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GONE GOLD — The Powerful Story Of Global Gold Repatriation

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What do Switzerland, England, Austria, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Mexico, Poland, Italy. Australia, Ecuador, Romania and the tiny country of Azerbaijan have in common? They all want to know where their gold is, and they all have burgeoning gold repatriation movements in various stages of progress. Peter Boehringer, the father […]

Proxy Wars, Economic War & WWIII — David Quintieri, THE MONEY GPS

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In this episode of documenting the collapse we meet up with researcher David Quintieri, author of The Money GPS. You can find David’s work online and on You Tube by the same name.

David and I discuss the Pentagon’s ongoing proxy wars, economic warfare and the crumbling US economy.


DOCUMENTING THE COLLAPSE: The World Is Falling Apart — Andy Hoffman

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In this episode with Miles Franklin’s Andy Hoffman we document the collapse as it spreads from nation to nation.

Everyone has their eye on Greece as it rebels against the wishes of the International banking cabal, but on this call we also talk in detail about the crumbling global […]

The Dutch-Malaysian Connection [And We’re Not Talking Tulips, But Oil]

Ed. Note: On Wednesday my friend Katherine and I were discussing this article The unseen hand that moves the world’s oil when I mentioned that Vitol has just 350 shareholders. “Once again, the hand of Rothschild manipulating the markets” I noted. Katherine had other thoughts, here’s the scoop:

pictured: Rothschild party, circa 1972

by […]

ROB KIRBY: THE LIES & DEPRAVITY of Politicians & The U.S. Mockingbird Media

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Rob Kirby of Kirby joins me to dissect the latest REAL news and information. We start with the latest lies about Putin and Russia and quickly move on to the duplicity and treachery of the mockingbird mainstream media.

Rob breaks it down perfectly, “The reality is the […]

Gold AND Silver IS MONEY, And Will Remain So — David McAlvany

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David McAlvany the President and CEO of McAlvany Financial Group joins us to talk about the folly of Central Bankers and the fact that gold AND silver is money and has been so for more than 2,600 years, and will remain so for generations to come.

David’s excellent […]

PART 2: Suppressed Technology: From UFOs to Ground Zero — Andrew Johnson

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This is the second half of my interview with Andrew Johnson from Check The

Our conversation about UFO’s, suppressed technologies and the breakaway civilization took a right turn when Andrew brought up 9/11 and what he believes is evidence of a directed energy weapon having been used […]

UFO’s, Suppressed Technology & The Breakaway Civilization

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Andrew Johnson from Check The joins me to discuss some very interesting topics: UFO’s, suppressed technologies and the breakaway civilization.

At Wright-Patterson AFB in 1993, Ben Rich the former head of Lockheed Skunk Works admitted “We already have the means to travel among the stars… anything you can imagine we […]


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Chris Duane joins me to talk about the ridiculous spectacle of the Super Bowl – and really important topics like the battle against the Banksters in Greece, Italy and Spain as the EU falls apart. Chris who has founded, an amazing alternative to eBay, also tells us that […]

Gov’t & Media Lying, Using Measles To Shame Parents, Mandate Vaccinations

by SGT, SGT Report:

More fear mongering and lies to report on and expose. To hear the mainstream mockingbird media tell it, measles is the return of the black plague. Run to your nearest Doctor’s office and get an injection of delicious, effective vaccine. You’re a nut if you don’t. It’s true, I heard […]

WW3, Transhumanism & The Battle For The Soul Of Humanity — Dave Hodges

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Researcher, writer and talk show host Dave Hodges from The Common Sense joins me to talk about all of it – manufactured terror, World War 3, the elite’s plan to sell out humanity, depopulate the earth and use Transhumanism on those of us who are left here to […]

THE FIX IS IN: They Couldn’t Allow Silver To Be The Best Performing ASSET of 2015 For Long

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As our friend the Wealth Watchman rightly noted on Wednesday, I SMELL A TRAP.

…After all, we all knew the cartel couldn’t allow silver to remain the best performing commodity – AND ASSET – of 2015 for long.

Talking Silver with JM Bullion’s James Anderson

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Talking Silver with JM Bullion’s James Anderson, author of The Beginner’s Guide To Bullion Investing – We talk about G20 Bail-in plans, SDR’s, Central Banker’s lies, the Swiss’ abandonment of the Euro, record Silver Eagle sales in 2014 and who’s behind it. And much more. Thanks for joining us!


FALSE FLAG 101: From Gladio To Hebdo — A SGT Report micro-doc

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From the CIA-NATO run Operation Gladio, to 9/11 to the 7/7 bombings in London to Sandy Hook to Charlie Hebdo and most points in between, a majority of the terror events through which we suffer are planned and carried out by intelligence agencies and their minions. As the mainstream […]


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The Swiss shocked the world last week by removing the franc’s peg to the Euro. It’s an absolute game changer which may result in the end of the extreme downward manipulation of gold and silver prices, once and for all.

Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin joins me to […]

SETH ROGAN’S RIGHTEOUS RANT: ‘American Sniper’ Is Like A Fake Nazi Propaganda Movie


What has Seth Rogan so upset about American Sniper?

Well first of all, did you know that the Department of Defense used to be called the War Department?  It’s true.  But when Edward Bernays the father of modern propaganda urged top brass to change the name in order to bolster […]

Ponzi Implosion, Flase Flag Terror & The Iron Bank — BIX WEIR

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Bix Weir from Road To Roota joins me to talk about American silver eagles [the only remaining form of U.S. government issued REAL MONEY in the United States], crumbling derivatives, criminal banks, false flag terror and… Game of Thrones. Please join us for our first conversation of 2015 and […]

SO MUCH FOR FREE SPEECH: SGT Report’s “PARIS SIEGE FALSE FLAG: Analyzing The Cop Shooting” Video REMOVED For Violating You Tube’s “policy on shocking and disgusting content”


The fascists at You Tube have struck again. Despite showing absolutely NO blood or gore, on January 15th the SGT Report You Tube channel received its first ever You Tube “strike” against it and the video/interview analyzing the Paris police officer shooting – which had been seen more than […]

PARIS SIEGE FALSE FLAG: Analyzing The Cop Shooting Footage

UPDATE: January 15th: My You Tube channel has received a strike against it and the video/interview analyzing the Paris police officer shooting which had been seen more than 75,000 times, has been removed by You Tube “as a violation of You Tube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.” So much for free speech.

from […]


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We ring in the New Year with a visit from’s David Morgan to discuss the unprecedented demand for American Silver Eagles. The question is, WHO is buying all of this PHYSICAL silver? Because typically as the price of an asset falls, retail investors flee. Has JP Morgan itself […]