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Trump Vaccine Experts Are Not Industry Types and Might Recommend Real Change

from The Daily Bell:

Trump Needs Vaccine Experts, Not Conspiracy Theorists … Trump could have turned to any number of reputable experts to learn about vaccine safety. Instead, he went straight for the fringe. -Daily Beast

Donald Trump supposedly picked Robert Kennedy Jr. to head a commission on vaccines and autism, causing a […]

2016: The Year the Elite Were Rejected? | James Corbett

from Silver Doctors:

American MSM ‘Continue Down the Downward Slope of Irrelevancy’ – Max Keiser on Trump-Russia Scandal

from RT:

Why People Fear Gun Control

from Stefan Molyneux:

European Parliament Calls For “Kill Switches” To Stop Killer Robots

by Nicholas West, Activist Post:

The rise of automation in nearly every sector is accelerating at an exponential pace. Running in tandem with the developments is an accelerating concern over the theoretical rise of “killer robots.”

While the average person going about their day still might shrug off the notion that the real world […]

Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.13.17 – Journalism and Trump

from Greg Hunter:

Terror In Berlin & Other NWO Tricks — Ole Dammegard


Researcher Ole Dammegard returns to SGT report to discuss a few of the latest terror attacks, and he raises some startling questions. Support Ole’s work, visit his website to buy his books and donate.

clif high wujo January 12, 2017

from clif high:

Should We Recoin the Term Orwellian into Obamian?

by Martin Berger, New Eastern Outlook:

After US Presdient Barack Obama’s two terms in office it gets increasingly clear for everyone that freedom of speech in the United States can be described as rigid control that the state exercises over the media and journalists, while those who refuse to cooperate with the system find […]

Elijah Wood Exposes Rampant Pedophilia In Hollywood

by Michael DePinto, Freedom OutPost:

At this point in our nation’s history, information and knowledge are key. They will most likely be the two single biggest factors that determine whether we the people are able to retain this republic of ours, or whether we lose it to a tyrannical police state. Right now, many […]

Robber DRT & Killed by Gunfire While Robbing Gun Store

from Ammoland:

WSB-TV 2 Action News in Atlanta reports 12-27-2016 in Cobb County, Georgia, the owner of Dixie Gun and Pawn, along with one other worker, had just opened the store.

Two men with ski masks and guns came in. The owner pulled out his gun and fired, hitting and killing one of the […]


from The Next News Network:

Austrian Economics Is Popular and Forceful

from The Daily Bell:

Tribal Warfare in Economics Is a Thing of the Past … I still remember going to a graduate student barbecue my first month at the University of Michigan. I told a woman from another department that I was studying economics, and she asked me: “What school?” Blinking, I replied “This […]

Nomi Prins: Big Banks Already Failing Stress Tests Before Next Major Global Financial Crisis

from WallStForMainSt:

PCR “If Donald Trump Is For Real, The CIA/Secret Service Will Surely Assassinate Him!”

from The Richie Allen Show:

Did The Global War Against George Soros Just Begin? — Joseph P. Farrell

from Giza Death Star Community:

NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JAN 12 2017 – Three very unlikely sources are reporting that Hungary’s Viktor Orban is now taking direct aim at George Soros’s “foundations” and NGOs.

Le Pen Surges to Lead Presidential Polls in France

by Virginia Hale, Breitbart:

Marine Le Pen has overtaken centre-right candidate François Fillon to be the frontrunner in France’s presidential election, according to the latest poll by Ifop-Fiducial. Le Pen is leading the race for the first time in the campaign as the Republicans candidate Fillon struggles with working class voters who supported Nicolas […]