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Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror


from The Tonight Show:

Matt Damon Exposes the Illuminati in Amazing Speech Against the New World Order?

from Mark Dice:

Rewriting Reality – A Satirical Expose of Ridiculous Media Propaganda

from HighImpactFlix:

Obama Orders the Moon Destroyed to Stop Global Warming — Gravitational Pull Causing Climate Change

from Mark Dice:

7 Reasons Why the U.S. Economy is AWESOME! (Satire)

from TheMoneyGPS:

The TSA’s 12 Signs You Might Be a Terrorist

from ReasonTV:

Top 10 Reasons Why Greece Crisis Could NEVER Happen Here???

from Junius Maltby:

Oops, I Did it Again! (TSA Version)

from ReasonTV:

Hey sheeple! Don’t forget to use your JADE HELM Memory Wipes to erase any memory of freedom in America (satire)

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

When contemplating the purpose of the JADE HELM military exercises being planned on U.S. soil — with Texas being declared by the military a “hostile territory” — it’s important to wipe your memory clean so that you don’t remember all the times we’ve been lied to by the establishment.


Bilderbi*ch and They Will Follow…

from Casey Research:

Game of Thrones, Bush/Clinton Edition

from Western Journalism:

Afternoon Break – Wingsuit High Five

from GoPro:

Exclusive: Barack Obama Talks Harry Reid, Economy, Legacy with Reason TV

from ReasonTV:

DC Matic: The Hillary-Approved Email Server!

from ReasonTV:

Why I’m “Ready for Hillary!”

from Carey Wedler:

The U.S. Government’s Real Enemies…

from What Really Happened:

PROOF that Putin Killed Russian Opposition Leader Nemtsov

from Washington’s Blog:

A reader tells us that the Russian language at the top and bottom says: “Irrefutable Proof.”