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In Israel’s Pocket, Huh? Trump Tells Netanyahu, No New Settlements

from Zero Hedge:

Having expressed strong support for Israel during his campaign and Obama’s lame-duck session, it appears President Trump is shifting gears rather markedly.

In a statement issued tonight, The White House commented that “the construction of new settlements or the expansion of existing settlements beyond their current borders may not be […]

OPEN SOCIETY: Soros-backed, Anti-Trump Immigration Protests ‘Sprung from Nowhere’ at Airports Across America

from 21st Century Wire:

A US presidential executive order temporarily restricted travelers and refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen from entering America. In response to the controversial order, a wave of anti-Trump ‘flash mob’ protests emerged seemingly out of nowhere at New York’s JFK Airport and other airports across […]

BOOM: Trump Slams [Zionists] McCain, Graham: “Stop Trying To Start World War III”

[Ed. Note: THIS is LONG overdue! God Bless Trump.]

from Zero Hedge:

“McCain & Lindsey Graham [are] wrong – they are sadly weak on immigration… should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.”

Shortly after Senators McCain and Graham issued their […]

Is George Soros Finally on the Ropes?

by Wayne Madsen, Strategic-culture:

Although multi-billionaire hedge fund tycoon and international political pot-stirrer George Soros lost big with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States and the victory of the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, he stands to lose further ground, politically and financially, as the winds of […]


from SGT

HBO is doing a wonderful job denigrating Christianity with its news series ‘The Young Pope’. But the mention of Marina Abramović as a top contemporary artist in episode 2, is worthy of a special mention.

Playing the Trump Card — Max Igan

from thecrowhouse:

The Rothschilds EXPOSED

from David Seaman:

MSNBC, ABC Hosts Deem Trump Inaugural Address as ‘Militant,’ ‘Anti-Semitic’

from FoxNews:

Immediately following President Donald Trump’s inaugural address, MSNBC and ABC pundits and hosts slammed the newly-sworn in President’s speech for its “militant” and “dark” anti-Semitic overtones.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow emotionally proclaimed Trump’s “America’s First” slogan has “very dark echoes in American history.”

“There was an America First Committee that formed in this […]

Why George Soros Wants To Bring Down Donald Trump

by Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

Soros and his Open Society Foundations operate by controlling any and all opposition whether they agree with it or not, and they never let a good crisis go to waste. But the outcome is never what the people who started these movements intended and the situation is always […]


from SGT

In a recent Christmas speech, the most maligned man on the planet exposed the plot to destroy America and the West.

Western Secularism vs. Russian Christian Revival

from BATR:

When defending Western Civilization, some confuse that secular humanism, practiced as the current dominate popular culture, represents that lineage. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The decadence and decline in the West is undeniable. Yet the heritage upon which European civilization is based, owes a profound debt of gratitude to the […]

Rothschild’s TNK-BP Intriguers Drafted The Trump-Russia Report

by Yoichi Shimatsu, Rense:

There’s the irony of a divine comedy in the “fake news” accusation coming full-circle to slam CNN and NBC-Buzzfeed for their release of a false 35-page private-intelligence brief on Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia. Instead of facing up to the falsehood, the mainstream media has chosen to ignore the slew […]

Israeli Jets Bomb Damascus Military Airport; Syria Vows It Will Respond To “Flagrant Attack”

from Zero Hedge:

Just as the Syrian proxy war showed some hopeful signs of finally dying down, the Syrian army command said on Friday that Israeli jets have bombed the Mezzeh military airport west of Damascus, accusing Tel Aviv of supporting terrorism, and warned Tel Aviv of repercussions of what it called a “flagrant” attack. […]

Adam’s Rib: The Deep Roots of Masonic Jewish-Gay Subversion

from Henry Makow:

The main message of the movie is that “man is evil and weak, and woman is strong and virtuous,

so women don’t need men”.

Because of their media control, society is unaware that Masonic Jews (Communists) and their homosexual helpmates have been subverting Western society for more than a hundred years. […]

Treacherous John McCain Admits He Gave Dossier Containing “Sensitive Information” On Trump To The FBI

from Zero Hedge:

While we learned earlier that John McCain was responsible for handing over the 35-page “dossier” of compromising, if arguably fake, revelations about Trump’s connections to Russia over to the FBI, the identity of the actual creator, who was said to be an ex-British intelligence service, remained a mystery.

No longer.


# P I Z Z A G A T E

from Dees Illustration, via SGT

Soros Cementing Control Over Europe’s Left

by Wayne Madsen, InfoWars:

Global hedge fund tycoon George Soros, recognizing that growing numbers of European voters are turning away from the corporate-controlled “social democratic” parties, is reining in so-called “left” parties in order to cement his control over parties, including SYRIZA in Greece and Five Star in Italy, that threaten the cohesiveness of […]