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Some Election Interference is More Equal Than Others – How Ukraine Meddled on Behalf of Clinton

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

A couple of days ago, Politico published a fascinating piece describing how factions associated with the current Ukrainian government apparently interfered in the U.S. election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The findings seem pretty damning, and certainly warrant at least some conversation within the American media given the […]

Cheney, Rothschild, And Fox News’ Murdoch To Drill For Oil In Syria, Violating International Law

from True Activist:

While Syria is torn apart by the warring of U.S. imperialists and Islamic fundamentalists—leaving its children to die of starvation—another country plans to take advantage of the chaos by stealing resources from Syria’s southern region.

While Syria is torn apart by the warring of U.S. imperialists and Islamic fundamentalists—leaving […]

2017 Prediction-Whole Bottom Will Fall Out-Charles Nenner

from Greg Hunter:

The Trump Dossier: Created by Spies”R”Us?

by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook:

Chris Steele is a former MI6 and FBI asset who compiled a dossier of unsubstantiated allegations about President-elect Donald Trump. The current Director at the private security and investigation firm Orbis Business Intelligence, is a curious player in the sensational efforts of Trump adversaries. Here is what […]

George Soros: The Man Behind the Mayhem

by David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog:

I have struggled to understand George Soros because he is a character riddled with contradiction. His push to break down borders by increasing immigration all over the world is undermining his desire to establish a unified Europe and a unified world. By pushing too hard, too fast, […]

The Overthrow of the US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency

by Jim Rickards, DailyReckoning Australia:

Now is the time to keep your eyes on the monetary endgame. Not the daily mark-to-market in paper gold. This endgame is an all-out attack on the status of the US dollar as the benchmark global reserve currency. Numerous players have an interest in ending the dollar’s role for […]

“Suddenly,” Sinatra’s Original Assassination Film – #DeepFocus

from Media Monarchy:

Obama Secretly Sent Iran Billions

from Bill Still:

Rothschild’s TNK-BP Intriguers Drafted The Trump-Russia Report

by Yoichi Shimatsu, Rense:

There’s the irony of a divine comedy in the “fake news” accusation coming full-circle to slam CNN and NBC-Buzzfeed for their release of a false 35-page private-intelligence brief on Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia. Instead of facing up to the falsehood, the mainstream media has chosen to ignore the slew […]


from SGT

Writer and researcher Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin returns to SGT Report to kick off 2017 with an economic and geopolitical update. Andy says that even if Trump is able to accomplish some of the things he said he’d do if he were President, there is no way he can prevent […]

In Stunning Pair Of Interviews, Trump Slams NATO And EU, Threatens BMW With Tax; Prepared To “Cut Ties” With Merkel

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from Zero Hedge:

In two separate, and quite striking interviews with Germany’s Bild (paywall) and London’s Sunday Times (paywall), Donald Trump did what he failed to do in his first US press conference, and covered an […]

On Contact: Real purpose of intel report on Russian hacking with Abby Martin & Ben Norton

from RT:

THEY ARE SATANISTS — Sofia Smallstorm

from SGT

Sofia Smallstorm is back to help break down the deep darkness behind Pizzagate and the global elite’s obsession with pedophilia. It’s becoming increasingly clear, they are Satanists. “I’ve come to believe now that the world we live is way darker than I ever thought it was,” says Smallstorm. Support Sofia by […]

Fake News Reality: NYT, Washington Post implicated in publishing false facts on Russia

from RT:

Michael Snyder: The Plan To Inaugurate Chaos

from The Alex Jones Channel:


from Smaul gld:

What Can We Learn from Tiananmen Square? Wide Angle Camera Shows THIS Heroic Act

from The Money GPS: