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The Bolshevik Elites Hold their Coronation of Clinton

from BATR:

Remember dear children, your indoctrination programming never taught you that international finance funded and put the Bolshevik’s into power. If you do not understand or are unwilling to acknowledge that the ascendency of Marxist totalitarianism was the invention of the Banksters establishment, you are sorely deficient in your education. Well, the […]

Houthi Rebels Invade Saudi Arabia, Launch Ballistic Missile In Counter-Offensive

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

While the war in Syria continues to rage and the world’s focus oscillates between American elections, terror attacks in Europe, and a failed Turkish coup (which no one really understands), a scrappy band of rebels in Yemen has not only withstood an onslaught from the Saudi-led coalition, they […]

PRINT BABY PRINT: Global Central Banks Are All-In: QE Running At Record $180 Billion Per Month (And Rising)

from Zero Hedge:

The monetary policy beatings will continue until morale improves. Eight long years after monetary policy experimentation went extreme, Reuters reports the amount of QE stimulus being pumped into the world financial system has never been higher… and it’s about to get bigger.

As Jamie McGeever reports, The European Central Bank […]

WHAT’S GOING ON??? Record Swiss Gold Flow Into The United States

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

There was a huge trend change in U.S. gold investment in May. Something quite extraordinary took place which hasn’t happened for several decades. While Switzerland has been a major source of U.S. gold exports for many years, the tables turned in May as the Swiss exported a […]

Subjective Value and Market Prices | David Howden

from Mises, via

Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 25 July 2016.

An ‘Unprecedented’ Wildfire Hits California At The Same Time ‘Unprecedented’ Heat Strikes The East Coast

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

It is starting to look more than just a little bit “apocalyptic” out there. If you follow my work closely, you already know that weather patterns in the United States have been going absolutely crazy and that last year was the worst year for wildfires in […]

Real Estate Market & Investing Post 2008 Financial Crash – Marco Santarelli Interview

from FutureMoneyTrends:

Earthquakes, Volcanos, Lightning, New Planet? | S0 News Jul.26.2016

from Suspicious Observers:


by Piper McGowin, The Daily Sheeple:

This time, they aren’t blaming it on the Russians; instead, they’re blaming it on Donald Trump. Check out this email, one of the thousands Wikileaks published from the hacked DNC emails, from DNC Creative Lead Rebecca Christopher about the script for a new video the DNC wants to […]

Disaster Preparation Basics

by Gaye Levy, The Sleuth Journal:

There is something about fall and winter that sets our disaster preparedness minds in action. Perhaps it is due to our reflection on years past when wind, snow and ice kept us indoors. Or perhaps it is due to a single, violent winter storm, power outage or hurricane that […]

Germany Will Change Their Constitution To Allow The Military To Be Used Domestically – Episode 1031b

from X22Report:

How Do We Make America Strong Again? Start Telling the Truth

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

You want to make America strong again? The only way to do so is to start telling the truth and insisting on the truth.

“Making America Strong Again” is a potent political narrative. But what does “being strong” mean? For some, it’s a code-phrase for bullying–forcing other […]

Report: Mexico Wants To Build Trump’s Wall To Stop Illegal Immigration

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

It turns out that Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is not such a bad idea after all. Though Mexico’s current and former Presidents have both lambasted Trump for implying that a wall would curb immigration, it turns out that Mexicans like the idea.

There is one small caveat, however. […]

Central Bankers have No Idea What they’re Doing, Anything Could Happen – Lior Gantz Interview

from CrushTheStreet:

The world is under economic collapse as a result we see the violence and big shifts coming. Our friend and expert Lior Gantz has decided to come on with some level-headed analysis and a free portfolio offer for our members, make sure to check that out at.


Here Are the New Tactics Police are Preparing to Roll Out in Your Community

by Darius Shahtahmasebi, Intellihub:

Following the recent events in the United States, which have resulted in armed civilians taking on police officers—namely in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and most recently in Kansas City, Kansas — police forces across the country are set to adjust their strategies and tactics.

An interesting detail to note is that […]

Seven Places Where WW3 Could Start at Any Time

by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

It seems like you can’t watch the news anymore without stumbling onto a story that contains terrifying global implications. Not since the Cold War have tensions been so high among the nations of the world. You can strike sparks just about anywhere. The threat of another global war is […]

EXPOSING EVIL: Why Hillary Is Nervous: “More Leaks May Be Coming”

from Zero Hedge:

Over the weekend, Wikileaks posted a treasure trove of emails from various members of the Democrat party which has laid ruin to any hope for civility at the DNC’s convention in Philadelphia. That said, Hillary’s campaign seems to be even more concerned about what may be leaked next.

Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary’s […]