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The Death of Michael Ruppert: Patriot, Truth Teller

by SGT, SGT is reporting that its founder, author, researcher and truth teller Michael Ruppert has died, as the result of a suicide:

I have been informed that MCR has committed suicide. I am devastated, and very, very sad… We’ll report more as information becomes available. PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD SPECULATION! MCR [...]


[Ed. Note: If you haven't listened to this one yet, or if you chose to turn it off the minute Christianity was brought up, please at least listen to the short piece from 21:05 - 22:15.]

from SGT

Tim Brown, an amazing Patriot who runs Freedom joins me to discuss the [...]


from SGT

A 2014 precious metals discussion with writer and researcher Michael Noonan from Edge Trader Plus. Michael reminds us that Gold and Silver ARE MONEY. He also reminds us that all of the gold in Fort Knox is gone, and the elite’s don’t want to call attention to what’s NOT there. [...]

Documenting THE COLLAPSE — Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin joins us to document the collapse: We start with the fraudulent NFP report data about which Andy says, “There’s not a single aspect of it that’s truthful.” We are witnessing the death of the U.S. economy and REAL jobs that PAY A LIVING WAGE. We also talk [...]

U.N. SCIENTISTS CLAIM: Fukushima meltdown not seen causing many cancers


A few days ago Rory wrote a piece about how the mainstream mockingbird media is losing their audience in droves. Mark S. Mann also wrote an article about how the mockingbird presstitutes LIE right to your face.

Well today brings us this wonderful “news” from the [...]

How to Recognize When You Are LIED TO by Media Prostitutes

by Mark S. Mann, SGT

Hello friends,

Every day that goes by, we continue to see a continued wide spread assault from the prostitutes in the corporate mocking bird mainstream media. The assault is always the same: wave after wave of brainless nonsense, written to dumb down the masses of sheep while [...]

Chat w/ The Doc — Insider & Gatekeepr Rickards WARNS: The END of This Sysytem is NEAR

NOTE: The downloadable PODCAST mp3 version of this interview is available below.

UPDATE: How ironic and timely that this Alex Jones/Max Keiser interview was just recorded Thursday, we recorded our interview with the Doc several days ago. Max calls the revelation a “bombshell”, but as I pointed out in my interview, WE HAVE KNOWN [...]

Rhode Island State Senator Josh Miller, A Despicable Globalist Pig Who Tells 2nd Amendment Supporters: “Go F#$k Yourself”


Meet the uber liberal globalist puppet and sell-out known as Rhode Island State Senator Josh Miller. A narrow minded “man” of few words, mainly expletives.

Second Amendment activist and former Infowars reporter Dan Bidondi confronted Miller at the Rhode Island State Capitol recently with one simple goal, to remind Senator [...]

AFTER THE CALL: The Vast Majority Will Face Starvation — Alasdair MacLeod

After our amazing call with writer and researcher Alasdair MacLeod from officially ended, we kept on talking! This bonus conversation includes the entirety of that conversation which covers the very real possible outcomes that may result from a worldwide banking collapse. Alasdair is concerned that the equivalent to a financial WW3 may result [...]

CHINA CORNERS GOLD MARKET: The Western Vaults Are EMPTY — Alasdair MacLeod

Writer and researcher Alasdair MacLeod from joins us to discuss the situation in the Ukraine, and the Ukrainian gold bound for China (or Germany) by way of the United States. Alasdair notes that the Ukranian gold reserve is only 33 tons – which is less than ONE WEEK of demand by the Chinese [...]

Yahoo Does NOT Respect Free Speech

by Mark S. Mann, SGT

Hello friends,

I am writing this because I wanted to share a recent experience that I had with Yahoo. This past week, for the second time in about 4 months, my email account was deleted by Yahoo due to comments that I made in the comments sections [...]

BIG NEWS: Defeating the NDAA & Tyranny — PANDA’s Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson, the young Libertarian founder of PANDA [People Against the NDAA], joins us to give an update on cities, counties and states that are standing up to tyranny by agreeing to interpose between the FEDS and the tyrannical measures of indefinite detention of American citizens called for in a provision of the 2012 [...]

50 Years of U.S. Government Sponsored Terror — Mike Rivero

Friends, we are pleased to bring you this in-depth discussion with Republic Broadcasting radio show host Mike Rivero, the founder of As a 20-year veteran of the truth movement and a pioneer in alternative news media, Mike gives us his expert perspective on 50 years of government sponsored terror, the Western-backed Kiev [...]

Ukraine Pressure Trips REAL MONEY Release Valve, Precious Metals BREAKOUT [Then Bankster Slamdown]

“Bring back real money, silver and gold!” – Max Keiser


SILVER: The Achilles’ Heel


from SGT

Researcher and You Tuber Hatrick Penry, from Hatrick Penry joins us to discuss what he calls the world’s largest provable coverup – Fukushima Plumegate.

Hatrick has assembled more than 445 pages of government and regulatory documents through FOIA which show the frightening realities of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear [...]

Before the Lamestream Mockingbird Media Tells You the CPAC Straw Poll Doesn’t Matter, Read THIS:


Rand Paul won the 2014 Washington Times/CPAC presidential preference straw poll this weekend. In a landslide victory, participants in the straw poll overwhelmingly showed their support for the Kentucky Senator as top choice for the 2016 Republican Presidential bid. Rand Paul dominated with 31 percent of the vote. Senator [...]

HOUSE OF CARDS — Jeff Nielson

from SGT

Our friend Jeff Nieson from joins us to talk about China currency “manipulation”, the One Bank, U.S. unemployment, inflation, the situation in the Ukraine and the international House of Cards. Thanks for tuning in.

The United States is NOT Going to War with Russia over Ukraine

by Mark S. Mann, SGT

Hello friends,

Watching the events in Kiev and the recent developments in Ukraine over the last few weeks has been very interesting to say the least. These events are capturing the attention of the world. As usual, both the main stream media and the alternative media are in [...]


This is a vital world affairs update with Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin in which we discuss the tipping point for the Bankster’s paper Ponzi system, which may well be the Ukraine. NATO and the Western powers are playing a high stakes game of RISK with the situation in Ukraine, and if [...]

Dead Bankers and the Wrath of Khan

by PTS, SGT Report:

One of the classic movies that sticks in my head growing up in the 80’s is Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan. I was not by any means a huge science-fiction or even Star Trek fan, but the clever plot, the believable acting (notwithstanding the admittedly occasional “over-acting” [...]