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Warren Buffett BAILS OUT Home Capital After BANK RUN! Retail MELTDOWN on Now!

from The Money GPS:

How Can a Human Justify Asking to be Paid $15 to Work?

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

McDonald’s announced it will replace cashiers in 2,5000 stores with self-service kiosks.

The story buzzed across the internet but Business Insider reported McDonald’s shoots down fears it is planning to replace cashiers with kiosks.

Official Denial

“McDonald’s has repeatedly said that adding kiosks won’t result in mass layoffs, […]

Bernie Sanders & Wife Under FBI Investigation For Bank Fraud

from ZeroHedge:

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane have lawyer’d up amid an FBI investigation into a loan obtained to expand Burlington College while she was its president.

As we noted just over a year ago, Burlington College, a small Vermont private school once led by the wife of Democratic presidential […]

Gerald Celente – Iran, Oil or Tech Could Sink the Economy

from Greg Hunter:

Are Central Banks Prepping For A Silver Breakout! – Bix Weir Interview

from CrushTheStreet:

US Admits to Implanting Cyberweapons in Critical Russian Infrastructure

by Jason Ditz, The Anti Media:

A new report from the Washington Post today quoted a series of Obama Administration officials reiterating their official narrative on Russia’s accused hacking of the 2016 election. While most of the article is simply rehashes and calls for sanctions, they also revealed a secret order by President Obama […]

Sovereign, Is What They Call Me [But Criminals Reign]

from AnotherBoringWeek:

Hanging with Harley (06/24/2017)


BREAKING: Senate to Probe Loretta Lynch Efforts to Shape FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton

by Cristina Laila, The Gateway Pundit:

The Senate Judiciary Committee announced Friday they have opened a probe into Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s efforts to influence or shape the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election.

Via The Washington Times:

The Senate Judiciary Committee has opened a probe into former Attorney […]

Gold & BitCoin: Allies Against Fiat & Government Abuse | Andy Hoffman

from Reluctant Preppers:

Has Washington Lost the Middle East After Qatar?

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

There is a hidden thin red thread connecting the recent US Congress’ sanctions against Iran and now the Russian Federation, with the decision of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies to sanction Qatar. That red thread has nothing to do with a fight against terrorism and everything […]

Keiser Report: Financialized Economy (E1088)

from RT:

‘Things to come’ in the financialized economy is on the agenda for Max and Stacy in this episode, and they also ask whether or not James Howard Kunstler is right in his prediction that ‘the financialized economy is entering its moment of final catastrophic phase-change.’ Max also interviews lawyer and filmmaker John […]

Contagion From the 2 Friday-Night Bank Collapses in Italy?

by Don Quijones, Wolf Street:

This is how desperate the Italian Banking Crisis has become.

When things get serious in the EU, laws get bent and loopholes get exploited. That is what is happening right now in Italy, where the banking crisis has reached tipping point. The ECB, together with the Italian government, have […]

Billionaire George Soros Says Britain is Approaching an Economic ‘Tipping Point’ That Could Force the UK to Reverse Brexit

by Gareth Davies, Daily Mail:

George Soros, the billionaire who earned fame by betting against the pound in 1992, said Britain was approaching a tipping point that would see the economy slow to such an extent that Brexit might be reversed.

In 1992 Soros bet successfully that sterling was over-valued against the Deutsche Mark, […]

Senate Plan Makes ObamaCare Worse

from Peter Schiff:

Monsanto Makes Poison – Deep Science w/Dr. Seneff (MIT)

from Suspicious0bservers:

The ‘Bloodbath’ Commences At Liberal Mainstream Media Publications – ‘They Lied Themselves To Death’

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

What do the NYT, Huffington Post, ESPN, Guardian, NBC, Vocativ, Time, and NBC have in common? Two things actually: 1) They are liberal publications, and; 2) They are all laying off workers, offering buy-outs or “restructuring” or moving assets from print copy to digital, or whatever “excuse” they […]