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Jeb!’s Saddest Moments: A Compilation

from Super Deluxe:

Michelle Obama Cartoon Triggers Liberals

from Mark Dice:

Wisdom of the Elders – Senior Citizens Give Advice For Younger Generation

from Mark Dice:

What words of advice or wisdom do senior citizens have for today’s young adults? In this serious episode of Man on the Street Monday, Mark Dice seeks the wisdom of the elders.

Jeb!’s Saddest Moments — A Compilation

[Ed. Note: The interrupting airhorn becomes slightly funny later on…but it would have been better to have eliminated it altogether]

from Super Deluxe:

G.I. Joe – Illuminati Plot – Global Currency – “New World Order” – Exoskeletons & Micro Drones!

from Mark Dice:

Joe plot contains references to a Global Currency, the “New World Order” and the film Rise of Cobra contains Exoskeleton Suits and Micro Drones, in a stunningly accurate depiction of art imitating life.

300: Making America Great Again [Trump Parody]

from Aryan Wisdom:

Donald Trump continues his victorious path through the US presidential election 2016. After forcefully succeeding president Obama he faces the globalists and their puppets. But with only 300 Spartan warriors, can he beat George Soros himself? Will he Make America Great Again?

Operation Mockingbird: CIA Control of Mainstream Media – The Full Story

from Mark Dice:

CIA’s control of mainstream media exposed. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a conspiracy fact that the Central Intelligence Agency pays off reporters, producers and the heads of most major media outlets in America. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

300: Making America Great Again [Donald Trump Parody]

from Aryan Wisdom:

Checking Girls’ Browsing History on Their Phones – IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO HIDE, THEN…

from Mark Dice:

The government says if you don’t have anything to hide, then you shouldn’t be worried about being spied on by the NSA, so media analysis Mark Dice uses that same logic to attempt to see what girls have recently been looking up on their phones. Will they let him take a […]

What If the Government Followed Its Own Constitution?

by Laurence M. Vance, Lew Rockwell:

Conservatives hold sacred the Constitution, or at least they maintain they do. Republicans profess to be the “party of the Constitution.” They claim to revere the Constitution, to love the Constitution, to honor the Constitution. They castigate “activist” judges for broadly reading the Constitution. They criticize those who […]

Americans Support Banning Sodium Chloride (Table Salt) The “Dangerous Food Additive”

from Mark Dice:

After being told that Katy Perry started a campaign to ban the food additive Sodium Chloride (ordinary table salt), many Americans agree that’s she has the right idea, proving once again, that people blindly follow celebrities and think everything they say is a divine revelation from God.


Liberals Duped By Satire News Site Now Believe Ted Cruz Admitted He is Married to His Cousin

from Mark Dice:

Ted Cruz told local Cincinnati radio station WMKZ 89.5 FM, “It is up to the states, and not the Federal Government to decide of laws concerning marriage. Under Federal law, I would never have been allowed to marry my own wife, who is in fact, my cousin, he told Radio host […]

Forget Cruz, Bernie, Trump, or Hillary. Vote Rick Astley! He Will NEVER…

[Ed. Note: A little Wednesday evening fun ]

Idiot’s Guide to Democrats “Gun Control”. A Lie to the Rest of US

from Verify Events Research:

Politicians are known for lying and not meaning what they say. Democrats are no exception…if you can believe that. The issue of “gun control” is a good example of how propaganda goes a long way to perpetuate the myth that Democrats actually care about making us “safe”. See for yourself […]

Hillary’s Latest Victory Speech *Edited for Accuracy

from TruthStreamMedia:

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whack-a-mole [Revised w/ Rubio]

from David Dees,