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Turk – Expect A Wild Trading Week In The Gold & Silver Markets

from King World News:

Turk: “Let’s start with the good news, Eric. We’ve now had two weeks in a row when gold briefly dipped below $1,300 and then quickly rebounded….

“Both these dips in price were short-lived, and both ended with strong rebounds in the gold price. So the good news is that [...]

IF FEDS WON’T ENFORCE THE LAW, WE WILL: Photos Emerge Of 10 “Active Militia Teams” Securing The US-Mexico Border

from ZeroHedge:

With 1000s of illegal immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border every day (perhaps even more now some of the border has been washed away), the government quietly dumping them in Tennessee (among other places), and current (recently constructed border protection infrastructure already breaking down), it appears the American people are taking matters [...]

S0 News July 28, 2014 | Storms & Spaceweather, Flooding in England

from SuspiciousObservers:

NASA sounds red alert over solar flare that nearly wiped out human civilization two summers ago

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The news you are about to read should be front page news everywhere. There is arguably nothing more important to humanity’s survival than the alarming facts presented in this report from NASA, yet most of the world pretends this event never happened in 2012, and they falsely assume it [...]

US-Israeli Relationship In Jeopardy, Kerry “Ruined Everything”

from ZeroHedge:

Is there anyone in the world who is not mocking John Kerry? As AP reports, Obama administration officials were fuming Monday over a torrent of Israeli criticism of Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest bid to secure a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. Israeli media commentators have leveled almost nonstop criticism at [...]

A more profound form of acceptance

from Jon Rappoport:

The voice spoke. No one in the room knew where it was coming from. But they had heard it many times.

“The basic purpose of mass mind control is the creation of passive minds. Educated, uneducated, it makes no difference. The objective is passivity. Another word for that is acceptance.”



Investors Must Prepare Now For Chaos & Wealth Destruction

from King World News:

When it came to investing short-term money in the 1970s, the available tools were bank certificates of deposit, bankers’ acceptances, Treasury bills, etc. Each placement of funds was into a specific instrument with an issuer and a maturity date. Often there was a coupon, but in many cases the return [...]

C. S. Lews On Kindness and Civility at the Table (And Online)

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

“We hear a great deal about the rudeness of the rising generation. I am an oldster myself and might be expected to take the oldsters’ side, but in fact I have been far more impressed by the bad manners of parents to children than by those of children to parents.


The Next False Flag “We’re Coming For You, Barack Obama”

from X22Report:

Episode 425

U.S. Government Invests in Robot Personal Trainers for Children

by ActivistPost, via TheDailySheeple:

The evolution of humanoid robots continues to quicken with greater strides being made toward applying artificial intelligence to create emotional robots.

The commitment to reverse engineer the human brain coupled with the exponential increase in computing power is now forcing the discussion toward the social impact robotics is beginning to [...]

The FLAW in the Fiat Monetary System


Libya, Israel, Iraq: What You Need To Know

from We Are Change:

Luke Rudkowski interviews legendary Mi5 whistle blower Annie Machon about her analysis of the situation in the middle east and the under reported situation in Libya.

Detroit Shuts Off Water to Residents but Not to Businesses Who Owe Millions

from The Daily Beasts:

More than 15,000 households have had their taps turned off for being past due. Yet the bankrupt city hasn’t touched 40 businesses who owe $9.5 million in total.

In Detroit, even the most basic necessity cannot be taken for granted.

Some 15,000 residential customers have lost water service, and tens [...]

The Absurdity of Celebrating ‘Successes’ of Scandal-Ridden, Bailed-Out Banks

from Wolf Street:

Mathieu Kassovitz’s modern French classic La Haine – an adrenalin-fuelled, highly prescient film from 1995 about the rising social tensions between Paris’ economically deprived banlieues and its wealthy core – begins with the following quote from Hubert, one of the film’s main characters:

Heard about the guy who fell off a [...]

This Week ‘Critical’ for Congress to Thwart Obama’s Plans to NULLIFY Immigration Laws

by Tony Lee Breitbart:

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said this week will be one of the most critical weeks in the history of the republic for Americans who want to preserve the rule of law that has made America so exceptional.

President Barack Obama is reportedly intent on granting temporary amnesty and work [...]

Flight MH17 – What You’re Not Being Told

from Storm Clouds Gathering:

S0 News July 27, 2014 | Solar Tornados Erupt

from SuspiciousObservers:

Yellen: Where No Man Has Gone Before

by Peter Schiff, Gold Seek:

Although Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen said nothing new in her carefully manicured semi-annual testimony to Congress last week, her performance there, taken within the context of a lengthy profile in the New Yorker (that came to press at around the same time), should confirm that she is very different [...]

Unions Gear Up for Climate Mega-March

by Jenny Brown, OCCUPY:

A major climate change march in New York on September 21 may be a tipping point for labor movement participation in global warming activism.

Climate initiatives are still controversial in the labor movement. But dozens of unions in New York, jarred by memories of Superstorm Sandy, have lined up to [...]


from King World News:

The billions of dollars of bearish options bets against gold closing above $1,300 in both Comex and the over the counter markets were grossly offside. But added to that, the COT Report we received on that Friday captured them almost all-in short — close to record levels. Their backs were [...]