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79-foot blue whale carcass washes up on Bolinas beach

by Michelle Robertson, SFGate:

A 79-foot blue whale washed up on Agate Beach in Bolinas on Friday morning. The cause of death remains unknown.

Scientists from the Marin Mammal Center and California Academy of Sciences identified the whale as a sub-adult female. The scientists will return Saturday to perform a full necropsy, […]

What’s Really Going On? Another Huge Wave Anomaly Caught Coming from Antarctica

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Solar Wind, Star Collapse, Sleeping Sun | S0 News May.26.2017

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Central, South California Earthquake M3.7 – 3.4 – and M3.3

by Mary Greeley:

CME Coming at Earth, Dark Matter Stumbles | S0 News May.24.2017

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LIVE-Style (Solar Eruption towards Earth) | S0 News May.23.2017

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Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – Between the Crosses, Row By Row

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

“One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them.”

Thomas Sowell

Today was an option expiration, and we had an additional pop in stocks in order to complete the […]

Farmer makes very rare observation | Everyday life form has VANISHED from his farm! Disappeared?

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Electron Storm Worsens, Sunspot Growing | S0 News May.22.2017

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What Is The TRUE Value of the U.S. Dollar? Are Inflation Stats FAKE?

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Second Hanford Leak Update

from BPEarthWatch:

Solar Electron Storm, FoodWatch | S0 News May.21.2017

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Continuous Waves Of Galactic Energy/Perseus

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1 Million MPH Solar Wind Impact Shifts Cascadia Fault Zone

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Surviving the Rapid Increase in Cosmic Radiation!

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Scientists Fearful of ‘Ecological Risks’ Sparked by GMO Microalgae

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

Researchers at the University of California San Diego and Sapphire Energy have successfully grown genetically modified algae outdoors for the first time. They claim that the GM algae don’t harm native algae populations and, moreover, can fend off deadly bacteria. [1]

Genetically modifying algae makes them grow more quickly. […]

West Coast Seismic Alert: 2 Alaskan Volcanoes Erupt As Earthquake Swarms At Mount St. Helens Raise Concerns

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier and Mount Hood are all major volcanoes that lie along the infamous “Ring of Fire” that runs down the west coast of the United States, and all of the seismic activity that has been taking place in the region has many concerned […]