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Bitcoin Price Hits RECORD HIGH as ETF Approval Would Cause MASSIVE Gains!

from The Money GPS:

Could Millennial Snowflakes be the Catalyst to Keep the U.S. from Eliminating Cash?

by Kenneth Schortgen, The Daily Economist:

If there is one thing to be said about millennials it is that they are very emotional about their activism. And all one has to do is look over the past couple of years at their push for ‘safe spaces’ on campuses, rabid protests over a myriad […]

2017 Economic Headwinds: Housing Bubbles Popping up and Just Plain Popping Everywhere

by David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog:

As we enter 2017, housing bubbles are showing signs of bursting all over the world. I know I’ve been promising I would lay out the economic headwinds for 2017, but 2017’s headwinds are building so fast and furious that I’m having to break that promised article […]

More States Are Now Bypassing The Fed With Gold Legislation

from X22Report:

Episode 1214.

Dave Janda’s Operation Freedom – Sunday, February 26, 2017 – Eric Dubin

by Dave Janda, Dave Janda:

Manipulation of financial markets, Benghazi, New World Order Syndicate, Obama Care, Free Market Health Reform, Putin, The Ukraine, ISIS, Syria, The Constitution, Natural resources, Reserve currency, Corruption, gold, silver Global Elite, International Banking Cabal, debt, Federal Reserve, Too Big To Fail Banks, Crony Capitalism, Debt Ceiling, Financial implosion, Recession, […]

Retail Apocalypse Gains Momentum As David Stockman Warns ‘Everything Will Grind To A Halt’ After March 15th

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

J.C. Penney and Family Christian Stores are the latest retail giants to announce widespread store closings. As you will see below, J.C. Penney plans to close between 130 and 140 stores, and Family Christian is closing all of their 240 stores. In recent months the stock market […]

The Fiscal Horror Show Playing Soon in Washington

by David Stockman, DailyReckoning:

The Deep State’s coup against Donald Trump is palpable. So count it as another element of reality to which Wall Street and its raging robo-machines and day traders are blind as bats.

After all, they are essentially “pricing-in” the most successful presidency in modern times on the economic front. The […]

Bitcoin, Gold, Silver and USD On The Rise! Bubble or Boom?

from WeAreChange:


from FinanceAndLiberty:

It’s Bubble Time!

by Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity:

Wisdom & discipline will separate winners from victims

It’s impossible to predict with certainty how much more insane our financial markets will get before an inevitable correction. But my personal bet is: A lot!

For my reasons why, take a few minutes to watch the chapter on bubbles below […]

US Mint Releases New Fort Knox “Audit Documentation”. The First Critical Observations

by Koos Jansen, BullionStar:

In response to a FOIA request the US Mint has finally released reports drafted from 1993 through 2008 related to the physical audits of the US official gold reserves. However, the documents released are incomplete and reveal the audit procedures have not been executed proficiently. Moreover, because the Mint could […]

It Gets Ugly in Brazil

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

The price of corruption.

In a stunning deterioration, the unemployment rate in Brazil spiked to 12.6% in the rolling three-month period through January, a record in the new data series going back to 2012, according to Brazil’s statistical agency IBGE. Up from 11.8% in the three-month period through October. […]

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – God and Mammon and Power

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

“The world is ours, we are its lords, and ours it shall remain. As for the host of labor, it has been in the dirt since history began, and I read history aright. And in the dirt it shall remain so long as I and mine and those that come […]

“In The Name Of Fairness”, A Very Touchy Subject…

by Bill Holter, JS Mineset, via SGT Report:

When it comes to the latest US stance vis-a-vis China’s currency manipulation, the jury is out, and based on two recent statements it is more confused than ever.

Religion and politics, are both hot button issues no matter how you slice it, touchy subjects, if you […]

Peak Prosperity News Update 2-25-2017

from ChrisMartensondotcom:

Manning: Sabotage of Trump Agenda by Bureaucrats Should Spark ’10 to 20 Percent Reduction of Federal Workforce’

by Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart:

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning wants Congress to help President Trump get rid of “rogue bureaucrats [who] are not serving the American people” by “cutting the personnel budgets of non-defense civilian departments and agencies, reducing the enacted full-time equivalent number for each department, agency and office by […]

Stockman: “After March 15 Everything Will Grind To A Halt”

from Zero Hedge:

“I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th 2017. That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday expires. We are burning cash at a $75 billion a month rate. By summer, they will be out of cash. Then we will be in the mother of all debt ceiling […]