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FALSE FLAG 101: From Gladio To Hebdo — A SGT Report micro-doc

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From the CIA-NATO run Operation Gladio, to 9/11 to the 7/7 bombings in London to Sandy Hook to Charlie Hebdo and most points in between, a majority of the terror events through which we suffer are planned and carried out by intelligence agencies and their minions. As the mainstream […]


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This is a SGT REPORT NEWS BRIEF: Documenting the Collapse for the week ending Friday, May 16th.

In this episode:

– UK Prime Minister David Cameron Targets Bank Accounts – Fascist US Oligarchy Installs Offspring & Family Friends on Board of Ukraine’s largest Gas Co. – Food Price Inflation in the U.S. […]

SGT REPORT NEWS BRIEF: Documenting the Collapse – 5.09.14

This is a SGT REPORT NEWS BRIEF: Documenting the Collapse for the week ending Friday, May 9th.

In this episode:

– The Fed’s Janet Yellen Testimony – Precious Metals Demand ON THE RISE – Jeffrey Christian’s CPM Group: Clouding the Facts, Again. – WW3 Update – Western backed Neo-Nazis in Ukraine – […]


from SGT

Featuring Dan Johnson, Founder of PANDA – People Against the NDAA (and indefinite detention of American citizens) on WHY we must fight & defeat tyranny in all its forms…


With extremely long lines at local stores on Black Thursday despite freezing temperatures, many Americans seem absolutely oblivious to the economic implosion that’s fast approaching.

Even more startling, many Americans do not seem to care that the Republic itself which has guaranteed their right to be uniformed and unengaged, is collapsing […]

Cyprus Americana: Humanity VS the Banksters

The Banksters in the EU have announced that they intend to STEAL cash from the savings accounts of the people in Cyprus, and give that cash to the criminal BANKS! This is an overt, malevolent act of total evil. It cannot stand. It is the epitome of everything we’ve been warning […]

Coin Show Ghost Town: Precious Metals & Worldwide Currency Free Fall Update

by SGT,

Coin show ghost town in the US. As the Banksters debase currencies worldwide, the sheeple people slumber, blindly grasping their fiat dollars as the FED “monetizes” the debt and spends this and future generations of Americans into economic oblivion. Last week, Venezuela devalued its currency by 46% overnight, while Argentina tries […]

Patriots Rising: Guns Across America

by SGT,

For every (tyrannical) action, there is an equal and opposite (patriotic) reaction. The ‘Guns Across America’ rally at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul brought out a crowd of approximately a thousand Liberty-minded Americans who braved the frigid temperatures, to stand together, to make their voices one and to stand […]


by SGT,

Another ‘Black Friday’ has come and gone but it has left us with further evidence of the complete madness of the populace of our nation. America has been dealt a fatal blow by corporate greed, Bankster malfeasance and the insidious nature of collectivism – and it’s all been done to us […]

Ron Paul: Restoring Honor. Restoring America. [a SGT micro-doc]

by SGT: There is one candidate who is restoring honor to America. His name is Dr. Ron Paul. He is the champion of the Constitution, and that’s why Americans from all walks of life love him. They may steal the Presidency from him. But he has lit a fire in us that they can never […]

[SGT micro-doc] RED ALERT: First NDAA ‘Indefinite Detention’, Now Our Right to Bear Arms

by SGT:

If you thought the NDAA S.1867 was a nightmare, now they want our ammunition, and by proxy – our guns. This is the line in the sand. The Second Amendment is all we have standing between the people and devastating tyranny.

Read the NRA article here.


The Ron Paul FIX is in: a SGT Micro-doc



Stand For Liberty, Not Madness: Say HELL NO to ‘Black Friday’

by SGT:

Just look at the ‘Black Friday’ ads from Target and Walmart this year. They treat us like we’re morons (epic FAIL Mr. Steinhafel & Mr. Francis). Who on earth does this degrading and infantile advertising appeal to? I’ll tell you who. The sheeple.

As you watch this pathetic spot, keep in […]

SGTreport Presents: Celente, Corzine and the Great U.S. Bank Holiday

by SGT:

The Criminal class now runs everything. Can’t wake up your friends? Well, if they still don’t ‘get it’ after watching this micro-doc, they’re probably beyond help. Gerald Celente talks to Alex Jones about MF Global, Jon Corzine and the great U.S. bank holiday. As far as holidays go, trust me, Thanksgiving is […]

OCCUPY HEARTS & MINDS: The Spirit of Liberty – a SGT micro-doc

The ‘Occupy’ movement is making it’s way across the country. I personally visited with and interviewed protestors in Minnesota and discovered that their hearts and minds are focused, on Liberty.

America Falls – Parts 1 & 2 : a SGT Micro Doc Re-Release

This is the first video I ever produced for You Tube. The information contained in this micro doc is evergreen. In fact, it’s probably even more timely now, given the rapid rate at which we are losing our Constitutional Republic to tyranny.

‘If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may […]

FLASHBACK: The Silver Perspective

When I made The Silver Perspective on September 28, 2010, silver was trading at $21.50. I said at the time that silver was such an undervalued bargain that it nearly defied belief. Flash forward 11 months and silver has almost doubled in price. The amazing thing is that even at current prices, if I were […]

The Run on Physical is Near – Remember, WE Are the Modern Day Hunt Brothers

The silver story is simple. Silver is rare. Paper dollars are not. Most of the silver ever mined has been consumed and used up by industry. Monetary demand for silver is at historic lows. Demand for silver, as protection from inflation, is returning. This is a restoration of monetary demand, first, as a form […]

ALERT: “MONEY” Magazine Overt Subliminal 2: GOLD IS MONEY!

Here’s an update on my video about Money magazine’s overt subliminal message with 43 American Silver Eagles on their August 2011 cover. We’ve since heard from the magazine’s Editor – AND we also found an even more blatant subliminal message photo on Page 21 of the exact same issue.