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Samantha Bee: America Does Not Have a ‘Smug Liberal Problem’

by Pam Key, Breitbart:

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” TBS’s “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee said America does not have a”smug liberal” problem while discussing her “Not The White House Correspondents Dinner” special.

When asked if there is a smug liberal problem in the United States Bee said, “I just can’t […]

Melissa Zimdars: The Truth About Fake News

from ChrisMartensondotcom:

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: Why He’s Rejecting Net Neutrality

from ReasonTV:

Google’s ‘Project Owl’ — a three-pronged attack on “fake news” & “problematic” content

Google hopes to improve by better surfacing authoritative content and enlisting feedback about suggested searches and Featured Snippets

by Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land:

Google knows it has a search quality problem. It’s been plagued since November with concerns about fake news, disturbing answers and offensive search suggestions appearing at the top of […]

The North Korea Armada Story Was MSM Fake News

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

As it turns out, the armada was 3,500 miles away from Korea and heading in the exact opposite direction when the MSM started flipping its lid…

Given how tense things have been on the Korean peninsula lately, it would be hard to imagine how the perilous North Korean/American […]

Media Again Scolds Trump For Referring To Paris Terrorist Attack As ‘Terrorist Attack’

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

The media once again slammed US president Donald Trump for calling the latest Islamist inspired attack in Paris a ‘terrorist attack’.

“Again, it’s happening, it seems. I just saw it as I was walking in, so that’s a terrible thing. And that’s a very, very terrible thing that’s going on […]

Let Us Help You Identify Fake News

from Lauren Southern:

New England Patriots Debunk Fake News from CNN and New York Times About White House Visit Today

from Mark Dice:

Even the New New England Patriots are calling out the Fake News coming from CNN, the New York Times, and other liberal outlets after they started spreading lies about what happened when the team visited the White House today.

MSNBC Analyst ‘Nominates’ Trump Property For Next ISIS Bombing

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

An MSNBC ‘Counter terrorism analyst’ is under fire after suggesting that ISIS should bomb a property belonging to the US President, Donald Trump.

Malcolm Nance, who regularly appears on MSNBC programming took to Twitter Tuesday and expressed hope that Islamic State terrorists would bomb the President’s property in Turkey.

“This […]

Kid Yells “Fake News” to CNN Reporter Live on Air

from Mark Dice:

“That’s Not True Sean” Reporter Accuses Sean Spicer of Lying

from Amicus Humani Generis:

Hah-Hah! Kid Photobombs CNN at White House, Mouths “FAKE NEWS” at the Camera (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:


Kid photobombs CNN – Mouths “Fake News”

The 139th Easter Egg Roll was held Monday morning on the White House lawn.

During the CNN broadcast some kid photobombed Jim Acosta.

The kid appeared to mouth “fake news” behind leftie hack Acosta.


U.S. Propaganda is Embarrassingly Bad (and Why it Matters)

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

When you want to see what U.S. deep state propagandists are up to, all you have to do is take a glance at what meme corporate media happens to be pushing any given week. It’s been almost a decade since I started observing and analyzing the corporate press on […]

US Corporate Media Runs Fake Chinese Headline That Almost Kicked Off WW3

by Matt Agorist, Activist Post:

All too often, the American citizens and the rest of the world at large put so much faith in mainstream media that they are led into dangerous and deadly situations — based entirely on lies. One glaring and extremely relevant instance is how the corporate media became a parroting organization […]

Google Takes Out Major Contract to De-List InfoWars from Its Search Index

by Mike Cernovich, Infowars:

Google has hired contractors to remove or limit Alex Jones’ website from its search engines. According to a search engine evaluator for Google, all contractors have been instrucred to actively rate InfoWars as a low quality and untrusted site.

This email was sent out to all contractors.


MEDIA BLACKOUT: First Lady Melania Trump’s Visit to Home for Abused Girls Goes Unreported

by Kristinn Taylor, The Gateway Pundit:

How does the national media try to control how Americans perceive the Trump presidency? One way is to not report on actions that make the Trumps look good. Take for example the Good Friday visit by First Lady Melania Trump to HomeSafe, a home for abused girls in […]

Google’s news “true or false” fact checking determinations to be made by delusional Left-wing groups with a long history of dishonest bias

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Media giant Google now thinks it is large enough to decide which news reports are valid and which are not, so it is implementing “fact-checking labels” to tell readers whether news is “true or false,” The Guardian reports.

Here’s how it will work: When a user searches a […]