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Marine Le Pen Vows To Destroy New World Order

by Baxter Dmitry, Your News Wire:

Leading French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has vowed to “destroy the New World Order” when she is elected President of France, sending a warning to European elites that she will “dismantle their corrupt, self-serving institutions with my own two hands if I have to.“

“The people […]

Stefan Molyneux: Globalism Is In Full Panic Mode

from The Alex Jones Channel:


from The Daily Sheeple:

As DC police are no closer to solving the grisly murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was gunned down blocks from his home by unknown assailants with apparently no witnesses for supposedly unknown motives months before the 2016 election, Sheriff Clarke just sent out this mind-blowing Tweet…

Wait […]

An Important Message About YouTube and Freedom

from Stefan Molyneux:

Battlefield Europe

from Rogue Money:

During a recent trip abroad I had the privilege to witness the demise of the European Union first hand. While visiting Malmo, Sweden and Rome, Italy I witnessed first hand the conditions in these vastly different cities. The only common denominator between them is their reputation for being the cultural epicenters […]

Political Noise Can’t Drown out Russia’s Potential

by Jim Rickards, DailyReckoning:

There’s a great amount of Russia hysteria in the air. You see it in the media, in political discourse and in popular conversation.

Much of this hysteria can be traced either to the unorthodox Trump campaign or its hyperbolic critics. It’s too bad, because Russia is an important country that […]

12 Signs That America Has Become A Politically-Correct Madhouse

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

What in the world has happened to the United States? We are rapidly getting to the point where political correctness is in danger of becoming our national religion. Of course most people would not even call it a “religion”, but for most Americans this unwritten set […]

The Rockefellers and One’s Point of Being

by Grete Mautner, New Eastern Outlook:

Hamlet’s “to be, or not to be” is involuntarily invoked in one’s memory when one faces the necessity to objectively assess the meaning of one’s being.

The recent death of the oldest billionaire in the world – David Rockefeller provoked a retrospective analysis across global media of the […]

Hump Day With Bix & “V” (03/29/2017)


Bix and “V” deliver another fun show discussing: censorship, new Clif High release, China gold and economic forecast/solutions for our listeners.

What Facebook Just Did Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

from WeAreChange:

How Many Jobs Do Robots Destroy? Answers Emerge

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

But this isn’t the industrial revolution.

How many jobs do robots – whether mechanical robots or software – destroy? Do these destroyed jobs get replaced by the Great American Economy with better jobs? That’s the big discussion these days.

The answers have been soothing. Economists cite the industrial revolution. […]

Silver Alert: 10 Reasons to BUY Lots! (Bix Weir)

from RoadtoRoota:

Spicer HEATED response to ATTACKING Reporter

from Trump Nation:

You Heard It Folks! Looks Like Judge Gorsuch WILL Be Confirmed!


House Committee Passes Bill To “Audit The Fed”

from ZeroHedge:

The Republican-controlled Committee on Oversight and Government Reform approved a bill earlier today to allow for a congressional audit of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, a proposal Fed policymakers have opposed and likely faces a difficult path to final approval in the Senate. Under the bill, the Fed’s monetary policy deliberations could […]

PJW Gets Mad: Declares War On Pedophile Empire

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Sweden Forced to Build Heavily Fortified Police Station in Notorious Migrant No-Go Zone

by Daniel Lang, SHTF Plan:

Rinkeby has become one of the most notorious no-go zones in Sweden, if not all of Europe. The tiny urban community, which now has a population that consists almost entirely of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants, has been the site of multiple riots and countless acts of violence in […]