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Hey sheeple! Don’t forget to use your JADE HELM Memory Wipes to erase any memory of freedom in America (satire)

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

When contemplating the purpose of the JADE HELM military exercises being planned on U.S. soil — with Texas being declared by the military a “hostile territory” — it’s important to wipe your memory clean so that you don’t remember all the times we’ve been lied to by the […]

Bilderbi*ch and They Will Follow…

from Casey Research:

Game of Thrones, Bush/Clinton Edition

from Western Journalism:

Afternoon Break – Wingsuit High Five

from GoPro:

Exclusive: Barack Obama Talks Harry Reid, Economy, Legacy with Reason TV

from ReasonTV:

DC Matic: The Hillary-Approved Email Server!

from ReasonTV:

Why I’m “Ready for Hillary!”

from Carey Wedler:

The U.S. Government’s Real Enemies…

from What Really Happened:

PROOF that Putin Killed Russian Opposition Leader Nemtsov

from Washington’s Blog:

A reader tells us that the Russian language at the top and bottom says: “Irrefutable Proof.”

Frank Underwood Cares: A House of Cards Political Ad

from ReasonTV:

When it comes to teaching Americans how government really works, the Netflix series House of Cards teaches us more about politics than all the Schoolhouse Rock songs and West Wing reruns put together, times 100.

Hitler Finds Out About Brian Williams

from Orwellspectre, via The Burning Platform

Brian Williams NBC Nightly News Parody – Misremembering Some Stories

from Mark Dice:

Monsanto for President

from HLG Studios:

NSA Parody Website More Real than the Real NSA Website

by Melissa Melton, Freedom Outpost:

Although it looks pretty official, it didn’t take too long for me to realize it was a fake… only because — unlike our government that uses everything from weak semantic arguments to usurp the Constitution to obfuscation and outright lies to continue our already heavily centralized agencies on their […]

STAND WITH HILLARY: PART 2 (Arkansas Badonkadonk)

from ReasonTV:

A Viciously Honest Coke Commercial You’ll Never See

by Mike Barrett, Natural Society:

If the millions and millions of dollars spent every year on marketing junk food and beverages to the American people had to be spent on 100% honest and translucent ads, we would see quite a different world. An honest commercial from Coca-Cola, for instance, would likely tell you that […]

5 Natural Antibiotics that Kill Superbugs

By Christine S, Natural News:

Because traditional antibiotics have been prescribed so heavily in modern medicine and because people are exposed to them through eating conventionally raised meat and dairy products which are produced with antibiotic use, many strains of bacteria are now becoming drug-resistant. This means that the medicines treating them will be […]


from The Burning Platform:

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Don’t Tell ‘Em ‘Bout Obamacare

from ReasonTV:

Amazon Echo (Early Beta Version)

from Barry Mannifold:

An edited version of the creepy and awkward Amazon Echo advertisement.