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Growth in the National Debt

from BATR:

The one inescapable drag on the economy and every American taxpayer or government dependant is the interest obligation paid on the national debt. Indebtedness is nothing new to this country, but the inability to service the public debt stretches over the last half century. This trend is so disturbing that politicians […]

WOW: The UN Wants to Adopt Bitcoin And Ethereum – And Soon

[Ed. Note: As I mentioned to Mike Maloney in my soon-to-be-released interview with him, this story makes me wonder if the rise of crypto-currencies is all part of a bigger agenda to get even the most informed among us, to accept our digital currency future.]

by Michael del Castillo, Coindesk:

The United Nations […]

REALIST NEWS – May 2017 Clif High’s ALTA (Web Bot) Report Summary

from jsnip4:

Keiser Report: Silicon Valley Destruction (E1062)

from RT:

Max interviews Dan Collins of about China’s tech sector coming up with all the innovations while drawing in all the investment. While Silicon Valley wastes capital on complex juicers, China attracts 50% of global fintech investment and its digital payments market is 50 times larger than America’s.


Donald Trump: ‘If They Don’t Treat Fairly, I Am Terminating NAFTA

by Charlie Spierling, Breitbart:

President Donald Trump again leveled criticism about NAFTA in an interview with the Associated Press, promising to either renegotiate the trade deal or terminate it.

“I am going to either renegotiate it or I am going to terminate it,” he said. “If they don’t treat fairly, I am terminating NAFTA.”


Either This Is A Secretive Plan That Will Benefit America Or Prepare For The Worst

from X22Report:

Episode 1262b.

Global Silver Mining Industry Productivity Falls To The Lowest In History

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

After the Primary Silver Mining Industry enjoyed a brief increase in productivity over the past two years, it fell to the lowest ever in 2016. The reason the primary silver mining industry’saverage yield increased in 2014 was due to the addition of Tahoe Resources high-grade Escobal Silver Mine.


You Got Trumped! Trump Not Yellin’ About Yellen Anymore!

by David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog:

Having castigated Janet Yellen for keeping interest rates artificially low in order to help the Obama Administration keep a Democrat in the White House, Trump now likes Janet Yellen and likes low interest rates, too — so much so that he decided this week that it is […]

More Bailouts Coming | John Rubino


Why the Canadian Dollar Just Took a NOSEDIVE! (And Will Get Worse). Hint: NOT Oil

from The Money GPS:

Does America Have a Technology Platform Monopoly Problem?

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

Last week, I wrote a post titled, What Can an Overhyped Silicon Valley Juice Company Tell Us About the U.S. Economy. Here’s how I ended the piece:

Finally, and perhaps most concerning, look at a couple of the entities that helped fund Juciero to the tune of $120 million: Kleiner […]

Fed Drops MOAB on Wall Street, Swamp Creatures Sack D.C.

by Michael Pento, Market Oracle:

Wall Street and our central bank are in for a rude awakening very soon! The idea that the US economy is on stable footing and about to experience a surge in growth is ridiculous. Hence, the consensus that the Fed can normalize interest rates and its balance sheet is […]

John Rubino – More Puerto Ricos Coming

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

John Rubino recalls when Puerto Rico went bust last year Uncle Sam was there to give PR a temporary bailout. Can the all of the states’ chronically underfunded pension plans expect the same? Illinois and NJ are getting close to the tipping point, so something will have to […]

12 Ways Silver Differs From Gold

from Smaul gld:

The Euro Is Stronger Than You Think

by Jim Rickards, DailyReckoning:

The euro is the currency of the largest economy in the world, but it gets little respect.

The break-up of the Eurozone (those EU countries that use the euro as their currency), and the collapse of the euro have been predicted repeatedly since 2009 by prominent U.S. economists Paul Krugman, […]

Alasdair Macleod: If Gold Passes Through $1,300 – Expect Fireworks!

from Wealth Research Group:

The Chicken Or The Egg? – Bill Holter

by Bill Holter, JS Mineset:

Please watch, forward or post my latest interview with Greg Hunter

Also, below is our latest public article:

Zerohedge put out an interesting article yesterday: Why “Nothing Matters”: Central Banks Have Bought A Record $1 Trillion In Assets In 2017. Please note this is $3.6 trillion annualized […]