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Save Your Life For $19 – The 1 Thing You Will Need When SHTF

from FullSpectrumSurvival:

Preppers – If You Aren’t Doing This Annually, You Won’t Be Disaster Ready

by Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition:

Well, it may seem cliché to say that spring is right around the corner, as in most of the U.S. there’s still plenty of snow on the ground. Winter still seems “deep” to some (especially Yours Truly, as I have almost 3’ of snow on the ground), and […]

The wealthy are going underground as luxury doomsday bunkers sprawl across Kansas

by Tracey Watson, Natural News:

For many, the world just doesn’t feel like a safe place anymore. Pandemics, the re-emerging threat of nuclear war, terrorist attacks, and even the threat of a good old fashioned natural disaster have many scanning prepper sites online and stockpiling food in their basements.

For some people, though, […]

Here’s the Absolute Best Way to Tell If a Wild Plant is Edible

by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

You have to give a lot of respect to people who practice foraging. It’s definitely one of the most underrated skills in the modern world, and it’s also quite difficult to learn. If you want to eat plants that are found in the wild, you must have an […]

Ultralight 3 lb Titanium Woodstove For I.N.C H Bag: Abused & Tested

from Canadian Prepper:

10 Things You Can Do When You’re Just Too Busy To Prep

by Daisy Luther, The Sleuth Journal:

We all try to seek balance in our lives, but there are times when things just get a little bit out of control. Maybe you have a new baby. Maybe there is something major going on at work. You could have a sick family member, a big home […]

Ultimate Prepping: “How To Survive When The Cities Burn”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

We all know the major scenarios.

But will you know what to do in when the real thing happens?

First and foremost, you need the basics: the ability to bug-out and survive for at least three days with food, water, fire starters, emergency shelter, etc. You also need the […]

U.S. Army Creates World’s First 3D Printed Grenade Launcher

by Daniel Lang, Activist Post:

The last thing you would expect is for the US military to create a 3D printed gun. After all, you’d think that an organization as large and well funded as our military wouldn’t need plastic guns. 3D printers are for people who don’t have massive factories at their disposal, […]

Bix the “Prepper” and the $1M Bitcoin Paper Wallet!!

from RoadtoRoota:

Bix Weir walks you through some of his final “Prepper” preparations for the upcoming economic chaos. This is by no means a complete list but there are many great prepper websites will checklists of what you may need. FYI – the “no internet” show I could not think of the name was […]

This Might Just Be the Coolest and Most Convenient Way to Extinguish a Fire

by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

Regardless of whether or not you’re a prepper, arguably one of the most important safety devices you should have in your home is a fire extinguisher. Fire presents a possible danger no matter where we live, and having a handy device to put out the flames is a must. And […]

Off-grid living: Harvesting rainwater on a budget

by D. Samuelson, Natural News:

Millions, especially in wealthier western nations, take water’s life giving sustenance for granted, believing that it will forever magically pour forth from the kitchen tap at the twist of a knob, or bubble up from the school yard drinking fountain. The recent horrors of lead in the drinking water in Flint, Michigan and other municipalities that contend […]

These Are the Diseases That Will Run Rampant When the SHTF

by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

Most people like to think that if society collapsed, the most common cause of death would be at the hands of other people. They like to imagine that the apocalypse will be filled with action packed shootouts and marauding gangs of looters. Obviously there would be a lot of […]

CZ 85B, by Pat Cascio

by Pat Cascio, Survival Blog:

Continuing on with testing all-metal firearms, as requested by many of our readers, here’s one of my favorite double-stack 9mm handguns. The CZ-85B is simply an upgraded model of the original CZ-75. For many years, the CZ-75 was hard to come by in the USA, because it was produced […]

50 Years after the ‘Summer of Love’ … Prepare for the Summer of Hate

Practical advice on how to stay safe during crime, violence, riots, and martial law

by Stefan Verstappen, China Strategies:

Recent events indicate that the hatred and violence, that has been simmering since the Trump win, will explode when the weather turns hot.

Already we have seen dozens of riots where activists are chanting for the […]

2nd Most Important Part Of A SHTF Sanitation Kit

from Reality Survival:

Wealthy Elite Planning Escape via Boats

from Junius Maltby:

7 Ways To Protect Yourself From The Ruling Elite’s World Depopulation Agenda

by Paul Philips, Activist Post:

The dark side, the world’s ruling elite (and many associates) are lost beings. They have lost their way from what is honest, decent and just: A number of us know that in their quest for total domination there is a secret world depopulation agenda in operation.

The overwhelming evidence […]