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L.A. *State of Emergency* | “Lurking Beast on the Move” | *Oroville Rising*

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Oroville Dam/Inflow Triples Outflow Over Night

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28 nuclear reactors in the United States could suddenly fail due to earthquakes… most are located along the East Coast

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

The Fukushima disaster that occurred six years ago last month continues to plague Japan and the rest of the world to this day. Heavily damaged by a massive tsunami caused by an equally destructive earthquake, radioactive problems persist without any relief in sight.

In fact, as noted by […]

GENOCIDE In the Unites States – Chemtrails, Monsanto, Vaccines and Fluoride, Where’s The Outrage?

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Chemtrails Exponentially Increasing

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Engineers: The next California earthquake could “liquefy” 235-foot-high dam and unleash 29 billion gallons of water onto Silicon Valley

by Vicki Batts, Natural News:

The Golden State just can’t seem to catch a break. Officials say that the Leroy Anderson Dam, near Morgan Hill, could “liquefy” in the event of an earthquake. The dam’s embankments have been deemed “seismically unstable.” Safety concerns about the dam continue to rise, especially after the Coyote Creek flooding […]

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 8, 2017 ( Dane Wigington )

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Sofia Smallstorm & Ella Draper, mother of the Hampstead Coverup children join me to discuss the multifaceted attack on humanity. Please support Ella with a donation: [email protected] and visit Sofia’s online store here!

Trump Administration Backs Geoengineering, Full Disclosure Of The Climate Engineering Atrocities Grows Near

by Dane Wigington, GEO Enginerring Watch:

The ongoing global geoengineering assault has long since inflicted catastrophic and irreparable damage to the biosphere, climate, and life support systems of our planet (along with countless other forms of anthropogenic activity). It is truly incomprehensible that such blatantly obvious “climate intervention” programs can be carried out in skies […]

Dave Janda’s Operation Freedom – Sunday, April 2, 2017 – Dane Wigington and Bill Holter

by Dave Janda, Dave Janda:

Manipulation of financial markets, Benghazi, New World Order Syndicate, Obama Care, Free Market Health Reform, Putin, The Ukraine, ISIS, Syria, The Constitution, Natural resources, Reserve currency, Corruption, gold, silver Global Elite, International Banking Cabal, debt, Federal Reserve, Too Big To Fail Banks, Crony Capitalism, Debt Ceiling, Financial implosion, Recession, […]

Conspiracy Theory No More, Harvard Reveals Big Oil-Approved ‘Stratospheric Injection’ Geoengineering

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:

Officially kicking rumors of ‘chemtrails’ into overdrive, Harvard scientists announced the launch of a $20 million geoengineering program, set to kick off mere weeks from now — the first such project this comprehensive in scope — in a bid to stave off soaring global temperatures.

Geoengineering, in […]

Harvard Engineers Plan New “Real World” Geoengineering Experiment

by Derrick Broze, Activist Post:

At a recent geoengineering conference two Harvard engineers announced plans for a real-world climate engineering experiment beginning in 2018.

The science of geoengineering has increasingly become a part of the public conversation around climate change and an ever-controversial topic within the scientific community. Geoengineering is a type of weather […]

Global Warming Wrapup

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

The mental convolutions in which some will engage in order to ignore the evidence that the polar ice caps are melting—and if not from warming from what?—is as astounding as the convolutions and denial of basic facts that characterize those who believe the government’s official 9/11 fairy […]

Global Warming Is Real Say the Academies of Sciences of All of the Major Countries, But a Handful of my Readers Know Better

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

I am fortunate in having readers who look after me. Some have offered me refuge in their countries and their homes from what they expect otherwise will inevitably be the midnight knock on my door. Others correct my mistakes from typos to content. As I have never […]

Sunspots, Seismicity, Spraying Oh My | S0 News Mar.26.2017

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Globalists Are Now Classifying Geoengineered ‘Chem Trails’ as New NATURAL Cloud Formations Caused By ‘Climate Change’!

Contributed by Alev, SGT Report:

Holy cow… they are classifying and re-naming CHEMTRAILS as new natural cloud formations due to CLIMATE CHANGE !!!!!

We just missed this PROPAGANDA spectacle held in Geneva… If I had known I would have gone!

Celebrate World Meteorological Day with us World Meteorological Day – 23 March 2017