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Monsanto’s Terrible Secrets Are Tumbling out as Company Faces Wave of Cancer Lawsuits

by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

In 2015 the World Health Organization declared that glyphosate, the world’s most popular herbicide, is probably carcinogenic. That declaration has since become a serious chink in the armor of Monsanto. It was one of the first times that a reputable institution suggested that maybe, Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide could […]

Bioactive Compounds in Cucumbers That Fight Heart Disease and Cancer

by Twain Yobra, Natural News:

We all know that cucumbers are good for weight loss. They contain fiber, lots of water and are low in calories. But did you know that eating cucumbers regularly can help fight cancer and heart disease?

Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of cucumbers. They are one of […]

How Vaccines Can SPREAD Disease

from TheHealthRanger:

Spinach Leaves Can Carry Blood to Grow Human Tissues

from WPI:

Be Prepared: These 10 Foods Quickly Disappear From Grocery Stores When a Disaster Strikes

by Rhonda Johansson, Natural News:

There are certain foods that are sell out almost immediately in a disaster, and it is necessary that we all take note. Why is this important to know? The first is rather obvious: You can begin stockpiling those items now to avoid running out in the future. The second […]

Subway Sues TV Network over Report that its Chicken is 50% Soy

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) recently reported that a DNA test of Subway’s chicken conducted by Trent University in Ontario revealed that the product was made up of approximately 50% soy filler, and the sandwich chain isn’t taking it lying down. The company has decided to file a huge lawsuit […]

Forget ObamaCare, RyanCare, and any Future ReformCare–the Healthcare System Is Completely Broken

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

It’s time to start planning for what we’ll do when the current healthcare system implodes.

As with many other complex, opaque systems in the U.S., only those toiling in the murky depths of the healthcare system know just how broken the entire system is. Only those dealing […]

1942 WW2 US Army Field Ration C B Unit MRE Taste Test Meal Ready to Eat Oldest Food Review

from Steve1989 MREinfo:

10 Easy Ways to Detox Heavy Metals From Your Body

by Russel Davis, Natural News:

Full detox, cleanses, and juicing all help rid the body of heavy metals and other toxins. However, certain detox methods are linked to various discomforts such as sore throat, constipation, and body aches. These symptoms may also include nausea, skin rashes, and flu-like conditions.

In this article, we will […]

New Law Could ELIMINATE INFORMED CONSENT for Human Experimentation with Vaccines & Meds

from Truthstream Media:

This Juice Promotes Weight Loss, Regulates Thyroid, and Fights Inflammation

by Twain Yobra, Natural News:

Inflammation, weight loss and thyroid are all interconnected. A sluggish thyroid makes it hard to lose weight, and obesity can cause hypothyroidism, research shows. The ingredients in this juice have anti-inflammatory properties, fat burning effects, and regulate thyroid.

Now let’s look into some of the benefits of these ingredients.


A Global Health Threat With Big Upside

by Doug Casey, Casey Research:

We’re facing a huge, invisible threat to our species…

It already kills at least 23,000 people in the U.S. annually. That’s nearly as many people as those who die in car accidents per year in the U.S.

And this threat is rapidly growing.

One study says it’s poised to […]

How To Save Health Care: A Memo to Donald Trump

from Stefan Molyneux :

Scientists shocked to discover how many people are dying from Volkswagen’s toxic emissions every year

by Tracey Watson, Natural News:

A new study by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, has examined the impact of toxic emissions from the 2.6 million vehicles produced by Volkswagen in Germany. Scientists looked at the risk of premature death directly linked to the pollutants […]

Pandemic? Bird flu found at multiple poultry farms in Alabama

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

Reuters reports that in the first week of March 2017, a southern Tennessee farm growing chickens for Tyson Foods, Inc. had to euthanize 73,500 broilers because those birds had the unfortunate distinction of being the “first confirmed case of highly pathogenic H7 avian influenza (HPAI)” in U.S. commercial poultry farming. As a precaution, at that time […]

WARNING: Sugar Destroys Your Body’s Ability to Absorb These 5 Essential Nutrients

by Russel Davis, Natural News:

The sugar industry in the U.S. thrives at a whopping $100 billion in annual revenue. That is because Americans consume an average of 150 lbs of sugar per year. Most people are aware of the adverse effects of excessive sugar consumption such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer. However, what […]

BIOSLUDGE BREW? California brewery now making beer out of recycled human sewage water… for real

by Earl Garcia, Natural News:

Stone Brewing, the country’s ninth largest brewery based in Southern California, has recently introduced a beer made with treated sewage water. The company unveiled five barrels of their latest brew, called Full Circle pale ale, at an event Thursday last week to the approval of curious customers. The craft […]