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This Converted Me From Crypto Skeptic to Believer

by Nick Rokke, Casey Research:

In 1977, Digital Equipment CEO Ken Olsen said, “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.”

You probably haven’t heard of Olsen or his company…

But you probably have heard of late Apple founder Steve Jobs. Here’s what he said in 1985 […]

Bitcoin Segwit Activation-The Gold Cartels Worst Nightmare

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Not that its experience is any different from the countless “empires” that destroyed themselves from within; but let’s face it, America is rapidly morphing into a Banana Republic.

And not just in terms of its monetary policy – as the leader, in the “race to the bottom,” of […]

Silver & Cryptos (Episode 7)

from Silver Slayer:

Doug Casey On Trump, Cryptocurrencies, the Coming Collapse and the End of Western Civilization

from The Dollar Vigilante:

The New Ethereum Killer Cryptocurrency Called EOS with Dan Larimer

from TheAnarchast:

Keiser Report: Make Bitcoin Great Again (Summer Solutions E1099)

from RT:

In this episode of the Keiser Report’s annual Summer Solutions series, Max and Stacy talk to Jaromil of about how to make bitcoin great again. As the great blocksize debate of bitcoin spills out into all out civil war, what are the solutions on offer and what exactly is the solution […]

Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold | Bix Weir

from Silver Doctors:

This Could Be Bitcoin’s “Mainstream Moment”

by Greg Wilson, Casey Research:

On August 9, 1995, the internet had its “mainstream moment.”

That’s when Netscape held its initial public offering (IPO) and released its web browser, Netscape Navigator, to the world.

At that point, the internet had already been around for 15 years.

Yet despite being one of the greatest inventions […]

John Rubino – Yellen’s Retreat and the Rise of the KleptoCurrencies

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

John Rubino joined us for a discussion of Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s retreat from so-called interest rate normalization. Looks that raising rates is off the table for the foreseeable future. Can QE to infinity be far behind. Things aren’t so good in the Crypto-currency space. Prices of Bitcoin […]

Cryptocurrencies Tank In A Mad Dash For Cash (But Not For Long)

from Press For Truth:


from The Morgan Report:

Coinpocalypse: Is This The End of Cryptocurrencies?

by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

The selloff in cryptocurrencies continues today with bitcoin now falling below $2,000 to a low of $1,841 after hitting its all time high of $3,108.54 on June 11th, marking a 41% drop in the last five weeks.

And the total value of all cryptocurrencies dropping to near $60 […]

Chris Duane Challenge & Cryptos Bottoming! (Bix Weir)

from RoadtoRoota:

clifs wujo July 16, 2017 Moving, Populous, Vid theft, cryptos

from clif high:

Bitcoin & All Cryptocurrencies Are Collapsing! We Are Witnessing The End of Blockchain!

by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

Just kidding, again.

We are continuing to see bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies sell-off, however, just as we said they should and would do after such a parabolic spike higher in the last few months.

Bitcoin has fallen the least of the major cryptocurrencies… again, just as we […]

Silver Shield Challenges Entire Cryptocurrency Community

from TruthNeverTold:

Janet Yellen’s Bitcoin Troll Gets $15,000 In Donations

from ZeroHedge:

In what was perhaps the most amusing act of protest to occur during testimony by one of the world’s most powerful central bankers since ECB President Mario Draghi was glitter-bombed by far-left activist Josephine Witt two years ago, an anonymous bitcoiner trolled Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen by holding up a hand-made […]