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from A Call For An Uprising:

The Democrats’ Trump-Russia Conspiracy Campaign Collapses

from Zero Hedge:

Is sanity finally returning? After weeks of ranting and raving about Russian “interference” and Putin-Trump conspiracies, so-called ‘intelligence’ agencies and high-ranking Democrats are quietly walking back their rhetoric and managing their base’s expectations – simply put: there’s no ‘there’, there.

‘Moon of Alabama’ reminds us that a while ago Matt […]

Colbert: CIA Court Jester

from The Alex Jones Channel:

The Open and Shut Case of Lee Harvey Oswald, Lone Assassin

from TRUTHstreammedia:

Rachel Maddow Releases Trump’s Tax Returns in Biggest Over-Hyped Live TV Epic Fail in History

from Mark Dice:


from SGT Report:

The Wikileaks VAULT7 documents will rock the deep state CIA to its very core – and the evidence the leaks provide will likely lead Barack Obama directly to a Federal prison cell.

Day 140 – Awan Brotherhood, Gulen’s Hackers, Part 1 [Good News is Coming]

Here is Day 140 – Part 2

from George Webb:

Bharara Gone, Next Step Gulen Extradition, Make Zarrab Sing

VAULT 7: THEY ARE LISTENING… and watching.

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from Dees Illustration, via SGT

BREAKING: Our Latest Intel From CNN Insider – Attacking Trump, Mainstreaming Pedophilia

from Victurus Libertas VL:

Our CNN insider has been giving us some great information regarding the #VeryFakeNews of CNN and it’s agenda for President Trump and for the population of the United States and even the world.

BREAKING – CNN Insider Confirms CIA Controls CNN & Most Other MSM Outlets

from Victurus Libertas VL:

MUST WATCH: Joe Rogan, What Does Your Friend Bryan Callen Know About PizzaGate? EVERYTHING, or Nothing?

from jeranism:

VIEWER DISCRETION is advised. This video is not suitable for minors or for those who do not want to hear adult language or explicit sexual descriptions. This video explores the recent reactions to #PizzaGate by comedian, actor and podcast host Bryan Callen. Bryan had a strange reaction to the subject during a […]

Judge Napolitano: For The FIRST Time, We Have A President Who Is An Adversary of the Deep State

from Fox Business, via james hoft:

Judge Napolitano on President Trump: “The Deep State has a very wise and shrewd adversary, the man in the Oval Office. For the first time in the modern era the man in the Oval Office is an adversary of the Deep State and not a tool of it.”


CIA’s Climate Change Studies Can Lead to No Good

by Jean Perier, New Eastern Outlook:

At the end of 2015, Britain’s Prince Charles made a sensational statement that might sound delusional at first. He stated that climate change is one of the main causes of the war in Syria, terrorism and the mass exodus of refugees to Europe. Scientists predict new climatic cataclysms: […]

3 Things TRUMP Must Do To Slay The DEEP STATE — Harley Schlanger

from SGT Report:

Harley Schlanger returns to SGT report to discuss the ongoing WAR in our government which has revealed the deep state forces opposed to President Donald Trump.

Wikileaks: CIA Hackers Can Pose as Russians—Ring a Bell?

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

Let’s see. The CIA claims that Russian government hackers interfered in the US election, on the side of Trump.

But suppose CIA hackers fabricated an operation to make it look like a Russian hack? Too far-fetched?

Not anymore.

In conjunction with their new data-dump of CIA material, […]

CNN Cuts Feed After Congressman Drops Truth Bomb: 30% of Domestic Terror Tied to Refugees

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

The Fake News Network, CNN, continues to demonstrate that they do not want to tell the truth nor hear the truth. The latest example comes as a congressman was cut off after mentioning that 30% of domestic terrorism in the united States come from refugees.

On Monday, Republican Representative […]

The Real Point of Wikileaks Vault 7

from Truthstream Media: