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Elana Freeland On The Global Smart Grid, The Space Fence, AI and The Transhumanist Agenda

from The Richie Allen Show:

In the Future, You Won’t Need Two Parents to Make Babies

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

There are test-tube babies and three-parent babies, and both generate plenty of controversy. But as it stands, making a baby still requires an egg from a mother and sperm cells from a father. Scientists say that won’t always be the case, though, because someday it will likely be possible […]

Companies Have Begun Implanting Microchips in Workers

from The Anti Media:

Sweden — Craving more of a science fiction-style existence? Perhaps you should seek a job with one of the companies at Epicenter, an employment hub in Sweden.

The Associated Press reported Monday that companies there have begun implanting microchips in their employees, marking the first time the practice has […]

Ray Kurzweil Predicts Humans Will Merge with Computers by 2029

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

Technological singularity – humans becoming one with computers – will morph us into “super humans” by the year 2029. Fake news? A new science fiction novel? TV show? Nope. It’s a prediction made by Google’s Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil. He’s made 147 predictions since the 1990’s, and […]


from SGT Report:

Ron Johnson from joins me to discuss the Satanic Illuminati NWO death cult that is targeting humanity for annihilation.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil: AI-Human Merger Only 12 yrs Away

from TRU News:

Google’s Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil believes a technological singularity will turn some people into super humans by 2029

(VERO BEACH, FLA) During an interview on March 13th at the 2017 SXSW tech conference self described futurist Ray Kurzweil said he believes a singularity, where carbon and silicon-based intelligence will merge […]

As Bee Population Continues Decline Scientists Introduce Robobee

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

As the bee population in the United States continues to decline, some scientists are working on a backup option which many people are calling the Robobee.

A recent announcement coming out of the journal Chem, in an article by Eijiro Miyako, a chemist that the National Institute of Advanced […]

The Era Of Human-Animal Hybrid Chimeras Has Begun

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Human-animal mutant creatures make for great material for science fiction writers, but we aren’t supposed to be creating them in the real world. In so many ways, the technological advancements that we have made as a society are outpacing our ability to handle those advancements, and […]

(PT 1) Clif High, Fukushima, Flat Earth, Hollow Moon, Space Ships, Antartica, Fallen Angels, Giants

from Silver The Antidote:

Clich HERE for Part 2.

Pig-Human Hybrid Brings us Closer to Barnyard Organ Factories

by Beth Mole, Ars Technica:

Scientists have successfully created pig embryos that contain a small fraction of human cells, according to a study published Thursday in Cell.

The study, led by researchers at the Salk Institute in California, represents a significant step toward human-animal hybrids that could one day grow whole new human organs […]

New CIA Docs Reveal Black Budget “Project Star Gate” To Study “Supernatural” Abilities

by Jay Syrmopoulos, The Free Thought Project:

The CIA has published online nearly 13 million pages of declassified records, including papers on the US role in overthrowing foreign governments, but some of the most mind blowing information is in reference to the secret ‘Star Gate’ telepathy project.

The details of CIA’s “Project Star Gate” are […]

David Icke On Fake News, Zionism, Gender Identity, Transhumanism, 2017 & Much More

from The Richie Allen Show:

First Human Injected with Controversial Genetically Modified Genes

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

For the first time in history, a human has been injected with genes edited using the CRISPR-Cas9 method. [1]

The experiment took place on 28 October 2016, when a team of Chinese scientists, led by oncologist Lu You at Sichuan University in Chengdu, delivered the genetically modified (GM) cells into a […]

Sofia Smallstorm “Chemtrails & Morgellons Disease Are A Big Part Of The Transhumanist Agenda!”

from The Richie Allen Show:

The Evolution of Humanoid Robot Companions In Our Homes

by Nicholas West, Activist Post:

As we continue to chart the evolution of humanoid robots, humanity seems to be bypassing ethics over practicality. Robots already have advanced to a point that is leading to serious concern about the economic impact of humans being outsourced to robots for tasks as diverse as service, manufacturing, nursing, […]


from The Next News Network:

Ian Johnston for the Independent UK reports A tiny implant the size of a grain of sand has been created that can connect computers to the human body without the need for wires or batteries, opening up a host of futuristic possibilities.


Neural “Smart” Dust Connects Brain and Computer (Wireless Mind Control)

by Nicholas West, Activist Post:

Neural Dust – “Smart Dust” – has entered the mainstream via the Independent’s article: “Tiny implant could connect humans and machines like never before.”  It is implied to be a new technology that can wirelessly link a human brain to a computer via the implantation of a device the size […]