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Spain is Holding Catalonia Hostage

from The Daily Bell:

Imagine you are in a book club. For a few years, it was great, you liked the books and the discussion with members. But then, the club started reading steamy romance novels that you just weren’t into and would not entertain your opinions for other material. Finally, when you […]

Don’t Forget to Sell Your Bitcoin & Buy Gold & Silver – James Turk

from Silver Doctors:

THE FOURTH TURNING: Destruction Coming To America

from SGT Report:

Squawker contributor Michael Hart joins me to discuss the destruction that is coming to America. According to Hart, A crisis is not coming. It is already here, and it will be as defining a moment in the history of the United States as the Great Depression, World War II, or […]

Central Banks Weakened The Economy To The Point Of No Return,Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived:C.H Smith

from X22Report Spotlight:

… and Now For the Bad News

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:

In the late 1760s and early 1770s, the government of France was in a deep panic.

They had recently suffered a disastrous and costly defeat in the Seven Years War, and the national budget was a complete mess.

France had spent most of the previous century as the world’s […]

Trumping NATO

from Rogue Money:

“NATO exists to manage the risks created by its existence.” – Richard Sakwa

The legacy media focused on Trump’s brushing off the newly elected Prime Minister of NATO’s newest member state, Dusko Markovic, en route to shake the hands of the alliance’s general secretary, Norwegian politician Jens Stoltenberg. But the smile […]

Eastern Europe Tilts to OBOR and Eurasia

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

Small but geopolitically important steps were taken by key members of the European Union from the EU’s Eastern periphery. While largely ignored in Western mainstream media and in Brussels, they could well portend a longer-term alternative economic space to the failing construct known misleadingly today as the […]

The Federal Reserve Is Destroying America

by Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity:

Perhaps I should start with a disclaimer of sorts. Yes, I realize that the people working at the Federal Reserve, as well as the other central banks around the world, are just people. Like the rest of us, they have egos, fears, worries, hopes, and dreams. I’m sure pretty […]

RMR: Exclusive Interview with Charles Hugh Smith (05/27/2017)


Keiser Report: Bitcoin Stealing Gold’s Thunder

from RT:

Buy Gold – America’s Foreign Policy Has Changed

by Markos Kaminis, Seeking Alpha:


President Trump’s first foreign trip involved the significant arming of Saudi Arabia.

It also involved a coalition building campaign against ISIS & Syria’s Assad, and importantly, sought to isolate Iran.

The Administration’s real action on Syria’s governing regime in its short time in office indicates it is a […]

Gerald Celente – Market Hits New Highs, Get Ready to Lose More RIGHTS!

from Gerald Celente:

Iran’s Shockingly Honest Reaction to Trump’s Visit to Saudi Arabia

by Darius Shahtahmasebi, The Anti Media:

While Donald Trump was in Riyadh, raving incessantly about the over-hyped Iran threat, Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif was trolling America’s foreign policy establishment. He advised Trump to discuss with Saudi Arabia how to avoid another 9/11 atrocity rather than making baseless claims against Iran.

Zarif said:

“[Trump] […]

The Saudi Arms Deal: What You’re Not Being Told

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

That crazy, creepy glowing orb. 1000 years from now it could very well be that the only thing the historians of the future remember about our era is that some group of dignitaries touched a glowing orb in a darkened room and the internet lost its collective mind.


The Fall of Brazil | Felipe Moura Brasil and Stefan Molyneux

from Stefan Molyneux:

Bitcoin, Propaganda, Fake News And Unmitigated Idiocy

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

I want to show two quotes from commentators in related areas of financial analysis because they illustrate the difference between truthful commentary and unmitigated idiocy.

Yesterday, James “Mc” wrote in Bill Murphy’s nightly “Midas” report:

“The sexiness of Bitcoin, Tesla, Netflix, and hundreds of other techie things will […]

CHINA DOWNGRADED BY MOODY’S! – Massive Debt Crisis Continues To Destabilize Country!

from World Alternative Media: