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9/11 – What Happened to the Passengers?

from NRUN65:

James Perloff on JFK, Israeli Nukes and 9/11

NOTE: The show begins at 1:30.

from Our Interesting Times, via thkelly67:

James Perloff returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his article “To 9/11 and Beyond: The Rothschild-Israel Obsession with Nuclear Weapons.”

9/11 & BEYOND: The Rothschilds & NUKES — James Perloff

NOTE: You Tube IMMEDIATELY labeled this video “NOT ADVERTISING FRIENDLY”. They do NOT want content like this being produced OR shared.


Author James Perloff returns to SGT report to discuss the evidence that suggests that tactical nuclear devices were used on 9/11 to demolish World Trade Center buildings 1 […]

Yes, They STILL Expect Us to Believe THIS!

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What I Learned From the “PropOrNot” Propaganda List

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11 Craziest Discoveries From Wikileaks

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911 • How Newton’s Laws Apply To The Destruction of the Twin Towers

from 911truthncDotOrg:

If Trump Wants to Fix the ‘Disaster’ of the Pentagon, He Should Clean Up Its Nuclear Lies

from The Daily Bell:

Trump Versus the Pentagon … On the campaign trail, Trump called the military a “disaster” … He pledged to vastly increase the sizes of the Army and Marines and to buy scores of new ships and planes. Does that make sense? – Bloomberg

We’ll answer Bloomberg’s question: No it doesn’t […]

REVEALED: Donald Trump Vows to ‘Reopen 9/11 Probe’ That Could ‘Spark a Revolution’

DONALD Trump has vowed to reopen the original investigation into the 9/11 terror attacks 15 years after the massacre shook the world.

by Joshua Nevett, Daily Star:

Disenfranchised working class voters propelled the billionaire reality star into the White House this week in one of the biggest election upsets in US history.

In his […]

Trump Reopening 9/11, Reversing Rome, in Bid to Be Greatest American Steward?

from The Daily Bell:

Trump: I’m Reopening 9/11 Investigation … “First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened,” Trump said … Donald Trump believes that 9/11 has not been properly investigated and has promised to find out what really happened when he takes office in January. […]

The Clinton-Bush Criminal Deep State is on the Ropes! — Ole Dammegard


Ole Dammegard, one of the world’s most prolific and dedicated truth tellers joins me to discuss the U.S. criminal deep state and two of its controlling entities – the Clinton and Bush families – who are being exposed for their corruption and TREASON at a pace never before seen. The […]

Bone Chilling Questions About 9/11, Abedin and The Clintons

from The Alex Jones Channel:

New video shows Huma Abedin’s ties to The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terror

Now Hillary Makes Conspiracy Theory Credible: 50% Believe

from The Daily Bell:

Half Of Americans Believe 9/11 Conspiracy Theories … “The United States is a strongly conspiratorial society.” … A majority of Americans believe that the government is concealing information about the 9/11 attacks, one new survey suggests. And that’s not the only conspiracy theory believed by a wide swath of Americans: […]

TREASON: Who Did 9/11 And Why Did They Do It?

by the Anonymous Patriots, The Millennium

Did you know that the 9/11 events were perpetrated on the world’s people to cover up high crimes and treason by Americans against their fellow citizens as well as to all people on the planet?

Do you think you know all the facts surrounding 9/11? If so, […]

Dr Leroy Hulsey, Forensic Structural Engineer, Testifies NIST Gets A Failing Grade

from 911truthncDotOrg:

The House of Rothschild [NOTE: Hillary is Rothschild’s Choice]

from Blow Your Mind:

Saudi Media Launches Attack on 9/11 Law That Allows Victims to Sue

from Sputnik News:

Now that American citizens are allowed to sue Riyadh for its alleged role in the 9/11 terror attacks, the Saudi press has launched an assault against the legislation.

In a controversial decision, US lawmakers voted to overturn President Barack Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). The […]