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LIBERTY DYING: Feds to Revoke Passports if You Owe Taxes


from RT America:

HR 22 has already passed the House and Senate in the US Congress and is expected to become law. In it is a section that allows the IRS to revoke your passport if you owe more than $50,000 in federal taxes. This, despite the fact that our courts have […]

“Breathtakingly Incoherently”: How Mainstream Media Covers Syria

from RT America:

Lionel calls out the mainstream media for contextualizing the Syrian conflict by refusing to show maps and failing to explain Russia’s business in the region; namely, targeting ISIS.

PRESS CRACKDOWN BY STACKING THE DECK: Discussing UK’s Freedom of Information Act

from Liarpoliticians:

Peter Clifton, editor in-chief at the Press Association discussing the UK’s “free” press, and the CONservatives attacking the press, in particular with plans to make it very hard to use the Freedom of Information act, and censorship – hiding government documents by using excuses like “National Security”.


Heads Up! George Soros Making Big Moves

from Spiro:

George Soros sold tens of millions of dollars worth of shares of leading banks, for less than what they were worth and at the same time buying huge amounts of gold, unless you think that he will soon be a major collapse of the world financial system


MIKE MALONEY – World Trade Is Grinding To A Halt

from Mike Maloney:

PETER SCHIFF: Weak Holiday Sales Confirm the Best Bargain is Gold (Ep. 121)

from Peter Schiff:

NOT FALLING FOR IT: India’s Gold Investment Scheme Still Falters

from Al Jazeera News:

The government has has created several new mechanisms, such as depositing gold in exchange for interest.

NWO LATEST: Belgium’s PM Michel Calls for a European CIA

from Euronews:

The Belgian prime minister has suggested Europe needs a central intelligence agency to reinforce and coordinate its anti-terrorist operations. Charles Michel says the search for the Paris attack suspects has highlighted the failure of European secret services to share information. It comes amid reports that Brussels-based Salah Abdeslam may have left the […]

Turkey’s Erdogan Says He Will Resign If Oil Purchases From ISIS Are Proven After Putin Says He Has “More Proof”

[Ed. Note: As Brother Nathanael noted in his commentary tonight which we posted (below), Putin is leveling absolutely devastating truth bombs against the US government, New World Order and international banking cabal, the latter of which has kept the world mired in endless wars for centuries. ~SGT]

from Zero Hedge:

“At the moment we […]

CHINA RISING: China’s First Home-Developed Jet, to be Used Nationwide [Sorry Boeing!]

from CCTV News:

Chinese plane manufacturer COMAC delivered China’s first home-developed jet to domestic carrier Chengdu Airlines Sunday, which marked a big breakthrough for the country’s aviation industry. Let’s take a look!

India to “discuss changes” to gold-deposit scam

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

Here’s a good one: “India is set to discuss changes to a scheme to unlock the country’s massive stash of gold at a high-level meeting on Tuesday, after a muted response to the program in the first month of its launch, according to banking sources.”

How desperate is […]

Inconvenient FACTS About Global Warming — Alex Epstein & Stefan Molyneux

from Stefan Molyneux:

Why Turkey Shot Down Russia’s Plane

from Brother Nathanael:

The world’s richest families revealed

[Ed. Note: This is an amusing entry from mainstream mockingbird source MSN. Humorously they list the Rothschild’s net worth at $1 billion – $700 Trillion. Now that really narrows it down. Given the family’s multi-generational central banking larceny, the $700 Trillion figure is likely closer to the truth. ~SGT]

from MSN:


Net […]

European Union Refugee Crisis; Thousands Of Refugees Missing!

from Spiro:

This refugee crisis is manufactured just like the terror threat by the same powers that arm train and fund the terrorists so they can take your rights and invade other counties! while destabilizing whole continents in preparation for their NWO Take over! More than14,000 illegal immigrants living in Sweden Alone! have gone […]

Global Banks Carve Up The World Ahead Of COP21

from The Sleuth Journal:

As individuals and Nations alike wait in anticipation for COP21 a month from now, described as the United Nations’ “legally binding and universal” update to the ever-deleterious Agenda 21, banksters at the supranational level have shown little hesitation in offering their seemingly sage opinions on how their usurious reserves will […]

MUST HEAR: The 700 Year Banking Cabal — William Stuart

from Sancuniates Berytus: