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US Gov Is Using The NDAA To Indefinitely Detain Those Who Commit A “Belligerent Act”

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3 Big Flares, Earthquake Watch | S0 News March 3, 2015

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Hillary VS. Benghazi Investigator Trey Gowdy & The American People

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Keiser Report: UK’s Crackhead Economic Policies

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(E726) Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the government’s economic policies apparently cooked up in a crack den – literally! Tabloids in the UK claim to have footage of the Chancellor’s top economic adviser smoking crack. They look at the economic policies this man may have been pushing and at how they […] – How A Romanian Hacker Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Secret Email Life

from Zero Hedge:

While the Hillary Clinton email fiasco is sure to be the talk of the town for the next few days, weeks, and months and may have seriously jeopardized the former SecState’s chances at becoming America’s next president, an even more important story is how the revelation that Hillary exclusively used a […]

Apple’s iWatch and Some Crazy Gold Numbers

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

As Apple starts selling its new smart watch there are some, well, crazy-sounding predictions circulating about the amounts of gold the company might soon be buying. The math goes like this: Each gold version of the watch will contain around two ounces, and the company might […]

Where Did The Gold In Fort Knox Come From? Part One

by Koos Jansen, Bullion Star:

In contrast to what is widely assumed, the gold in the Fort Knox has not mainly been supplied by gold coins in circulation in the United States before the Great Gold Confiscation by President Roosevelt in 1933.

Whilst me and Mr. Manly are researching how much gold is left in […]

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Long History of Crying Wolf About Iran’s Nuclear Weapons

by Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [addressed] the U.S. Congress [on Tuesday] about the perils of striking a nuclear deal with Iran.  Netanyahu, not generally known for his measured rhetoric, has been vociferous in his public statements about the dangers of such compromise, warning that it will allow Iran to “rush to […]

MUST WATCH: Who’s Blowtorching American Jobs?

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THE BANKS WILL GET IT ALL: Greek Pensioners To Fund Ukraine’s Government — Syriza Will Tap Pension Funds To Pay IMF

from Zero Hedge:

Just yesterday we warned that, among the ‘solutions’ the Greek government was exploring in its scramble for cash to pay back The IMF loan, was ‘borrowing’ from the nation’s pension funds. Today we get the sad confirmation that indeed Greece will raid cash reserves in pension funds and other public sector […]

What Happened To Gold And Silver Last Night?

The western Central Banks – especially the Fed – manipulate ALL markets ALL the time.

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

At the open of the CME Globex computerized paper gold/silver system (6 p.m. EST) last night gold and silver looked like they were on an elevator at the top of the Empire State […]

Chomsky & Snowden on NSA: Surveillance NOT Intended To Stop Terrorism, It’s Intended To CONTROL The Population

from Democracy Now:

World-renowned political dissident, linguist and author Noam Chomsky discusses why National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden should be welcomed back to the United States as a hero and why those who authorized the government surveillance he exposed should be on trial, not him. Chomsky also argues that while mass surveillance has […]

Bibi Comes to Congress, Spews Propaganda To Thunderous Applause

On Iran and the Islamic State: ‘The Enemy of Your Enemy Is Your Enemy’

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The ATF is Behind M855 / SS109 Ammo Ban

from SGT

Contrary to what’s being widely suggested in dramatic alt-media headlines, Obama is not working alone to ban your 5.56 AR-15 ammo. The issue at hand here is a lot more nuanced than that, the real anti-Liberty culprit in this case is the ATF not just Obama. SGT Report contributor […]

Bondholders “Bailed In” In Austria – EU Bondholders Today, U.S. Depositors Tomorrow?

from Gold Core:

There are signs that the debt induced banking-crisis which rocked the global economy in 2008 – only to be postponed with vast infusions of new unpayable debt courtesy of the taxpayer – may be set to resume.

Bondholders are feeling the painful impact of the EU’s new bank resolution regime and […]

Rothschild, Snubbed Again! Omitted From The 2015 Forbes Billionaires List

…Where’s The Forbes List of TRILLIONAIRES?


Those poor Rothschilds… snubbed again. The 2015 Forbes list of Billionaires has been released and shockingly the name Rothschild is once again no where to be found on it. How slighted they must feel. Year after year this list of the world’s top Billionaires […]

JIM WILLIE: Central Banks Buying 100% of Sovereign Debt

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Silver Update – Failed FED

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Released to subs on 2/26/15


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Today the 6th largest bank in Austria (Hypo Bank) halted payment of 8 billion euros of debt and they will enter shortly into a default position. In previous debt defaults, we had a bail out or a taxpayer funded rescue leaving senior bond holders and depositors completely whole.

We will now […]

OUTRAGE: Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of vaccine-damaged children, revives hate speech bigotry on national TV

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Throughout U.S. history, certain selected groups of citizens have been subjected to extreme verbal, judicial and even physical abuse at the hands of bigoted oppressors. The historical abuse of African-Americans — subjected to generations of abusive language and racism that still lingers today — was villainously summed up with […]