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Saudi Arabia, Trump, Arms Deal And Gold

by Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

What gives this whole story away is a staircase, an escalator in fact, an escalator made of gold with a Saudi King descending on it, and the words “God Bless You” painted on the aircraft from which he has just embarked. Both these glaringly obvious signposts should […]

US-led Coalition Airstrike On Assad’s Forces in Syria Was Not Accidental

by Sophie Mangal, Inside Syria Media Center:

On May 18, the moving convoy of the Syrian pro-government forces consisted of militias was hit by a massive airstrike of the U.S.-led international coalition. The accident occurred at the Syrian-Jordanian border near the settlement of At-Tanfa.

As reported by the official representative of the U.S. […]


from James Perloff:

For decades, military officers, government officials, bankers, law enforcement agents, newscasters, scholars, and other credible witnesses have corroborated the alternative media

This post is intended to be viewer-friendly; it consists entirely of quote banners and short video clips; the clips, on average, are under 5 minutes, and none are as […]

Terrorist Confesses To Taking Part In Staged Chemical Weapons Attacks In Syria, Western Media Silent

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

Before the dust settled on Khan Skeykhoun, the United States had used the alleged chemical attack that took place there as the justification for a launch of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the al-Sha’aryat airbase in Syria. Even as the missiles were heading toward their target, it was […]

The Great Deception/The Computer Vaccine

from BPEarthWatch:

The New Weapon of Mass Destruction, Bill Gates to the Rescue!!!

FBI Bribes Hacker With Riches if he Would Testify “Putin Ordered Him to Hack Hillary Clinton”

by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

Was this how the Comey FBI ran its investigation into the fake news, Russia – US election meddling?

No wonder the investigation is taking so long…now one year in with no evidence to speak of.

Manufacturing fake evidence and fake testimony is a tricky business. Just ask hacker Yevgeny […]

Chemical Weapons Expert EXPOSES Syrian False Flag! – New Footage Backs Him Up!

from World Alternative Media:

Today in Military History: — Lusitania sunk

from We Are The Mighty:

Sandy Hook FAKE Sniper is ‘DAD’ David Wheeler (Newtown Shooting HOAX is False Flag)

from Barry Soetoro:

NATO Gearing up for Regime Change in Russia with False Flag Operations?

from Newsbud:

Words Don’t Come Easy: West Will ‘Silently’ Admit Syria Didn’t Use Poison Gas

from Sputnik News:

At the end of the day, the United States and EU countries will silently admit that April’s chemical weapons incident in Syria was little more than a provocation, Russian expert Lev Klepatsky told Sputnik.

In an interview with Sputnik, Russian expert Lev Klepatsky told Sputnik that in the long run, Washington […]

Bodies of 23 Dead Kids Allegedly Stolen for Use in Film of False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:

Just days after news emerged President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago guests witnessed “after dinner entertainment” in his rash decision to launch missiles into Syria in response to an alleged, but as yet unproven, chemical attack on Syrian civilians by President Bashar al-Assad, reports are emerging another a false flag […]

False Flag Exposed Caught Red Handed and Prevented

from WeAreChange:

Al-Jazeera Said To Film False Flag Chemical Attack Against Syrian Civilians

from ZeroHedge:

One month after Trump flip-flopped on his Syrian position, launching cruise missile strikes on a Syrian airfield as “after dinner entertainment” during Trump’s meeting with the Chinese president, just days after declaring he would allow the Syrian people to decide the fate of Assad when another “chemical attack” video emerged at the […]

War In The 21st Century

by Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

As I child we used to play a game called: “I declare war on…”

In those days players would divide up a circle drawn on the ground into however many players there were, and each person would choose a country. The object of the exercise was for the […]

Crowd Chants “CNN Sucks” at Trump First 100 Days Rally in Pennsylvania

from Mark Dice:

Washington DC DRILL Going Live/4/26/17

from BPEarthWatch: