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by SGT, SGT Report:

The ruling elite of planet earth have been exposed for what they are, for the sick things they do, and for the religious doctrine they practice. Dutch banking whistle blower Ronald Bernard recently revealed that at the highest levels, the elites are Luciferians who practice not only Satanic rituals, […]

Luciferians Pray For Manchester

from The Alex Jones Channel:

The bombing in Manchester saw the usual outpouring of thoughts and prayers from celebrities. Notably, Ariana Grande herself, well known for her I hate America faux pas a couple of years ago. Regardless, her thoughts and prayers and those of the elite celebrity class are paramount to us […]

The Illuminati’s Systemic & Systematic Destruction of Humanity — SGT Interview

from April Watters:

Pope Francis and Libertarianism

from Antonius Aquinas:

The purported pope of the Catholic Church recently attacked “libertarianism.” As a number of theologians have ably shown, Jorge Bergoglio, a.k.a Pope Francis, cannot be a legitimate pope since he was neither ordained as a priest or consecrated as a bishop in the traditional Catholic rite of Holy Orders. And, […]

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO US: The Secret Covenant – Luciferian Blood Oath Pact

from Dana Horochowski:

WARNING: What’s Described in THIS Video is The SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER… It’s Time to Pray.

from Jason A:

The Passing of Chris Cornell: Esoteric and Illuminati Symbolism

from Illuminati Watcher:

I don’t typically like to make conjectures on celebrities that pass away unexpectedly unless I find good reason to do so. After all, these are real people that have real friends and families so they deserve to have at least a certain level of respect upon their passing.

However, I received […]

A Frozen Conscience

by Bankster Slayer, Rogue Money:

“The purpose of the whole thing, eventually, in that world, is that they have everybody in their pocket. You need to be susceptible to blackmail. And blackmailing me proved to be very hard if I look back on it. They wanted to do that through those children. And that […]

Vigilant Citizen Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/17

from Vigilant Citizen:

In this edition of SPOTM: Ed Sheeran, Britney Spears, Bella Thorne and so much proof that the industry is controlled by people worshipping the one-eye sign.

There are a quite a few articles about Britney Spears on this site. Why? Because she is one of the most obvious cases of Monarch […]

The UN has become a cesspool of corruption, prosecuting whistleblowers to hide crimes against women and children

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

The world’s governing institutions are crumbling fast, having become infested with corrupt people who have no allegiance to anything or anyone but themselves and the almighty dollar.

The United Nations is one of those institutions, and in fact, the corruption there proves the point that governments everywhere are […]

THEY ARE MOCKING US! 🍴 Katy Perry – Bon Appétit EXPOSED!

from FaceLikeTheSun:

The latest video from Katy Perry titled “Bon Appétit” is blatant reference to pizza gate and pedo gate as well as the “Art” form of spirit cooking. It’s possible that the video was meant to mock independent researchers in these taboo areas that the public and main stream media have labelled “fake […]

ASTANA the Illuminati Capital of the World

from The Daily Sheeple:

MACRON: The Illuminist Candidate Now at the Rudder in France

by soveranger, Steemit:

France – now even more so than Greece – is the perfect example of why democracy is the worst possible system. A whole year of being in a national state of emergency with military patrolling the streets because of “inclusiveness”, “diversity”, “mutual respect and understanding”, “inter-cultural faith dialogue”, “tolerance”, “women’s liberation” […]

George Soros sued for $10 billion over more global meddling

from RTAmerica:

Nigel Farage French Aren’t Ready For FrExit

from The Alex Jones Channel:

The Satanic Cult That Rules the World

from Henry Makow:

“Either convert to Islam or die.” This was the choice the Turkish Sultan put to Sabbatai Zevi, self-proclaimed Jewish “Messiah” in 1666.

By only pretending to convert, Zevi resorted to a common Jewish practice. But Zevi was not an ordinary Jew. He led a popular heresy, based on Cabalism. The rabbis […]

What is Happening to Katy Perry?

from Vigilant Citizen:

Katy Perry has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, causing her fans to question her mental sanity. Is she heading towards a typical pop star meltdown?

Once in a while, a different celebrity is pushed under the “bad spotlight”, where a string of bizarre, humiliating and career-hurting things happen […]