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Don’t Tell ‘Em ‘Bout Obamacare

from ReasonTV:

Amazon Echo (Early Beta Version)

from Barry Mannifold:

An edited version of the creepy and awkward Amazon Echo advertisement.

Officers Spend Year Busting Ginseng Diggers (Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do?!)

from ReasonTV:

What’s worthy of a yearlong investigation involving 15 officers? Tracking down a serial killer? Busting a human trafficking ring? How about arresting ginseng diggers?

Are You A Fascist?

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

You might scoff at the question, “Are you a fascist?” But you should give yourself more credit. Mussolini defines “fascist” quite simply: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

So, after all, maybe you are a fascist. Here, [...]

The Australian economy. Factory recall.

from ClarkeandDawe:

Ebola Vaccine Commercial

from Joy Camp:

The Ebola Vaccine is here. Consult your doctor and get vaccinated today!


from SRS Rocco:

Strategic Relocation Briefing: “Everyone Should Always Have A Backup Plan”

by Joel Skousen, SHTFPlan:

This week I’m going to take a break from covering US destinations and take a look at a another pretty good foreign destination—the small nation of Uruguay, where I have lived and have a lot of friends and personal experience. South America is being looked at by more and [...]

Pentagon Has ‘Everything Must Go’ Sale

from ReasonTV:

Protect and Serve…

by Bagley, The Burning Platform:

What The Prison Industrial Complex Can Do For YOU!

from RTAmerica:

US Produces Evidence Rebels Shot Down MH17… NOT.

by Mike Shedlock, Global Economic Trend Analysis:

At long last, the US produced evidence the rebels shot down MH17. Here is the damning proof.

Excuse me. Did I say the US produced evidence?

Sorry, I meant to say German TV Ridicules US “Evidence” In Ukraine

The tenacity of Western attempts to give [...]

Michelle Obama GMO hoax explodes into public backlash against Monsanto

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

We all got a good laugh today: The Michelle Obama GMO story that went viral Friday has been confirmed as a hoax, but it produced such a backlash of anger against the First Lady and Monsanto that the outcry became a new story all by itself. In a very [...]

Police Play NSA: Warrantless Data Collection the New Normal? Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do?!

from ReasonTV:

‘Weird Al’ Exposes Illuminati in Music Video ‘Foil,’ a Parody of Lorde’s ‘Royals’

from Mark Dice:

Most Americans Have Forgotten WHY We Celebrate Fourth of July!! [Re-Post to Front Page]

from Mark Dice:

Why do McDonald’s mascots seem to resemble mass murderers and serial killers?

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

I just couldn’t shake the creepiness of the new Happy Meal mascot introduced a couple of weeks ago: the image stuck in my head for days. But then I remembered that McDonald’s has always used bizarre, almost nightmarish characters for possibly that precise reason — they linger in your [...]

Click It or Ticket: Get Ready for Seat Belt Checkpoints! (Don’t cops have better things to do?!)

from ReasonTV:

Tupac is Alive, Holds Press Conference Announcing His Return, the Public Reacts to this Amazing News

from Mark Dice:

Obama Went Over Niagara Falls in a Canoe! The Public Reacts to this “News” Without Thinking

from Mark Dice: