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Swedes Begin Construction Of Police Fortress In “Little Mogadishu”

from ZeroHedge:

Rinkeby is a suburban housing estate near Stockholm, where the Swedish welfare state keeps a large number of unassimilated migrants. 90% of the population is non-Swedish and many of these are Somalians given to crime and rioting.

In June 2010, Rinkeby was the scene of riots and attacks against the local police […]

It’s Confirmed – Trump was Spied On During Transition

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

This is a press conference in its entirety from the committee investigating everything. Yes, there was no “wiretap” of Trump Tower. As I reported previously, that is old-school. So while the New York Times and the Washington Post are desperate to cover everything up and focus only on […]

Jim Fetzer “The Attacks Are About Creating Fear & The Excuse To Militarize The Police In London.”

from The Richie Allen Show:

Nunes: “The FBI Is Not Cooperating With Our Investigation Into Trump Wiretapping”

from ZeroHedge:

The FBI is not cooperating with the House of Representatives’ investigation into the NSA’s surveillance of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, the chairman of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee, Devin Nunes said in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

In the aftermath of today’s most stunning news report, […]

What Everyone Should Know About the New Quarantine Regulation

from The Daily Bell:

Imagine men in bleach white bio suits with medical masks show up at your door. You are suspected of carrying a communicable disease. You will now be arrested and held without due process, indefinitely.

The government could do this any day.

They have the “authority”. They have the personnel. They […]

WATCH: Cop’s Violent Power Trip Costs Taxpayers $1.3 Million

by Annabelle Bamforth, The Free Thought Project:

A South Carolina state trooper’s conduct has led to a $1.3 million judgment awarded to a couple who accused the officer of excessive force during what originated as a simple traffic stop nearly four years ago.

The incident, which occurred in October 2012, began when Trooper James […]

WATCH: Massive Cop Body Slams 80-lb 7th-Grader at the Bus Stop

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

East Baton Rouge, LA — Video of a schoolyard fight in Baton Rouge highlights an increasing trend across America as schools transform from learning environments to modern day childhood prison yards. The increased police presence at schools is leading to an increase in excessive force against children.


Police Are Using Fake Facebook Accounts To Track Gun Supporters, Says Lawyer

by Eric Lieberman, The Daily Caller:

A lawyer says law enforcement in Dearborn, Mich., conducted a “political witch hunt” after his clients were arrested for carrying firearms into a police station.

Brandon Vreeland, 40, and James Baker, 24, were arrested Feb. 5 after the younger one, clad with a black ski mask, walked into […]

Alarming Survey Shows 1 in 5 Cops “Angry,” Support “More Physical & Aggressive Policing”

by Justin Gardner, The Free Thought Project:

As video recordings of police encounters have risen exponentially over recent years, we’ve witnessed a wide range of behaviors in cops. While some do act nobly — such as saving a life or de-escalating a situation — far too many cops behave in inexplicable, even barbaric, ways […]

CDC’s quarantine powers are a direct assault on your civil liberties

by Jayson Veley, Natural News:

It seems that today, tyranny and authoritarianism have gained a foothold in virtually every one of our institutions. The executive branch is consolidating more and more power with each passing president, the most recent of which famously declared that he had a phone and a pen that he could […]

Parents Sue After Video Shows Officers Execute Their Son in Firing Squad Fashion

by Annabelle Bamforth, The Free Thought Project:

The parents of a man who was shot and killed by Santa Maria police officers have filed a lawsuit against the department, the city and a number of officers involved in the shooting, seeking monetary damages and increased crisis training for the police department following the deadly […]

VL Exclusive – State Makes Man Choose Between Life Or Death To Keep His Children

from Victurus Libertas VL:

Michael Brooks, father of two small sons, is a resident of a small town in Tennessee where any form of cannabis use is illegal, including medical marijuana. Michael discovered he had Hepatitis C, for which he began taking all of the traditional pharmaceuticals he could in hopes of finding some […]

Residents Outraged After Video Shows Cops Taser a Family’s Dog

by Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project:

Roseville, MI — For months, The Free Thought Project has brought international attention to a very serious problem of police on canine violence. With recent court rulings allowing police to kill citizens’ pets, simply for barking too loudly, law enforcement agencies now have no fear of retaliation […]

IT’S HAPPENING: Thousands of FEMA Camps Activated—Slave Labor Initiated and Lobbyists Back It

from Lisa Haven:

Disturbing Video Catches 3 Cops Jump an Unarmed Man in Gang-Style Beatdown

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Columbus, OH — A video uploaded to Facebook Monday night is going viral now, after showing three police officers brutally attack an unarmed man who was doing nothing but standing there.

The video, uploaded by Mellena Jackson, has over a half million views and is causing a […]

SWAT Team Destroys Innocent Family’s Home Looking for Unarmed Homeless Man

from The Free Thought Project:

FRESNO, Calif. (CN) – A married couple claim Fresno sheriff’s officers destroyed their house by using it as a training ground for a teargas-wielding SWAT team, 50 vehicles, two helicopters, a K-9 unit and a fire truck — because an unarmed homeless man had been found in their closet.


America Has Lost Its Guiding Light, Its Citizens’ Bill of Rights

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street On Parade:

Two events conspired this past week to force us to reassess if America can ever find its way home; (home being a nation that honors its citizens’ Bill of Rights — the amendments to the U.S. constitution that preserve the individual’s freedoms and protect […]