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The CDC’s Historical Vaccine Swamp

by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:


Trump: ‘Obamacare Unfortunately Will Explode,’ and Democrats ‘Own It 100%’

by Melanie Arter CNSnews:

President Donald Trump said Friday now that the House’s Obamacare repeal and replace bill has been pulled because it lacked the Republican votes needed for passage, Obamacare will “explode,” and when it does, he’s open to working with Democrats to get “a real health care bill.”

“This year should […]

Is the FLU SHOT an IQ test to eliminate stupid people?

from TheHealthRanger:

Is the flu shot a nationwide IQ test / experiment being run by globalists to “thin the herd” and eliminate people who are stupid enough to line up for flu shots?

School to silence teacher who dared to question vaccines in the classroom

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

Institutions of education are supposed to be safe places where individuals are free to learn, and where instructors are free to teach – even on subjects that some might consider to be “controversial.” But at Grand Erie High School in Waterford, Canada, teachers are apparently only allowed […]

What Everyone Should Know About the New Quarantine Regulation

from The Daily Bell:

Imagine men in bleach white bio suits with medical masks show up at your door. You are suspected of carrying a communicable disease. You will now be arrested and held without due process, indefinitely.

The government could do this any day.

They have the “authority”. They have the personnel. They […]

Australia Set To Make Vaccinations Mandatory For Children With New Law

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist:

Is Australia overstepping, or is this what’s needed to protect children?

Many states in Australia already have laws nicknamed ‘No Jab, No Pay/Play’ in which children who are unvaccinated are not allowed to attend preschool or daycare centers, and parents receiving child benefit payments will not get checks if […]

Dr. Rima “Big Pharma & D.O.D. Are Putting Nanobots In Vaccines Right Now.”

from The Richie Allen Show:

3 Exciting New Ways to Destroy Humanity That Everyone is Talking About!

from The Daily Bell:

You know what everyone is really nostalgic for? The good old days during the Cold War when everyone thought humanity was going to be wiped out by a nuclear holocaust. There was something cozy about nuclear fallout shelters and cowering under a desk as the air raid sirens blared in […]


from SGT Report:

Ron Johnson from joins me to discuss the Satanic Illuminati NWO death cult that is targeting humanity for annihilation.

Countless teenage girls suffer paralysis, blood clots, brain damage and chronic pain from force-vaccination of Gardasil’s HPV “shot in the dark”

by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

A sexually transmitted disease called human papillomavirus (HPV) is the only form of cancer known to be contagious, but what the medical community won’t tell parents of teenagers and preteens is that HPV is easily defeated by a normal functioning immune system. Of the 120 or more different strains […]

Planned Parenthood: Where Abortion Is The Only Choice

by Millie Weaver, Infowars:

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver interviews attendees at the SXSJ “Hands Off Our Rights” benefit, aiming to raise money for Planned Parenthood and other women health groups.

Event goers are asked if they think Planned Parenthood should also offer maternity services if they are going to offer abortions in a bid […]

Flashback-Pelosi Says Health Care Law’s ‘Measure Is How Many More People Have Access’

by Craig Bannister, CNSnews:

The true measure of Obamacare isn’t how many people have enrolled in it, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declared on April 1, 2014 at a press event.

Fielding questions on Obamacare the day after enrollment closed, Pelosi said the two most important measures of a health care law are how many […]

ANONYMOUS: The Biggest Threat to Humanity and to Earth is… FUKUSHIMA

from Anonymous:

CDC Releases Chicken Pox Vaccine INGREDIENTS!

from TheHealthRanger:

Obama is Running a Shadow Government — Scott Uehlinger

from Greg Hunter:

Former CIA Officer Scott Uehlinger says that former President Obama is running his own shadow government.

Australia To Ban Unvaccinated Children From Attending School

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Your News Wire:

Australia has announced plans to ban all unvaccinated children from attending school, in harsh new rules introduced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball.

Turnball says that parents need to vaccinate their children or suffer the humiliation of being excluded from the education system.

Under the new law, unvaccinated […]

SCIENCE FACT: Chicken pox vaccine is made with “human embryonic lung cell cultures” and human diploid cell cultures from aborted fetal tissue

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Every individual or organization that tells you chicken pox vaccines are not made with human fetal tissue cell lines is engaged in science denialism.

It is an irrefutable science fact that varicella (chicken pox) vaccines are made with not just aborted human fetal tissue cell lines, but also cells take […]