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North Korea Arrests U.S. Citizen, Threatens To Sink U.S. Aircraft Carrier

by Darius Shahtahmasebi, The Anti Media:

A third US citizen has been arrested and remains in custody in North Korea, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap. A Korean-American professor in his 50s, identified by the surname Kim, had been in North Korea for a month to discuss relief activities and was detained […]

Donald Trump and the War Of Terror

from thecrowhouse:

Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – Episode 289 – American Voice Radio

Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House

by Wayne Madsen, Strategic-culture:

Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has emerged as a significant influence within the policy-making apparatus of the White House. After a rather public imbroglio with Trump’s strategic policy adviser Stephen Bannon over the U.S. cruise missile attack on the Shayrat airbase in Syria, Kushner is «in», as they often […]

Russian Navy VS United States Navy Compare

from Zobiyen TV:

Putin sends troops to Russia’s border with North Korea

from Daily Mail via Infowars:

Vladimir Putin is sending troops and equipment to Russia’s border with North Korea over fears the US is preparing to attack Kim Jong-un.

The Russian President fears there will be a huge exodus of North Korean refugees if his American counterpart, Donald Trump, launches military action against Pyongyang.

It […]

North Korea Remains Defiant; U.S. Remains Aggressive

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

After a series of aggressive actions across the world by the United States, North Korea defied the apparent Western right to dictate the behavior and policies of all nations on the globe by launching a missile test on Sunday. Despite warnings from the United States about nuclear and missile […]

Pence Warns North Korea That ‘the Sword Stands Ready’

by Patrick Goodenough, CNSnews:

Vice President Mike Pence sent another clear warning to North Korea on Wednesday, telling personnel aboard a Japan-based U.S. aircraft carrier that “all options are on the table” when dealing with the Stalinist regime.

Pence said the U.S. would work with allies and others in the region to apply diplomatic […]

The Worst Possible Thing for Vladimir Putin Is President Trump: “You Just Don’t Know What to Expect From Trump”

by Mac Slavo, […]

Donald Turmp Warrior: First Syria, then North Korea

from Paul Sandhu:

US Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers Off Alaska Coast!

from MLordandGod:

Former Department of Defense Science Adviser Debunks Claims of Syrian Chemical Attacks

by Derrick Broze, Activist Post:

As the United States and Western allies march closer to full-scale conflict with Syria, many of their claims are now being scrutinized and dissected by a skeptical public.

On April 4, residents of the town of Khan Shaykhun suffered a chemical gas attack that reportedly killed 74 and injured 557. […]

North Korea Pledges to ‘React to Any Mode of War Desired by the Americans’

by Patrick Goodenough, CNSnews:

United States’ policy in the Korean peninsula has created “a dangerous situation in which a thermonuclear war may break out at any minute,” North Korea’s deputy ambassador to the U.N. said in New York on Monday.

“The DPRK is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the […]

US Corporate Media Runs Fake Chinese Headline That Almost Kicked Off WW3

by Matt Agorist, Activist Post:

All too often, the American citizens and the rest of the world at large put so much faith in mainstream media that they are led into dangerous and deadly situations — based entirely on lies. One glaring and extremely relevant instance is how the corporate media became a parroting organization […]

McMaster: Administration Working to ‘Develop a Range of Options’ on N. Korea

by Susan Jones, CNSnews:

North Korea’s latest missile test failed over the weekend, but it’s part of a pattern of “provocative and destabilizing and threatening behavior” that has the Trump administration considering its options, National Security Adviser H.R.  McMaster told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday:

I think there’s an international consensus now, including the […]

President Trump’s Easter Message

from The Still Report:

How to bring down the elephant in the room

from The Saker:

First, a painful, but needed, clarification: Basement crazies. Neocons. Zionists. Israel Lobbyists. Judaics. Jews. Somewhere along this list we bump into the proverbial “elephant in the room”. For some this bumping will happen earlier in the list, for others a little later down the list, but the list will be more […]

Roger Stone: “Trump Diplomacy Is Working… It’s Really Working”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

President Trump has taken a lot of flack recently, first for his direct strike on a Syrian airfield using 59 Tomahawk missiles, then for responding to North Korean rhetoric and nuclear testing by deploying a Naval Strike Fleet to the region, and finally for dropping the world’s largest non-nuclear Mother […]