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2017: The Year of TRUTH BOMBS — Bill Holter

from SGT Report:

Bill Holter from returns to SGT Report to discuss President Donald Trump, executive orders and 2017: The Year of TRUTH BOMBS.

Questions Remain As Shifting Narrative, Conflicting Testimony Indicates Cover Up in Quebec Terror Incident

by William Craddick, Disobedient Media:

Witness statements and reports which conflict with the Canadian government’s account of what occurred during the tragic January 29th, 2017 Quebec terror attack at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City raise questions about what actually happened the night of the tragedy. The evidence indicates that contrary to […]


from SGT Report:

US President Donald Trump continues to expose mainstream mockingbird media lies by declaring war on CNN. Not only has Trump called the network a source of “fake news”, the Trump White House has announced it won’t even send surrogates to appear on CNN. And in news that was largely missed […]

MUST WATCH: Joe Rogan & Alex Jones Expose WTO & Megyn Kelly Producing FAKE NEWS

from The Alex Jones Channel:

A “Color Revolution” Is Under Way in the United States

from The Unz Review:

A Russian joke goes like this: “Question: why can there be no color revolution in the United States? Answer: because there are no US Embassies in the United States.”

Funny, maybe, but factually wrong: I believe that a color revolution is being attempted in the USA right now.

Politico seems […]

From MAD to Madness

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

A book that Western peoples need to read is the just published by Clarity Press memoir of Paul H. Johnstone with an introduction by his daughter Diana, From MAD to Madness

Paul Johnstone worked for two decades in the upper echelons of US intelligence—Air Force Intelligence, […]

BOMBSHELL: Former NIST Mathematician Peter Ketcham Has EXPOSED the 9/11 WTC-7 Coverup!!

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from AE9/11Truth, via Charles Ewing Smith:

“The more I investigated, the more apparent it became that NIST had reached a predetermined conclusion that refused, avoided and dismissed the evidence… Awareness is growing of the disconnect between the NIST world trade center reports and logical reasoning.” – […]

Unanswered Questions: The Quebec Mosque Terrorist Attack

by Salman Hossein, Henry Makow:

There is a cover up going on here; the police are not releasing complete details of what really took place. There is at least one individual missing from the incident who carried out and possibly directed the entire operation itself.

Canada’s first real terrorist attack (as opposed to fake […]

Day 101 – DynCorp Harvest, Why Killing Is Good Business, Part 1

from George Webb:

Cord Blood, Vigilantes, and Glen Beck

Syria: Undeclared US-NATO War of Aggression, Using Al Qaeda Terrorism as An Instrument of Death and Destruction

by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research:

The following eight concepts are intended to clarify the nature of the war on Syria.

It was never “a civil war”. It was an undeclared war of aggression using Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists as the foot-soldiers of US-NATO and their Middle East allies.

From day one, terrorists were […]


from SGT

Is Trump a wolf in sheep’s clothing? His use of Executive Orders to implement the change we were hoping to see is the same tactic Obama employed to get his way while in the White House. It’s a tactic that is not constitutional., and it could easily be the slippery slope […]

We need government to keep us safe from the terrorism it creates

from AdamKokesh:

Comedy Central Writer Calls 10-Year-Old Barron Trump a “Date Rapist to Be”

Spinola complains about Twitter abuse after classless joke

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

Comedy Central writer Stephen Spinola is under fire for tweeting that President Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron Trump is a “date rapist to be”.

In a since deleted tweet, Spinola joked, “Barron Trump looks like a very handsome date-rapist-to-be.”

Prove Me Totally Wrong and I Will Remove My Channel

How they Pulled Off the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting Hoax

from Peekay Truth:

MORE OF THE SAME? Berlin & Instanbul — Ole Dammegard

from SGT

Independent researcher Ole Dammegard returns to SGT Report for Part 2 of our interview. In this segment, Ole raises some difficult questions about the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Berlin, and the nightclub terror attack in Instanbul. Please visit Ole at his website to support him with a donation, […]

If You’re Not Watching This Series, You’re Crazy: The Deep State Unraveled

Day 88 – Braverman, Haiti, and Me, Parts 1 & 2. Who Killed Monica Petersen?

from George Webb:

Must Watch: Day 88 – Part 2


from grindall61:

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