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JBIC is Leaning Towards Dumping The Dollar With Russia

from X22Report:

Episode 757a


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

So many people have been following the story of the Tianjin chemicals plant explosion that my inbox was inundated with articles. The reason? Well, briefly, the Tianjin explosion was followed by yet another explosion and China, and then, by an explosion at a US military base […]

Putin Sends Help For Assad, White House Confirms Russian Presence In Syria

White House Confirms Russian Presence In Syria, Warns It Is “Destabilizing”

from Zero Hedge:

Two days ago we reported something which we had anticipated for a long time but nonetheless did not expect to take shape so swiftly: namely, that with Assad’s regime close to collapse and fighting a war on three different […]

The Malthusian GENOCIDAL ASSAULT On Humanity — Christina Sarich


Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer who focuses on health-related REAL news. Writing for Natural Society, Infowars and Waking Times to name just a few sites, Christina has exposed the fraud and lies told by Big Agra and Biotech companies.

In this interview we shine the light […]

Dollar As World’s Reserve Currency Threatened

by Stephen Lendman, Global Research:

US dollar dominance finances Washington’s reckless spending, global militarism, its empire of bases, endless wars, corporate takeovers, as well as speculative excess creating bubbles and economic crises – at the expense of democratic freedoms and beneficial social change.

China, Russia and other nations increasingly trading in their own currencies […]

QE Will Come Back with Negative Interest Rates – John Rubino

from VictoryIndependence:

The 3-Year Old Drowned Syrian Refugee Boy

A 3-year-old Syrian-Kurdish boy from Kobani who drowned in the Mediterranean on Tuesday night has come to symbolize the tragedy of the refugee crisis sweeping Europe. #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik (“Humanity washed ashore”) went viral as the harrowing photo was shared.

by SGT, SGT Report:

I’m a mess after watching this video so I feel compelled to […]

Keiser Report: ‘Crack now, pay later’

from RT:

(E805) Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the ‘frack now, pay later’ economics of a desperate energy sector. In the second half, Max interviews Michael Hudson, author of Killing the Host.

West Point Professor Calls For Military Strikes On Journalists Critical Of War On Terror

by Cassius Methyl, The Anti-Media:

An assistant professor from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point recently declared that professionals critical of the “War on Terror” constitute a “treasonous” opposition that should be subject to military force.

He believes the U.S. should have the right to attack people who are critical of U.S. military […]

Royal Canadian Mint Silver Sales on Pace To Surpass 2014’s Record

from Smaulgld:

Sales of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins and bars fell from a record 8.9 million ounces in the first quarter of 2015 to 6.8 million in the second quarter of 2015.

Sales of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins fell from 179,000 ounces in the first quarter of 2015 to 164,000 ounces in […]


from Miles Franklin:

Audioblog #114

Massive Pulse Over the Atlantic/Aviation Alert 2

from BPEarthWatch:

Satellite Imaging Picks up Massive Energy Pulse Across the Atlantic Ocean, 2 Military Helicopters Down, Could these Events be Related?

Don’t dismiss the EU investigation into alleged gold and silver price fixing

from GoldSeek:

WGoldbugs are bemused by reports that the European Union competition watchdog is investigating alleged ‘anti-competitive behavior’ by participants in the precious metals market.

But anybody who remembers how the EU broke up the cement cartel a couple of decades ago will know that this is a watchdog that has very powerful […]

Police Departments Across the US Can’t Find Enough Recruits

from The Daily Sheeple:

There once was a time in America, when law enforcement was a very admirable field. The police were viewed as pillars of their community, and kids looked up to them, and wanted to be them when they grew up. They were almost always the good guys in the movies, and […]

The Next Economic Collapse Will Be So Horrific It Will Be Talked About For Decades

from X22Report:

Episode 756a