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Reddit Caught Censoring Posts Using The Term “Rothschild”

by William Craddick, Disobedient Media:

It’s the latest chapter of the long, documented saga of Reddit censorship against various forms of political speech over the past several years. In a humorous development, Reddit’s admin team has been caught censoring posts using the term “Rothschild.”

Users on pro-Trump subreddit r/the_donald began noticing the censorship […]


by James Perloff,

I have wanted to write a post called something like “Is Trump the Real Deal?” That is a controversy right now in alternative media: some are faithful Trump advocates; others take the view that in the jaded world of realpolitik, no true outsider can win, that the Trump-Clinton rivalry […]

BuzzFeed Hack Joe Bernstein Calls for Pizzagate Censorship

Here’s the related hatchet job of an article from BuzzFeed’s Joe Bernstein which equates Pizzagate research with Holocaust denial, of course: How YouTube Serves As The Content Engine Of The Internet’s Dark Side

from reallygraceful:

BuzzFeed wants us to stop talking about pizzagate/pedogate. Are YOU going to shut up?


Why the MSM Is Ignoring Trump’s Sex Trafficking Busts

by Liz Crokin Town Hall:

Since President Donald Trump has been sworn in on Jan. 20, authorities have arrested an unprecedented number of sexual predators involved in child sex trafficking rings in the United States. This should be one of the biggest stories in the national news. Instead, the mainstream media has barely, […]

SUPPORT NATURALNEWS & TRUTH MEDIA: Petition to Ban Google’s Blatant Suppression of Free Speech


Google, which controls 67.5% of internet searches in the United States is attempting to silence any voice that doesn’t coincide with their political views. This incidentally targets some of the biggest voices in alternative media, such as and

This week Google wiped 140,000 articles from its database, prohibiting individuals from […]

David vs. Goliath: Health Ranger vs. Google

RELATED: RED ALERT: “And Then They Came For Me”

from TheHealthRanger:

Mike Adams reveals more details about his epic “David vs. Goliath” battle against Google, a monopolist, Orwellian, evil organization that’s now deliberately suppressing human knowledge.

White House Bars CNN, NYT, Others From Media Briefing

from Zero Hedge:

Just a few hours after Trump warned during his CPAC speech that “we’re gonna do something about the media”, he did just that after the White House barred a number of news outlets from covering Sean Spicer’s Q&A session on Friday afternoon. Spicer decided to hold an off-camera “gaggle” with reporters […]

RED ALERT: “And Then They Came For Me”

from SGT Report:

It’s hard to overstate the pure evil and tyranny Google has engaged in by wiping off the internet. Not only has the attack on the free press and REAL NEWS been taken to the next level with this move, but this assault on FREE SPEECH will undoubtedly COST LIVES. The […]

#CNNLeaks: Project Veritas Releases Over 100 Hours of Audio From Inside CNN

from veritasvisuals:

John Podesta BUSTED! Caught Spewing Endless LIES About #Pizzagate

from SGT Report:

This powerful interview contains breaking news about John Podesta’s lies about the investigation known as Pizzagate. We also dissect the highly suspicious development that actor Ashton Kutcher is partnering with the DHS to expose and stop human trafficking. My guests, Twitter sensation ‘Pizzagate Angela’, follow her at @Notmanipulated 7 and Michael, […]

BOMBSHELL – John Podesta Talks About James Alefantis & Pizzagate, Claims It’s All “Debunked”

from Level Nine Media:

Pizzagate is REAL & Hostel 2 ISN’T Fiction

from SGT Report:

This one is a MUST SHARE. Not only is Pizzagate REAL, the movie Hostel Part 2 is not just a fictional movie, based on what we now know about the elite, it’s much closer to a documentary. Author Stefan Verstappen joins me to discuss. Visit Stefan and buy his new book […]

Vatican Bankers, CIA Gladios & Trafficantes

from Verify Events Research:

This is the first of a new series of videos concerning the Vatican, the CIA and their connections to banking, pedophilia rings, child-trafficking and organ harvesting.

MUST HEAR: The Men Who Knew Too Much About #PizzaGate

from David Zublick:

Many who have tried to bring the truth to light about PizzaGate have either lost their jobs, their reputations, gone dark, disappeared or died. David Zublick breaks down the horrible truth in this special report!

#PIZZAGATE – VOAT Pizzagate Thread Compromised Beyond Repair. Secure Site Being Established

from Victurus Libertas VL:

#Vault7 Many have noticed that the VOAT Pizzagate thread has been compromised beyond repair. A new secure sight, invitation only site is being created as we speak. There are many talented people on Voat that have spent hours doing an amazing job. It has not been overlooked. You will be […]

SEDITION: Obama is Sabotaging Trump — Dave Janda

from Operation Freedom:

The Spotlight of this Briefing is to focus on the undermining of the Trump Administration by Barack Obama and his political organization : Organizing For Action.

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen

from Vigilant Citizen:

All award shows contain carefully planned “highlight moments” to be discussed by mass media in the following days. The 2017 Grammys were no exception and, this year, these “moments” had a specific political message which clearly spelled out what the elite expects from people this year.

At the moment, Trump can […]