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Has There Been A “Nuclear Incident” In The Arctic?

Increased levels of radioactive iodine isotopes have been detected across Europe, and now the deployment of the Air Force’s WC-135 “Constant Phoenix” atmosphere-sniffing jet has deepened the mystery.

by Tyler Rogoway, The Drive:

There have been rumblings regarding some sort of nuclear incident—or possibly incidents—in the Arctic over the last month. Multiple reports, […]

Pizzagate is REAL & Hostel 2 ISN’T Fiction

from SGT Report:

This one is a MUST SHARE. Not only is Pizzagate REAL, the movie Hostel Part 2 is not just a fictional movie, based on what we now know about the elite, it’s much closer to a documentary. Author Stefan Verstappen joins me to discuss. Visit Stefan and buy his new […]


from Dees Illustration, via SGT

White House Leakers In The Process Of Being Exposed

from X22Report:

Episode 1209b

‘Allahu Akbar’ Becomes A Rallying Call As Leftists Join Forces With Radical Muslims To Fight Trump All Across America

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

An “unholy alliance” between anti-Trump leftists and radical Muslims is beginning to emerge all over America. President Trump’s recent executive order that restricted immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries is bringing a very strange mixture of people out to street protests. On the one hand you […]

Julian Assange: ‘When You Read a Newspaper Article, You Are Reading Weaponized Text’

by Lucas Nolan, Breitbart:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently discussed the topic of “fake news” and how WikiLeaks’ pure data-driven approach has prevented them from becoming “weaponized text.” CNET reports that Assange appeared via video-link in a discussion with Australian comedian Chas Licciardello in Sydney, Australia this week. During the interview, Assange discussed the […]

NASA To Host Major Press Conference On ‘Discovery Beyond Our Solar System’

from DAHBOO77:

Sheriff Tries to Expose List of 300 Bad Cops, Courts & Union Promptly Block Him

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Los Angeles, CA — Domestic violence, bribery, theft, excessive force, brutality — these are just a few of the crimes committed by active duty sheriff’s deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. In total, there are 300 deputies with a history of misconduct whom Sheriff Jim McDonnell […]

Are Russian Diplomats Being Assassinated? Globalists Continue March Towards World War 3 As Russian Ambassador To The UN Mysteriously Dies In New York

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

All the way back on election day in November of 2016, Sergei Krivov was found just before 7 a.m. lying on the floor of the Russian Consulate in New York. Found unconscious with an unindentified head wound brought on by ‘blunt force trauma’, by the time emergency responders […]

Changing Your life: Small Changes, Big Results – Scotty Studer

from FutureMoneyTrends:

Trump Was Right: Riots Break Out in Rinkeby, Sweden – Hours After PM Ridicules Trump (Video)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Migrant rioting broke out in a migrant enclave in Sweden on Monday night.

This comes two days after President Trump said the migrant situation in Sweden was out of control.

And it comes hours after Prime Minister Stefan Lofven ridiculed President Trump for his comments.


Trump to Declare War on the EU by the Back Door

by Seth Ferris, New Eastern Outlook:

Donald Trump said frequently during his presidential campaign that he did not want the US involved in all these expensive foreign wars. Americans were lead to believe that the US was finally realising that other countries should pay for the lion’s share of any mutual defence; at their […]

John Podesta’s Pizza Mansion UPDATE 2!! WITH ADDRESS!! Plus a Message to the Viewers

from J Noir Channel:

Exploding Reasons To Own Precious Metals

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

As I sit down to write on this “President’s Day,” I can’t help but consider how diluted the stature – and goodness – of the Presidential Office has become. And this has nothing to do with Donald Trump personally, but the fact that essentially everything the post- Financial Crisis […]

Vatican Bankers, CIA Gladios & Trafficantes

from Verify Events Research:

This is the first of a new series of videos concerning the Vatican, the CIA and their connections to banking, pedophilia rings, child-trafficking and organ harvesting.

There’s a Difference: Fake News and Junk News

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

Media junkies on the tragic path to extinction believe the junk news, non-junkies see through the manipulation.

The mainstream media continues peddling its “fake news” narrative like a desperate pusher whose junkies are dying from his toxic dope. It’s slowly dawning on the media-consuming public that the […]

How Close Are We To A New Reserve Currency? Mike Maloney

from GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney):