward in US equities is nil
~China and Japan are both building huge arsenals in advance of a possible showdown over island territory; billions of dollars will flow from Japan’s $3 trillion pension reservoir directly into the precious metals sector, in search of a safe haven.
~Key takeaway: Gold and silver represent a rare opportunity to profit from the commodities bear market; his cycles work indicates a likely bottom in the precious metals sector with a target price of $2,100 for gold.
~History is replete with numerous examples of golden opportunities during deflationary times.
~Key takeaway: expect a massive stock market correction between 2018-2020, much worse than 2008 due in part to greater speculation / valuations than six years ago.

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Gold Falls, Stocks Record Highs as Japan Goes ‘Weimar’, “Here Be Dragons”

from Gold Core:

Stocks globally surged, while gold fell sharply today despite renewed irrational exuberance on hopes that the Bank of Japan’s vastly increasing money printing will fill some of the gaps left by the apparent end of Federal Reserve bond buying.

The BOJ decided to increase the pace at which it expands base money to a whopping 80 trillion yen ($726 billion) per year. Previously, the BOJ targeted an annual increase of 60 to 70 trillion yen.

The BOJ sailed into deeper uncharted monetary territory with the announcement that they would triple annual purchases of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and Japanese real-estate investment trusts (REITS) to 3 trillion yen and 90 billion yen respectively.

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New Home Sales Are Tanking

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

RealtyTrac’s data shows that sales of lower priced houses, those most likely to be first-time purchases, have “fallen through the floor. It’s the clearest demonstration of a first-time buyer affordability gap.” And without first-time buyers there will be no buyers able to move to their second home and so on up the tiers. (Link)

Mortgage purchase applications dropped 5% week over week two weeks in a row, for the latest week’s report (Oct 24). Bloomberg was uncharacteristically spin-free in its assessment: The big drop this month in mortgage rates has yet to raise demand for purchase applications which, in the October 24 week, fell a sharp 5.0 percent for the second straight week. And the trend for purchase applications is suddenly moving lower with the year-on-year rate now at minus 15 percent.

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Is Ebola Airborne? A Scientific Literature Review

from The News Doctors:

This video is a short summary of the literature resulting from 19 different laboratory studies (the list of which are on the YouTube site).

Bottom line – it’s more airborne than we are being led to believe. So expect and plan for the unexpected.

China’s gold strategy

by Alasdair Macleod, Gold Money:

China first delegated the management of gold policy to the People’s Bank by regulations in 1983.

This development was central to China’s emergence as a free-market economy following the post-Mao reforms in 1979/82. At that time the west was doing its best to suppress gold to enhance confidence in paper currencies, releasing large quantities of bullion for others to buy. This is why the timing is important: it was an opportunity for China, a one-billion population country in the throes of rapid economic modernisation, to diversify growing trade surpluses from the dollar.

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FEMA Camp Mass Incarceration Is A Goal of the Ebola Crisis

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

For a number of years, the topic of FEMA Camps (i.e. American concentration camps) have been rumored to exist. Jesse Ventura, on his show, Conspiracy Theory, revealed to the public the existence of FEMA Camps in such a dramatic fashion that the episode has been banned from public viewing.

Through the years, there has been much speculation about the existence of FEMA Camps and their true purpose. Recent events surrounding the recent Ebola crisis, is making it clear that the camps, as well as other co-opted public facilities (e.g. stadiums, malls, etc.) will be used to enforce medical martial law for both the sick as well as anyone else who the government determines is a (health) risk to the well-being of the public. Am I saying that the camps will be used to house political dissidents. This is undeniably true. This article traces the inception of FEMA camps to the present and intended purpose. This article will also expose the fact that it will not just be Ebola victims going to these camps where there will be medical facilities.

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Maguire – We’re Seeing Stunning Amounts Of Euro Gold Buying

from KingWorldNews:

Maguire: “There is solid evidence of continued investment bar demand coming out of China, large Indian demand related to Diwali last week, and fully unreported, off-the-scale large euro gold buying that you don’t see reported anywhere. But it’s absolutely evident in the wholesale markets….

“For the People’s Bank of China, the sovereigns, and those large buyers — the large wholesalers — demand ramps up on price dips. And Chinese investment bar demand (from the Chinese public) actually responds positively to rising prices. This week we saw large investment bar demand ramp up in China again, as it did last week and the week before.

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Will the COMEX Default?

from Moments in Trading via, The Victory Report:

A Warning from the Watchman

Prepare Yourselves

from The Wealth Watchman:

I was going to finish the volcanic series today, but what we’ll likely face dead ahead, calls for an emergency post. I’ve had such a strong foreboding feeling the last several days, that I feel I cannot ignore it. The last series had ended in a good place, anyway.

So I’m going to pen a warning instead. What follows is a gut check, some tough love, and a call to arms!

There are some experts and gurus right now, who are astoundingly and cluelessly(after 3.5 years of calling wrong price bottoms) still telling you that long-term price bottoms are in for the metals.

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Save Our Gold

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

The Swiss have spoken and the results are in…sort of. The survey results, that is. Let me back up. On November 30th the Swiss will head to the polls to exercise that characteristically Swiss democratic institution, the referendum initiative.

There are three offerings on the plate for the Swiss this time around: The first is a call to further tighten the country’s already notoriously strict immigration policies to allow just 0.2% of the resident population (about 16,000 people) to enter the country each year. (Interestingly, this initiative is being done under the title “Stop overpopulation – safeguard our natural resources.”) The second initiative would abolish the flat tax system and require wealthy ex-pats in the country to be taxed only on income and assets. But the third initiative, the “Save Our Swiss Gold” initiative, may prove the most sensational.

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History Channel’s Brad Melzter Recruited by Illuminati To Derail Public’s Awakening

from Mark Dice:

We Prep for Ebola Because of Irresponsible People Like Kacie Hickox

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

That nurse in Maine sure does love the spotlight.

After Kacie Hickox returned from Sierra Leone, where she was treating Ebola patients, she was outraged when she was put in isolation by the state of New Jersey. After railing about her civil rights, she was then transferred to her home in Maine, where she was asked to remain home for the remainder of the 21 day incubation period.

Well, you can’t tell Kacie Hickox what to do. No sir. She knows her rights.

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War Resumes in Ukraine

from Washington’s Blog:

On October 30th, the Novorossian press agency announced that on the prior day, Ukrainian troops had resumed their heavy shelling of towns in the former Luhansk and Donetsk Republics, two regions which had been joined together as a new nation Novorussia, and which had originally been Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk administrative districts, bordering with Russia.

This shelling went way beyond merely violating the ceasefire agreement, and the Ukrainian Government was now in open and public violation of it, and in public contempt of it. Ukraine had signed in Minsk Belarus an agreement on September 5th, the Minsk Protocol, along with the leaders of those two breakaway regions, and also with Russia’s Ukrainian Ambassador, and with the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) as the monitor of compliance with this agreement.

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