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The CRIMINAL FED, Silver & Hyperinflation — Dr. Jeffrey Lewis



Writer and researcher Dr. Jeffrey Lewis from joins me to discuss silver, the recent moves by Putin to reveal the men behind the curtain for the whole world to see – and the inevitability of hyperinflation of the US Dollar. Thanks for joining us!


NASA confirms asteroid TWO MILES wide will pass close to Earth in 48 HOURS

A HUGE asteroid measuring almost two miles across will skim past Earth in just 48 HOURS, Nasa has confirmed.

by Nathan Rao, Express:

It should fly safely past earth on Saturday, but astronomers are keeping a close eye on 86666 (2000 FL10) which, according to NASA, will be one of the biggest to […]

U.S. Government Financial Numbers Are Manipulated To Keep The Illusion Of A Recovery

from X22 Report:

Episode 786a

Silver Squelchers TWENTY EIGHT & Their Interesting Associates

[Note: #28 in the Silver Squelchers research series is 256 pages, and offered for FREE to SGT Report readers courtesy of the one and only Charles Savoie. PRINT THESE OUT and save them! ~SGT]

Miscellaneous Members of The Pilgrims Society Part III ***** Including ***** Awful Roosevelts & Some of Their British Pilgrims Pals […]

Insiders Are Now In Secret Talks To Reset The Entire System: Willem Middelkoop

from X22 Spotlight:

America Is Done: Only 29 Percent Of Americans Want To Cut Off Funding For Planned Parenthood

by Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream:

I recently came across one of the saddest statistics that I have ever seen in my entire life. Less than a week ago, I was roaming around Denver International Airport and I decided to pick up a copy of USA Today and catch up with what […]


from NextNewsNetwork:

Horrified witnesses said a man leaping from a luxury lower Manhattan apartment building met a grisly end Thursday when he was decapitated after crashing into a railing.

Told Ya So (Municipal Borrowing)

by Karl Denninger, Market-Ticker:

The stupid, it burns…..

I’ve had people in the so-called financial industry, and their captive media, scoff at me when I explain exactly how the so-called “economic growth” we’ve posted up over the last 30 or so years has been a scam — and more-importantly, why it cannot continue.

To […]

A Stealth Bull Market in Gold and Silver Is Underway

from Gold Silver Worlds:

What gold and silver investors want to know above all is when the bull market will resume. In a very real sense, it already has resumed. Futures market prices aside, evidence abounds that a raging bull market in physical precious metals is now underway.

In the third quarter (ending September […]

Andrew Hoffman – Silver Defying the Trolls

from Financial Survival Network:

What’s About To Implode Next Wednesday With Andrew Hoffman:

FOMC/NFP reports – ZIRP to Infinity

Negative CPI in Europe – calls for expanded QE

Syria, and various “unspeakable horrors” arising from plunging economic activity

Abdication of MSM coverage of collapsing global economy

Peak manipulation of markets!


Click HERE To […]

The Real Reason Belgium Sold 1,098 Tonnes Of Gold

by Koos Jansen, Bullion Star:

Belgium sold 1,098 tonnes of its official gold reserves since 1978.

For our global investigation how much physical gold central banks have stored at what location and how much is leased out, I decided to submit the local equivalent of a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request at […]

Silver Shortage Will Destroy Paper Price Within 1 Year – Steve St. Angelo of SRS Rocco Report

from CrushtheStreet:

Employment, The Fed, Earnings, Debt… and Gold

from Outsider Club:

It’s starting to happen… I think.

The curtain is being pulled back, and the Wizard has limited options. Though, if I’ve learned anything over the past six years… it’s to never underestimate the Wizard.

Still, for the first time since 2011 the S&P is lower in October than it was in […]


from Miles Franklin:


Why silver may not go up in value ?

from Alexiscom1:

Bangkok Bank: Sorry, System Error!

11:45 am CST UPDATE: Andy reports that the bank and ATM’s have now reopened. No further explanation for the unexpected closures has been provided by Bangkok bank.

by SGT,

We received this memo several hours ago from a SGT Report reader in Thailand who wanted to share information about what is being called […]

Candy Carson on Husband: Dr. Ben Carson

from Bill Still: